Maximize Your Daily Productivity with These 14 Simple Tricks for Minimal Effort and Maximum Results


Do you ever feel like the day passes by in a blur and little gets accomplished?

If so, it’s time to try something new!

With these 14 simple tricks, you can maximize your daily productivity with minimal effort.

Whether you’re trying to improve your work performance or just want to make sure that all your errands are taken care of before the day ends, this guide will give you actionable tips on how to stay productive while ensuring maximum results.

So if you’re ready for greater success without exhaustion, let’s get started!

#1. Shop For Your Kitchen at Restaurant Supply Stores

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If you want high-quality kitchen items at a fraction of the cost, skip home stores and shop at restaurant supply stores.

Not only is the quality much higher, but the prices are extremely low too.

As one person said, “There are a few online that sell to consumers. Those $8.99 tongs at a box store are like $1.30. A 16 oz. mason jar glass that sells for $3-$4 a piece can be bought as a 12 pack case for $8.55. Oneida China plates that sell for $345.84 a case for $57.84. I just bought a 2 foot by 2 foot wooden butchers block cutting board that would have been close to $400 for $55.”

#2. Read the Right Reviews

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When shopping online, it is critical to read the reviews.

But you shouldn’t only look at the five-star reviews.

In many cases, these people are given the product for free in exchange for a review and are more likely to leave a positive review without long term use.

A smarter option is to read the three and four star reviews as these people will be more honest and will have used the product for the longer term.

#3. Unpacking Trips To Make Moving Easier

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Moving is stressful enough, but two life hacks take much of the edge off.

First, make it a point to set up and make your bed first.

This way, when you are exhausted from unpacking, you don’t have to assemble the bed and make it, or worse, sleep on the floor or sofa.

Next, number your boxes or do something to the last few boxes you pack.

Usually, the last boxes you pack up are the things you need until the day of your move, so it makes sense to unpack these first.

#4. Search Online

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No matter the problem or question, a good first step is to search online.

Have a leaky faucet? Check it out online. You will know if it is serious and can watch a short video on how to fix it.

Most everything can be answered quickly with a simple online search, or it can lead you in a direction so you can ask for the right help or more detailed questions to get the answer you need.

#5. Flip A Coin To Make Decisions

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When you have to make an important decision and cannot decide, flip a coin.

As you are flipping, your mind will begin to focus on the outcome you want more, and now you know the decision to make, or at least concentrate on why you are leaning in that direction.

#6. Show Up Early

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A simple life hack is to show up early to everything.

Not only do people appreciate people that are on time, but you can also leave on time, making the rest of your day less stressful.

Also, when you plan to be on time, you have to leave a little earlier, which helps if there is a snag in your travel plans and they take a little longer than usual.

#7. Accept You’ll Be The Bad Guy

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While it is important to be the good guy in all aspects of life, no matter what you do, eventually, you will be the bad guy in someone’s life.

For example, you broke up with another person, got promoted, etc. The sooner you accept this is part of life, the better.

Just make sure you aim to be the good guy otherwise.

#8. Calculating Tips And Sales Easy

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When it comes to money, many people have difficulty figuring out the right amount to tip or how much discount a sale price is.

Before you pull out your phone for the answer, do some simple math.

For tips, look at the total and multiply the number before the decimal by two, assuming you want to leave a 20% tip.

For example, if your bill is $8.25, take 8 x 2 to get 16. Your tip is $1.60, which you can round up to $2.

If your bill is $45.18, 45 x 2 is 90, so a $9 tip.

When it comes to sales, it is just as easy. If the shirt is $40 and the deal is 20% off, take the 4 and multiply it by 2 to get 8, which is the discount. The shirt will cost $32.

If the jeans are $50 and the sale is 60% off, take 5 x 6 to get a $30 discount.

If the sale is 15% or 25%, the math is a little harder in your head, so you are best served to round down.

For example, 25% off $30 is $7.50. But you can take 2 x 3 to get $6 and know you are in the ballpark.

#9. Stretch

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A great life hack is to make it a point to stretch daily.

This doesn’t require you to spend hours a day. Instead, make it a point to stretch your hip flexors and your chest.

With most people sitting at desks all day, these areas are the ones that need stretching the most.

Stretching 10-15 minutes daily will save your back and make life more enjoyable as you age.

#10. Only Need To Be Brave For A Short Time

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We all have to summon up courage in life to do scary things.

The important thing to remember is that we only have to be brave for a short time, usually less than one minute.

Asking a person on a date, stopping a child from running into the street, etc., all happen and are over within mere seconds.

So the next time you are scared to be courageous, remember you only have to be that way for a short time.

#11. Make Life Easier

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No matter what you are doing in life, try to find little things in the process that make your life easier.

For example, if you go downstairs and see a plate in your room, take it with you and put it in the sink or dishwasher.

When you come home exhausted, putting everything down as you enter the house can be easy.

But then you have to go back and get everything when you need it later, usually when you are relaxing and don’t want to get up.

Take the minute to put things where they belong, and you will be better off.

#12. Use Basic Manners

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You don’t have to be over the top here.

Simply use “please” and “thank you” and be polite and you will be amazed how far it gets you in life.

It won’t replace hard work, but you will be shocked with how much more often people will say yes or give you benefit of the doubt, simply for having manners.

#13. Mind Your Own Business

man concentrating
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One of the best ways to boost productivity is to focus on your own tasks and items that you need to get done.

Stay off social media, turn off notifications, put away your phone, or eliminate any other sources of distraction.

This way, you can remain focused on what’s important and avoid wasting time on things which won’t benefit your productivity.

#14. Pay Bills When They Arrive, Not When They Are Due

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Ensure you avoid the dreadful scenario of having to pay bills at the last possible minute by promptly settling them as soon as they arrive. 

By establishing a consistent payment plan, you can effectively stay organized and eliminate any unexpected surprises that may arise in the future. 

Moreover, this proactive approach to bill payments not only grants you a peace of mind but also allows for more time to be dedicated towards accomplishing productive tasks, further enhancing your overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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