342 Relationship Affirmations For Stronger Connection


Relationships are tough. They take a lot of effort and time, especially to make them work.

It’s worth the hard work though. Relationship affirmations are a great way to show someone you really care, improve your love life, and also to develop the right mindset to make it work.

The law of attraction is a universal principle that may be applied to any aspect of life, from career advancement to personal relationships.

Its core tenet is that you attract what you are.

It also implies that you can use your thoughts, focus, and energy to generate and manifest results.

Whether you are someone who is just starting a new relationship, or been in one that needs some rekindling, or are just someone trying to figure things out, this post will give you the right motivation and words to get a grip on things.


What is a relationship affirmation?

The best relationships are built on honesty, understanding, and trust.

A relationship affirmation is essentially beautiful words you can use to better communicate and connect with your partner, loved ones, or friend.

One of the main purposes of relation affirmations is to promote the flow of unconditional love within a conversation and to increase closeness between two people.

Relationship affirmations are statements that you say to yourself in order to bring love and passion into your life.

You can shape your ideas and feelings by repeating these affirmations every day, which is the cornerstone of meaningful relationships.

These couple affirmations can also be reworded to be told to your partner instead as a way to reaffirm how you feel towards each other.

How to use affirmations to improve relationships

All of the statements listed below will be useful if your goal is to utilize them to strengthen your relationship.

While there could many ways that affirmations could work for your relationship, there are two main ways we encourage putting these love statements into practice.

Create your own routine

The first way is that you can create your own daily routine to help you cultivate love and improve your sense of self-worth.

Shifting the nature of your relationship entails being clear about your personal commitments in the connection but also feeling worthy of affection.

This enables you to approach each day with a compassionate, dedicated and assured attitude.

You must practice improving relationships on a regular basis, whether you’re using affirmations to cure relationship anxiety or to build your self-worth around love.

This can be accomplished by reciting a healthy relationship affirmation aloud in front of a mirror, using it as a silent mantra in meditation, or writing it in a gratitude journal.

Use it with your partner

The other way is to use these statements with your partner to reinforce your commitments and strengthen your bond.

If you want to use affirmations to strengthen your relationship, getting your partner on board can be really beneficial.

Working on your relationship is a two-way street, after all.

You can work on your own development and mindset shift all you want, but to truly heal a relationship using affirmations, both partners must be willing to put in the effort.

Sit next to or across from one another, close enough to touch or make eye contact.

Choose a few love and relationship affirmations from the list below and take turns speaking them aloud to each other.

This transforms your healthy relationship mantras into a sacred vow or pact between you and your partner.

List of Relationship Affirmations

I will become more enthusiastic about being romantic.

I treat my relationship with the care and attention it deserves.

I am in seventh heaven when I am alone with my partner.

I am at peace, knowing love comes naturally to me.

The love my partner and I share will continue to increase.

My partner and I can discuss anything without judgment.

I appreciate our differences; it keeps our relationship fresh and exciting.

I am meant to have a lifelong love.

My partner and I feel comfortable and safe with each other.

This relationship is meant to last.

My partner and I give physical contact to each other on a daily basis.

There is a high level of trust within my relationship.

The universe is guiding me to love.

I feel comfortable trusting my partner.

My partner is lucky to have me.

My relationship is becoming stronger and more resilient every day.

I always communicate with my partner with respect and understanding.

Love surrounds me, I completely open my heart to receiving love.

My partner and I bring each other deep joy.

Making my relationship a top priority in my life is easy for me.

I feel good being intimate with my partner.

I will cultivate a feeling of selflessness in my relationship.

I am inspired to be the best partner I can be.

I enjoy being in a relationship with my partner.

I feel the presence of my soulmate is near.

My normal day consists of having happy healthy relationships.

Love wins between my partner and I.

I listen to my partner with an open mind and heart.

I choose to be positive and loving with my partner.

The more love I give, the more I receive.

My heart is full of love and ready to share.

My partner and I resolve our conflicts peacefully and respectfully.

Romance will allow my relationship to become more spontaneous.

I am focused on protecting my healthy relationship.

Each day I find reasons to be happy in my relationship.

I have full confidence in my partner.

I will communicate clearly with my partner.

I can intentionally build the lasting relationship I desire.

I take time to be present with my partner.

My partner and I have fun all the time.

I feel loved and cherished by my partner.

I will consistently find gratitude for my relationship.

I am enough for my partner as I am.

I communicate my needs.

I am grateful for all the love and affection I get.

I easily notice when romantic situations arise.

I attract loving relationships effortlessly.

I am surrounded by love.

Romance brings positivity to my relationship.

I sense divine love connecting me with my partner.

Affirmations For A Healthy Relationship

I am confident that I can become romantic every day.

My partner sees me as everything they have been looking for in a partner.

My partner and I are fully loyal to one another.

I make time for those I love.

I am perfectly happy in my marriage and do my best to make it work and last forever.

I always choose to show my partner respect and love.

I will vocalize my needs to my partner.

I believe in love.

I feel comfortable expressing my feelings and needs to my partner.

It is easy for me to love my partner.

I am true to myself when I am around my partner.

I hold the keys to my own happiness.

I will seek to express unconditional love and understanding on a daily basis.

I feel free to be myself in my relationship.

I am confident in the love my partner has for me.

I receive love in abundance from everyone I meet.

My partner’s happiness is one of my top priorities.

I am so grateful for the joy my relationship brings me.

I give my relationship the time and attention it deserves.

I easily express my romantic feelings to my partner.

I make consistent efforts to be my best self in my relationship.

My partner is crazy in love with me and I’m crazy in love with my partner.

I find enjoyment during romantic dates.

I choose to think of new romantic gestures.

I can take time and make space for myself when needed.

I am a positive and loving person.

My partner and I have set healthy boundaries in our relationship.

My partner naturally makes me feel secure and loved.

Today, I will do something nice for my partner.

My partner loves me and accepts me.

I fall passionately in love.

I will nourish the love my partner and I share.

My life partner will come into my life at the right time.

I am deserving of love just as I am.

I take my partner’s perspective into consideration.

Love is all around me wherever I go.

I have the best partner in the world.

There is so much love in my life.

I am worthy of love.

I attract good, loving, kind people into my life.

I am in a joyous relationship with someone who truly loves me.

Being romantic helps demonstrate my love for my partner.

Being romantic is an effortless part of my relationship.

My relationship will be a positive example to others.

I will have a fairytale romance.

My partner and I are in a loving, committed, and strong relationship.

I seek opportunities to create romantic settings for my partner and me.

I am capable of being in a healthy relationship.

I am worth loving and I accept that love in return.

I take my partner’s feelings seriously.

Affirmations To Improve Relationship

The love we share is intentional yet feels natural.

I deserve love and affection.

I love myself to the fullest.

My needs in this relationship are important and valid.

I spend time thinking about how I can help my partner succeed.

I develop connections naturally.

I find it easy to draw healthy boundaries.

The love I seek also seeks me.

I am feeling the love between my partner and I grow each day.

My partner and I are both worthy of deep love and respect.

I find it extremely important that I have healthy relationships in my life.

I have abundant gratitude for my beautiful relationship.

I am becoming healthier and happier because of my relationship.

I will continue to do everything I am able to do to ensure I nurture my relationship.

I believe in the integrity of my partner.

I feel free to reveal my true self to my partner.

Our relationship is very important to me and my partner.

My relationship is natural, healthy, and happy.

I am a patient lover.

I will always love and appreciate my partner.

I am choosing to develop a happy relationship.

I always consider my partner’s opinions and emotions.

I respect myself, therefore others respect me.

My true self is loveable just as I am right now.

Being romantic makes my partner happier.

I release any desperation and allow love to find me.

I am open and ready to find true love.

My partner loves, trusts, and respects me.

I love to see my partner succeed.

I will continue to respect and care for my partner each day.

I love all about my partner.

My romantic actions make my partner and me happier.

I release control in my relationship.

I will be honest and open with my partner about our relationship.

All my relationships are now loving and harmonious.

I am unique, interesting, and intelligent.

I respect and appreciate my partner.

I feel comfortable being myself in the relationship.

My partner loves me every day that goes by.

I will learn to recognize romantic situations effortlessly.

I am ready for commitment.

I know what I want.

I deserve real and authentic love.

I am ready for intimacy.

I seek opportunities to fulfill my partner’s needs.

I attract mature healthy people into my life.

Romance helps my partner and I develop our love.

Everywhere I go, I receive love everywhere.

I release resentment toward my partner and ask for what I need in a loving way.

From this moment on, I am attracting my soulmate.

Affirmations For A Healthy Relationship

Positive Affirmations For Love In A Relationship

I am worthy of happiness in my relationship.

My partner and I are continually learning to understand one another better.

I’m surrounded by love.

I am irresistible to my partner and she/he is attracted to me.

I am now ready to accept a happy fulfilling relationship.

My close and romantic relationship is a positive example to others.

I remove the internal blockage that prevents me from receiving love.

My spouse is my best friend.

I deeply respect and admire my partner.

I appreciate everything my partner does for our relationship.

The love between my partner and I grow stronger every day.

I show up wholeheartedly in my relationship each and every day.

I am loved and cherished for who I am.

I will learn to more frequently create settings for romance.

My partner is supportive of me just as I am supportive of my partner.

I am in a committed, loving relationship.

Our love is stronger than arguments and fights.

All efforts put into building a happy relationship are worth it.

I plan to always love and support my partner unconditionally.

I enjoy seeing my partner happy.

My nature is to find romance with my partner in ordinary situations.

My relationship is a top priority.

My relationship will benefit from more romance.

I love myself and am open to love.

It is safe for me to show who I truly am.

Loving connections are effortless for me and come very naturally.

It’s okay for me to ask for what I need in my relationship.

I deserve love as I am.

I love and accept my partner, warts and all.

I will choose to show my love for my partner through romance.

I can communicate in a healthy, constructive way.

I naturally find joy in being romantic.

I will choose to stay dedicated to my partner.

I am open to love in all forms.

I find love everywhere I go.

I welcome love into my life.

I am committed to working on my relationship.

I love, trust, and respect my partner.

I choose to bring positivity to my relationship.

Unconditional love flows freely and I am open to receiving it.

I am open to receiving love.

I am a love magnet.

I love my partner deeply.

My marriage is becoming deeper and stronger each day.

I feel so loved.

Each day I develop virtuous qualities to bring to my relationship.

There is a great level of trust in our relationship.

I am confident that my partner is making the right choices.

I am sexy, attractive, and desirable.

I am becoming a more romantic partner.

I am grateful for all relationships in my life.

I choose to be kind and considerate towards my spouse.

I enjoy meeting new people.

I listen to my partner and am willing to make personal changes for them.

I view my partner with love and kindness.

I will grow deep respect for the incredible relationship I have.

My partner and I naturally notice and fulfill each other’s needs.

I don’t have to do anything to be fully loved and happy within myself.

I am confident in my relationship.

I trust that love will come into my life when the time is right.

My partner and I are on each other’s teams.

I feel free to draw boundaries in my relationship.

Love is my middle name.

My natural loving nature attracts love to me like a magnet.

I am always strengthening and deepening the connection that I share with my partner.

My partner is my soul mate and we love each other purely and unconditionally without judgment.

I commit to setting healthy boundaries in my relationship.

I respect my partner’s boundaries.

I am building authentic connections.

The more I love myself, the more love I have to give.

Becoming more romantic is improving my relationship and my life.

I make time to think about the wants and needs of my partner.

I believe in infinite love.

My partner and I can tell each other anything.

Romance will help my partner and I appreciate one another more.

I have the most loving person in my life and I am enjoying every moment of it.

I give and receive love and respect in my relationship.

I love being in love and loved by my spouse.

My partner and I communicate well with each other.

My relationship continually will improve with more romantic effort.

I welcome love with open arms and an open heart.

I am ready to receive love.

I can draw healthy boundaries when I need to.

My partner and I share a strong and powerful love for each other.

I spread love, and it returns to me.

My partner and I are in a healthy relationship.

I am whole within myself and my partner is whole within himself/herself.

I communicate with honesty and love.

I am blessed to have a partner that I can trust with my secrets.

I will choose to protect and nurture my relationship.

I naturally seek opportunities to serve my partner.

I enjoy the safety and security of my loving marriage.

I feel closer to my partner every day.

I am grateful for my partner.

My marriage is protected by the powerful love my partner and I have for each other.

I am naturally good at having honest and open communication.

I will do everything I know how to continue to develop relationships.

Trust in my partner is growing stronger every day.

I make space in my life for an amazing relationship.


Romance and sensuality are natural feelings in my relationship.

My partner and I are perfect matches for each other.

I show appreciation for my partner every day.

I date confidently, knowing that the universe has my back.

I choose to love deeply.

Romance can improve my relationship.

I go through life with the help of my loved ones.

The natural connection between my partner and I will only grow stronger.

I will be an amazing spouse.

My partner and I have a perfect romantic relationship.

I am ready and open to receiving love and blessings.

I give respect and admiration to my partner with confidence in their reciprocation.

I am deserving of a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

My partner and I laugh every day.

I trust the Universe to help me find true love.

I understand that marriage is pure bliss and I have achieved it.

I have a profound respect for my partner.

The power of love is inside me.

I am filled with loving-kindness.

I am always strengthening the love and relationship that I share with my partner.

I take responsibility for my own emotions.

I am deserving of a happy and healthy relationship.

I am not always right and that’s okay.

I appreciate all that I have.

My partner and I trust each other completely.

I will choose to think of and demonstrate romantic gestures.

I enjoy actively striving to make my partner happy.

I am basking in the love, security, and trust of my marriage.

I bring playfulness and flirtation to my relationship.

I’m good and beautiful enough the way I am.

I am dedicated to the success of my relationship.

I can draw reasonable boundaries.

I can balance my needs with my partner’s needs.

I deserve to find happiness in my relationship.

Love is my priority.

My heart is open to receiving love.

I’m happy and grateful for having loving people in my life.

I feel eternally grateful to have my partner in my life.

I release my past and am ready to find love.

I am grateful for the love I receive.

I allow my partner to be their own person.

I will express my opinions and emotions to my partner honestly.

My marriage will stay strong for the rest of our lives.

My partner and I are deeply in love with each other every day.

I am fulfilled.

I feel loved, cherished, and fulfilled in my relationship.

Our love grows stronger each day.

I welcome love with open arms.

I am deeply loveable.

I will continue to foster a healthy relationship.

positive relationship affirmations

I nurture my relationship.

I can view things from my partner’s perspective.

I find it easy to be respectful when communicating how I feel.

I will help my relationship improve every single day.

I commit to being a supportive, loving partner.

I am a happy and confident individual.

I am committed to being caring, loving, and kind in my relationship.

I believe in my relationship.

Nurturing my relationship is important to me.

I bring my whole self to my relationship.

My partner and I go out of our way to support each other.

I deserve love and being loved.

I effortlessly show my partner love.

The right person will see me for who I am.

I now choose to love and approve of myself.

I am happy to be completely myself in the relationship without being unrighteous judged.

My love is precious.

I am a loyal partner.

I have faith in my relationship.

I will always communicate honestly.

I will cherish the romance between my partner and I.

I am choosing to become someone who is naturally romantic.

I approach my relationship with an open heart.

I am lucky to have my partner.

I now believe that relationships can be joyful and fun.

I am willing to put my relationship above other important priorities.

I feel surrounded by love everywhere.

I love to give and receive love.

My partner and I are falling more in love each day.

I will intentionally cultivate a lasting relationship with my partner.

My relationship is worth the effort.

Making my partner happy is an important priority in my life.

Caring for a lasting relationship feels natural to me.

I am able to communicate my needs effectively to my partner.

I love my partner infinitely and unconditionally.

I am a great catch.

Dating is a joyful experience for me.

Love flows easily into my life.

My partner and I naturally find opportunities to be cute and romantic.

I am savoring the feeling of being loved and cherished by my spouse.

Whatever happens in my relationship, I know I will be okay.

I will frequently tell my partner how much I love them.

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