14 Must-Know Survival Tips to Keep You Ahead of the Curve

Have you ever felt like things are moving faster and faster in life and it’s harder than ever just to keep up?

The pace of change these days can be overwhelming as we juggle work, family, social lives, home responsibilities and more.

With so much vying for our attention and so little time, it’s easy to feel constantly behind and struggling just to stay afloat.

But what if there were some simple shifts you could make to gain an advantage and get ahead of the curve, rather than constantly feeling reactive and caught off guard?

It’s time to share 14 essential survival tips focused on low-effort strategies you can incorporate into your daily routine to feel more in control, prepared and proactive.

Small daily habits that collectively make a big difference in feeling less stressed and more capable of rolling with life’s punches.

Let’s dive in and discuss my top recommendations for how to stay one step ahead, no matter what gets thrown your way.

#1. Always Know Where Emergency Exits Are

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Whenever you are out and about, it is critical you know where the emergency exits are.

The seconds you save running to your nearest exit could be the difference between life and death.

Finally, it is wise to know where a few exits are located, so in the event one is closed off, you have other options.

#2. Listen To Your Instincts

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In most instances, our gut feeling, that innate instinct within us, tends to be remarkably accurate. 

It’s important to cultivate mindfulness and attentively heed that inner voice, for it often communicates valuable information to us. 

Trusting the guidance of our intuition is not to be underestimated, as it has the potential to serve as a lifesaver in critical circumstances. 

So, it’s crucial to give due consideration to what your intuition is conveying, for its wisdom could potentially be instrumental in safeguarding your well-being and even your existence.

#3. Put a Flotation Device Between You and Someone Drowning

life belt
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There are plenty of strong swimmers out there who have fallen victim to waters that they’ve underestimated. 

There are an equal number of people who might believe that they can save someone else who’s fallen victim to the water. 

The problem?

People who are drowning are very hard to move and quite unpredictable. 

They might end up dragging you under or even knocking you out or stunning you if they’re flailing enough. 

If you have to save a drowning person, make sure to keep a flotation device between yourself and them so that you’re protected throughout.

#4. Always Sleep With Your Door Closed

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Sleeping with the door closed isn’t necessary, unless there’s a fire.

An open door allows a fire to spread easily, giving you no time to react or formulate a plan.

A closed door, on the other hand, will allow you to discover there’s a fire, gather what you need, and escape as soon as possible with yourself intact.

#5. Don’t Try to Get Rid of Ice Off of an HVAC or Refrigerator

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When there’s an expensive appliance performing poorly in your home, your first instinct might be to take care of it yourself to avoid a massive bill.

But as some have learned, this isn’t the best idea.

For example, let’s imagine that there’s a frozen area of your HVAC unit or refrigerator that looks like something you can scrape off on your own.

Doing so can cause serious burns that will be hard to recover from.

When it comes to dangerous tech, always call an expert.

#6. Never Trust a Jack Without Testing It First

car jack
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A lot of people will work on their cars thinking that the jacks they have are going to do the job.

But while you might see it on TV, that doesn’t mean these tools are the most reliable.

A jack alone isn’t always going to protect you, and you don’t want a car falling on you while you’re trying to follow through on a simple fix. 

Always have several tools on hand to keep your car propped up, and make sure to shake your car around to try to get it to fall so you can see whether or not it’s actually steady before you get under it. 

Most importantly, make sure someone is there to help you in the event that something does happen in the process.

#7. Don’t Wait to Get Checked Out If You’re Having Health Concerns

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Healthcare is expensive. 

The unfortunate side effect of this is that many will ignore aches and pains and other symptoms because they don’t want to deal with the financial consequences. 

That being said, some symptoms you might be experiencing could very well be pointing to a much bigger issue. 

There are ample stories about people who are feeling ill earlier in the day or earlier in the year, only to figure out that they’re dealing with serious and sometimes fatal conditions. 

If you’ve noticed something serious going on with you, don’t ignore it. 

Get the help you need before a bigger problem can develop.

#8. Don’t Mix Bleach With Ammonia

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Cleaning your home isn’t always as safe as it sounds.

Mixing cleaning products can be dangerous, especially if those products contain bleach or ammonia.

This combination creates a deadly gas that’s harmful to your respiratory system and acts quickly if you’re in a tight, poorly ventilated area.

Double-check your cleaning products and know your chemistry before you get started.

#9. Don’t Try to Grab Falling Knives

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There’s a saying that goes, “A falling knife doesn’t have a handle”. 

True, you might be lucky enough to catch the knife while it’s falling and avoid injury. 

However, most just end up grabbing the blade, resulting in a deep gash that can cause major blood loss, nerve damage, or severing of the fingers, all of which you don’t want to experience. 

Some have even tried to prevent the knife from dropping on the floor by using their legs, which resulted in cut arteries. 

The takeaway here is to just let the knife fall.

#10. Always Pay Attention to Signs Pointing Out Hazards

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Too many people will ignore a host of signs thinking that they know better or that the signs aren’t really pointing out dangerous things. 

This could include “do not enter”, “no swimming”, and other signs you may see around. 

There’s a real hazard there being pointed out, and you want to make sure that you’re aware of it or far away from it. 

The last thing you want to deal with is something life-ending you could have avoided if you had only listened to the signs.

#11. If You’re Doing Something Dangerous, Wear Protection

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From basic projects around the home to more serious jobs, too many people ignore the importance of putting on personal protective equipment PPE like safety glasses or earplugs.

At worst, you can end up with a fatal injury that is caused by exposure to sharp tools or dangerous chemicals.

At best, you have an injury you may or may not recover from, including the loss of limbs, things getting jammed into your eye, and even hearing loss caused by continuous exposure to loud sounds.

Never underestimate the importance of wearing PPE, regardless of how many times you’ve done a certain task or how confident you are that what you’re doing isn’t that dangerous.

#12. Don’t Underestimate Fast Water

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It’s easy to underestimate the danger of fast water, especially if you don’t have much experience with it.

But even shallow streams and small rivers can carry objects that are incredibly strong and powerful.

Therefore, it is important to respect the power of water as it can sweep away anything in its path. 

To remain safe, try to keep a good distance from any fast-flowing water and be sure to check for potential obstacles when crossing. 

Additionally, never attempt to swim in or across a body of water with a strong current, even if it looks shallow. 

Remember, the dangers of fast-moving waters can be deadly if not adequately respected.

#13. Tornados That Aren’t Moving Are Actually Getting Closer

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Tornados are an awesome force of nature that many are curious about. 

If you have tornados in your area, you might be tempted to watch one, especially if it seems like it’s not moving. 

However, a tornado that is not moving does not indicate that you’re safe. 

In fact, a tornado that appears as if it’s standing still is one that’s moving toward you, and they’re quite fast. 

If there’s ever a tornado warning, don’t risk it. 

Find shelter as soon as possible and stay safe until it’s over.

#14. Don’t Advertise Your Whereabouts on Social Media

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Many people don’t think that posting where they are or are going is a survival tip.

But in today’s digital world where everything is connected, it is.

Scam artists can see you are in another country and call you with a fake kidnapping scam.

Or worse, they can kidnap you.

While it’s great to share your life with friends and loved ones, you need to think more about how doing so could be putting you at risk.

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