15 Unhealthy Beauty Standards To Avoid

Welcome, beautiful souls, to a powerful and transformative journey of challenging oppressive beauty standards that have engulfed our society for far too long.

In a world obsessed with unrealistic expectations, it is high time we take a stand against the toxic norms that dictate what is considered beautiful.

This is a call to action, an invitation to question the damaging narratives surrounding beauty that have infiltrated our minds and perpetuated insecurities among both men and women.

Together, we will delve into the depths of these stifling expectations and emerge with a newfound understanding and appreciation for diverse forms of beauty.

Prepare to challenge the status quo and empower ourselves with the tools to dismantle oppressive beauty standards once and for all.

#1. Too Much Makeup

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Makeup can enhance one’s features, but excessive application can mask natural beauty and create a less attractive, “cakey” look.

Heavy makeup may also clog pores, leading to skin problems and premature aging.

Opting for a more natural, subtle makeup style can bring out the best in one’s features without overwhelming the face.

#2. Big Muscly Men

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The ideal male body image has evolved, focusing on muscular physiques in recent years.

However, excessively bulking can lead to health issues, including joint and back problems and an increased risk of injury.

Striving for overall fitness and well-being rather than adhering to extreme muscle standards can result in a more sustainable and attractive appearance.

#3. No Wrinkles Allowed

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Wrinkles are a natural part of life and beauty, so why do we treat them like they’re something to be ashamed of?

We’ve been conditioned to fear wrinkles as signs of aging, but the truth is that they represent wisdom and experience. 

Start embracing your wrinkles instead of using products or procedures to erase them.

#4. Overfilled Lips

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Plump lips have been attractive for ages, but overfilling with dermal fillers can lead to disproportionate, “duck-like” lips.

This excessive augmentation may cause discomfort, bruising, and long-term damage to the natural lip structure.

Striking a balance between volume and proportion is crucial to achieving a more attractive outcome.

#5. Long Fingernails

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Long, extravagant fingernails have become popular, but they can be impractical and unattractive for some individuals.

Overly long nails can hinder daily tasks, accumulate dirt and bacteria, and cause potential damage to the nail bed.

Opting for a more moderate nail length can be both stylish and practical.

#6. Removing Fat from Cheeks

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Chiseled cheeks are often considered a sign of beauty, leading some individuals to undergo procedures like buccal fat removal.

Unfortunately, overdoing this trend can result in a gaunt, sunken appearance that ages a person prematurely.

Removing too much fat from the cheeks can also cause unintended asymmetry and unnatural facial proportions.

Embracing one’s natural features is vital for maintaining a balanced and authentic appearance.

#7. Spray Tan

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The desire for a sun-kissed glow has led to the widespread use of spray tans.

However, excessive tanning can result in an unnatural orange hue that clashes with skin tone.

Overusing spray tan may also lead to skin dryness, irritation, premature aging, and potentially a higher risk of skin cancer.

Embracing one’s natural skin tone and protecting it from harmful UV rays should be a priority for healthier and more attractive skin.

#8. Lash Extensions

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Long, voluminous lashes are coveted by many, leading to the popularity of lash extensions.

Yet, the weight of these extensions can cause stress on natural lashes, leading to breakage and thinning.

In addition, poor application or allergic reactions can lead to eye irritation and infection.

Balancing the desire for attractive lashes with proper care and safety is crucial for maintaining eye health.

#9. Need to Look Young

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Society’s obsession with eternal youthfulness has fueled the popularity of anti-aging treatments and surgeries.

However, an overemphasis on looking perpetually young can lead to a loss of facial expression and individuality.

Embracing the natural aging process with grace and self-acceptance can result in an attractive, confident presence that radiates beauty from within.

#10. Implants

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While implants, such as breast or butt implants, are popular for enhancing certain body features, overdoing them can create an unnatural, disproportionate appearance.

Implants that are too large or excessively placed can lead to discomfort, hinder mobility, and cause potential health risks.

Understanding one’s unique body shape and opting for subtle, proportionate enhancements can result in a more attractive and confident appearance.

#11. Extreme White Veneers

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Extreme white veneers refer to dental veneers that are excessively bright and white, often creating an unnatural and artificial appearance.

Dental veneers are thin shells made of porcelain or composite material that are custom-made and bonded to the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance.

While many people desire a brighter smile, some may go to extremes in pursuing perfectly white teeth.

These individuals may choose veneers that are much whiter than the natural shade of their teeth, resulting in a stark contrast between their veneers and the rest of their natural teeth.

There are several reasons why extreme white veneers can be considered unattractive, including an unnatural appearance, disproportionate smile, and sensitivity, to name a few.

#12. Drawn-on Eyebrows

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Thick, defined eyebrows are in vogue, prompting many to draw them on or opt for microblading.

However, an unattractive outcome arises when brows appear unnatural, blocky, or mismatched to one’s facial features.

Using makeup techniques that enhance natural brows is preferable, allowing for a more harmonious look that complements the face.

#13. Hourglass Figure

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Open up any magazine and you will see women with an hourglass figure.

This is done either by airbrushing the image or having the woman wear tight fitting undergarments.

The reality is, few women have an hourglass figure by nature.

We all come in different shapes and sizes and there is beauty in that.

#14. You Have to Look “Perfect”

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We’ve all seen it – the body shape, skin color, hair texture. 

But trying to achieve this “perfect” look is impossible because beauty comes in many forms and no one person can embody them all.

#15. Airbrushing Photos

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The pressure to achieve a flawless look is intense in the era of social media and photo-editing apps.

However, excessive airbrushing can lead to unrealistic beauty standards and feelings of inadequacy for those who can’t attain such perfection.

Embracing one’s authentic self and promoting body positivity can help combat the negative effects of overly retouched images.

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