14 Eye-Opening Truths from Older Women on Millennials’ Life Choices

There comes a time in every generation when experience meets youth, and wisdom faces idealism.

For millennials coming of age in turbulent times, that confrontation has arrived, whether they’re ready for it or not.

As an older generation watches from the sidelines, concern and exasperation battle understanding and empathy.

Economic instability, surging student debt loads, changing social mores, all have transformed the landscape for young adults in ways unimaginable just a decade or two ago.

In this culture clash, what do women who’ve lived through it all really make of the choices facing their millennial successors today?

It’s time to listen in as they share candid, compelling, and at times cringe-worthy takes on everything from careers and relationships to finances and family matters.

Buckle up as we delve deep into their unexpectedly eye-opening truths.

#1. Taking Initiative in Relationships

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In the past, women typically waited for men to make the first move.

But today, many women are the aggressors, approaching men for dates.

One could argue this is not a good thing, but many older women are happy to see the confidence younger women have.

#2. Mom Jeans vs. Skinny Jeans

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The fashion industry has seen a variety of trends come and go throughout the decades. While this is one area where generational differences are quite visible, it can also serve as an insightful look into how we interpret social expectations.

Older women have had to understand the appeal behind today’s tight-fitting skinny jeans given their long history with more relaxed styles such as mom jeans. On the other end, younger women may have difficulty understanding the appeal behind looser fitting clothing that doesn’t emphasize their curves.

Through discussing matters of style and fashion openly, we are able to learn about each other’s preferences and why certain trends are deemed attractive or passé.

#3. Having a Voice

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One area that older women respect the younger generation is with how vocal they are.

If something isn’t right, younger people will stand up against it.

In the past, many women, and men for that matter, would stay silent and not let their voices be heard.

#4. Caring What Strangers Think

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As women age, they often gain confidence and security that allows them to live their lives without concern for what others think.

This is why older women are often puzzled when they see their younger counterparts obsessing over the opinions of complete strangers.

From carefully curated social media profiles to carefully crafted outfits, younger generations put incredible effort into impressing people they don’t know.

But perhaps this is just another symptom of our digitally connected, image-obsessed world.

Whatever the reason, the older generation can’t help but shake their heads and wonder why anyone would care so much about what someone else thinks of them.

#5. Being Abusive to Their Partners

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A disturbing trend seems to be emerging: younger women are increasingly becoming verbally and emotionally abusive to their partners.

And the victims of this behavior are not limited to just men.

Older women, who have seen it all, are particularly confused by this development.

Many shake their heads in disbelief, wondering where the younger generations are picking up these toxic attitudes.

After all, previous generations of women fought for equality and respect in relationships.

Yet here we are, with younger women perpetuating an outdated and harmful narrative of dominance and control.

It’s a concerning situation that warrants immediate attention and meaningful action.

#6. Not Wanting to Learn to Drive

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There is a growing trend among younger women to forgo the traditional ritual of obtaining a driver’s license.

Older women who have seen driving as a symbol of independence and freedom are left perplexed as to why anyone would willingly relinquish that privilege.

The reasons behind younger women’s decision to avoid driving vary, but some cite the availability of public transportation, environmental concerns, or simply not enjoying the act of driving.

While the reasons may differ, the bottom line is that the younger generation questions the societal norm that equates driving with maturity and independence.

#7. Tracking Friends

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Older women find it increasingly difficult to understand why younger women are obsessed with tracking their friends’ every move.

From checking location tags on Instagram to using apps like Find My Friends, the younger generation is always aware of where their friends are.

But for older women, this level of tracking seems unnecessary and even invasive.

Is it a lack of trust or a desire to always be connected?

The answer remains unclear, but one thing is for sure. Technology has changed the way we navigate our relationships, and the generational divide is becoming more apparent every day.

#8. Posting Pictures of Their Kids on Social Media

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As technology advances and social media becomes increasingly popular, there is a growing trend among Millennial women: posting pictures of their kids on various platforms for the world to see.

While this may seem harmless to some, this trend leaves many Boomers feeling confused.

They remember a time when protecting their children’s privacy was of the utmost importance, and the idea of posting personal details or pictures of them on the internet was almost unthinkable.

As such, it may seem odd to them that so many younger women are quick to share every detail of their children’s lives with the world.

#9. Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

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As society continues to change and evolve, new beauty standards have emerged, leading to the rise of various cosmetic surgeries.

One procedure that has recently gained popularity among younger women is buccal fat removal surgery, which involves removing the fat pads from the cheeks to create a slimmer, more sculpted look.

However, older women may be left scratching their heads, wondering why anyone would voluntarily alter their natural appearance in such a way.

Removing fat from a young face seems incomprehensible to them, as they may have spent most of their lives striving to achieve a fuller, healthier look.

#10. Lip Injections

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As women age, they often become more comfortable in their skin and understand that true beauty comes from within.

So when they see Millennials and other young women flocking to get lip injections, it can be confusing.

While Boomers may have dabbled in beauty treatments themselves, the idea of permanently altering one’s appearance can seem extreme.

Many older women also recognize the value of aging gracefully and wonder why young women can’t see the beauty in natural features.

 But the desire for full, pouty lips is nothing new. It’s a trend that goes back centuries.

#11. Van Life

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As many Millennial and Gen Z women have taken to the open road in their converted vans, Boomers are left wondering what draws their younger counterparts to this nomadic lifestyle.

While older generations may have settled for stability and rootedness, younger women crave adventure and freedom in equal measure.

They see the van life as a way to escape the constraints of modern society, break free from the mundane, and truly experience all that life has to offer.

These young women desire a life full of exploration and growth that takes them off the beaten path and allows them to forge their own way in the world.

#12. Showing Too Much Skin

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With the rise of social media, it’s become easier for younger women to express themselves online with scantily-clad photos and even explicit material. This has caused some moral panic among older generations who fear that such behavior could lead to a loss of respect in the public eye.

On the other hand, younger women feel that their freedom of expression should not be stifled just because it’s not the cultural norm. They argue that such content should be allowed, as long as it does not harm anyone else.

#13. Letting Everyone Online Know Where You Are

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In the age of social media and technology, it’s not uncommon for younger women to let everyone online know where they are at all times.

But for many older women, this behavior is confusing and potentially dangerous.

It’s difficult to understand why someone would willingly disclose their location to the entire world, especially when so many potential risks are involved.

While the desire for attention and validation might be part of the explanation, it’s still hard to comprehend why anyone would take such a risk with their safety.

#14. Crying Online

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In today’s connected world, it’s not uncommon to see younger women crying online.

However, this trend has left many older women feeling confused in bewilderment.

Why would someone put their emotional turmoil out on display for complete strangers to see?

But older women must understand that crying online is a means of seeking comfort and community.

It’s a way for younger generations to connect with others who may be going through similar heartaches or experiences.

Online communities can provide a sense of belonging and support in a world that can often feel isolating.

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