14 Surprising Products That Sceptics Loved and You Should Definitely Give a Chance


Are you the type of person who is always skeptical about trying new things?

Everyone has something that they’re not willing to try, no matter how much others rave about it.

Whether it be a product, clothing style, or a restaurant dish, some people just have to stick to their guns and stay loyal to what they know.

However, sometimes taking chances pays off and can turn out rewarding in the end.

Here we present 14 unexpected products that even avid sceptics couldn’t help but love after giving them a chance!

Learn more about each one below and who knows, maybe you could find yourself with a newfound favorite item!

#1. BB Cream

Photo Credit: KrisCole via Deposit Photos.

BB creams are a 3-in-1 product.

They’re designed to offer protection from the sun while acting as a foundation and moisturizer.

Many women wouldn’t think they’d like BB cream before they tried it.

This is primarily because they think it wouldn’t match your skin tone like other foundations.

The reality?

Plenty of women are super happy about their BB cream.

It’s sheer, blends in with your skin tone because it’s so lightweight, and gives you a nice glow instead of caking onto your skin.

#2. Electric Kettle

woman drinking coffee
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Electric kettles are another product that many people don’t realize can make a huge difference in their lives.

At first, they may seem like an unnecessary purchase with features that go beyond boiling water.

However, when you try them out, you’ll quickly see the value they bring to the table.

#3. Fitbit

Photo Credit: svanhorn via Deposit Photos.

Fitbits came about before the smartwatch revolution, boasting a seamless way to keep track of your vitals and other aspects of your overall health and wellness.

Of course, with innovation comes skepticism.

Not many people thought they needed a Fitbit in their day-to-day lives.

Although it has its downsides (expensive subscriptions and some limited features in the free versions), people who have made the purchase aren’t upset with it.

Many people are happy with how it supports their health journey and make sure they’re more conscious of movement and health.

Others get excited about the various features that it has to offer, such as the timer.

Better yet, it’s often cheaper than buying a smartwatch!

#4. Amazon Kindle

Photo Credit: dambuster via Deposit Photos.

The Amazon Kindle and related devices like the Nook revolutionized the reading game.

Some people were highly resistant to the Kindle when it first came out, mainly because they didn’t think it would be able to be useful anywhere and because they were dedicated to the look and feel of an actual book.

What happened is that people ended up discovering that they were valuable products for on-the-go entertainment.

No matter where you are, you never have to worry about losing your place, you can enjoy your device inside or outside (for some of the older models), and you may even have a device that doubles as a tablet that can connect to Wi-Fi

If you didn’t think a Kindle would be helpful, you might want to think again!

#5. iPad

Photo Credit: KostyaKlimenko via Deposit Photos.

Tablets are a middle ground between larger mobile products like laptops and smaller products like cell phones.

Of course, if you have either, you might think that a tablet like the iPad is just a useless product to sink money into.

But many have proven that if you have a use for it, you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Beyond gaming and watching movies, people have used iPads to work on the go, read and annotate textbooks, and stay on top of their travel adventures.

#6. Air Fryer

Photo Credit: fzeledon via Deposit Photos.

Air fryers have been around for a while but didn’t start gaining popularity until around 2016 or 2017.

Many people thought air fryers would be useless unless you needed to whip something up quickly, like some fries or potato chips.

The reality?

The air fryer is a convection oven (without the heat of an actual oven, no less).

This means its design heats anything without leaving it soggy and lifeless like a microwave.

As you can imagine, plenty of people were thrilled when they could get their hands on one.

Whether it’s heating leftovers, making vegetables, or even trying out one of the recipes in the multitude of air fryer cookbooks that exist out there, plenty of people have grown to love their air fryer.

#7. A Long, Retractable Duster

Photo Credit: dianazh via Deposit Photos.

Depending on where you live, some houses get dustier than others.

One of the products that a lot of people thought wouldn’t be very helpful is a duster with a long, extendable body.

These products are helpful when reaching high places in the home that you wouldn’t usually be able to dust on your own.

But what some people found is that they rely on this duster for more than just dusting.

A lot of people use their previously useless long retractable duster to do things like get their phones out from underneath the couch or wrap the end with a towel and use it to hit spiders and fly out off of the walls.

Where there’s creativity, there’s innovation!

#8. Birkenstock Shoes

Photo Credit: rushay via Deposit Photos.

All shoe brands have a reputation, regardless of whether it’s bad or good.

An excellent example of this is Birkenstocks.

Not known for being an exceptionally stylish brand, some may not be convinced they should add Birkenstock shoes to their wardrobe anytime soon.

However, women who have did not regret it.

Ask anyone who has started wearing Birkenstocks, and they’ll tell you they’re incredibly comfortable to wear during hotter weather and equally easy to slip on when needed.

#9. Salad Spinner

Photo Credit: FotoHelin via Deposit Photos.

There are a lot of items that are considered to be useless because they’re so simple.

Take the salad spinner, for example.

You wash your lettuce, toss it in your salad spinner, and spin it until all the moisture has flung off of the wet greens.

But how often would you use it?

If you’re like others who bought one and loved it, you often use it.

Even though it’s quite simple, it’s also quite versatile.

People use it to dry other vegetables or fruits and simplify meal prep.

#10. Bidet

Photo Credit: Jim_Filim via Deposit Photos.

OK, bidets might not be an item that’s considered useless.

However, switching from toilet paper to a bidet can be a strange concept for many.

It’s so different that a lot of people would not consider it.

However, like the other products on this list (whether gifted or purchased), the bidet has become a mainstay in their homes.

It keeps them cleaner and doesn’t cost money like continuing to buy toilet paper does.

#11. Scrub Daddy

Photo Credit: IgorVetushko via Deposit Photos.

The Scrub Daddy is one of the most popular sponge brands out there.

But besides the smiley face on the front, you wouldn’t think much of it at a glance.

That’s what most people say.

However, after purchasing it, they also say it’s become one of their favorite cleaning tools.

Some recently converted believers love the Scrub Daddy because it doesn’t get food stuck to it, they don’t end up stinking like other sponges, and they last forever.

#12. Mattress Topper

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Sleep is critical to being productive and while a new bed can cost thousands, a simple mattress topper only costs around $100.

You might wonder what a mattress topper even accomplishes.

Well, it can offer additional support, a cooler bed to sleep on, and more.

Many people are skeptical of a topper, that is until they try it out.

#13. Better Internet Connection

Photo Credit: SIphotography via Deposit Photos.

When better internet connection options first hit the market, many people were immediately dismissive.

After all, who needs faster internet? 

Most of our activities are already lightning-fast as it is!

But once we tried out better connections like fiber optic and cable, we quickly realized how wrong we were.

Everything from streaming to gaming felt so much smoother and more reliable.

Plus, our work productivity skyrocketed with the improved speed and reliability of our connection.

It’s no wonder that internet connections have become a staple in many homes!

#14. Second Computer Monitor

man on computer
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

If you work all day on a computer, you might not realize the power of having a second screen.

With the extra real estate, you don’t have to resize windows to get everything to fit, or toggle back and forth between windows.

You’ll be more efficient and after a few days, wonder how you ever survived on one monitor.

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