16 Best Affirmation Cards For All Purposes

Affirmation cards are a great way to focus your intentions and goals for self-improvement.

Most people have goals and aspirations of becoming better people overall.

The best affirmation cards can help with anything from improving self-confidence, boosting health, setting new career goals, and many more things.

I have experimented with several different affirmation cards over the past 3 years and have found that, while some of them are good, there are only a few I would recommend to my friends without hesitation.

I’m going to go through them here and you can decide for yourself which works best.

This includes physical and digital cards to choose from.

Summary of the Best Affirmation Cards

I have compiled a list of 16 beautiful affirmation card decks here so that you can easily pick out the one you like most.

But if that’s too many choices, consider my top choice whic is Affirmation Cards for Women from Dessie in Earth Tone (listed at number 14 in the table below).

The designs are simple yet sophisticated, and the messages are warm and encouraging, not to forget that they are incredibly well priced to deliver exceptional value!

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect to find. Scroll down to read more details.

Details of The Best Affirmation Cards

1. Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards from Sunny Present

Sunny Present Store designed Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards to help people cope with anxiety. In the middle of any hectic scenario, they inspire individuals to focus on what actually important.

When you’re feeling nervous, you can use them to help you relax by repeating the affirmations aloud, like a mantra.

These are the ideal buddy for while you’re on the road! They offer calming phrases and an immediate sensation of calm, especially when you don’t have time to practice mindfulness.

2. Daily Positive Affirmation Cards from Because I’m Happy

These are high-quality cards that can be used daily for general purposes. Whenever you need a positivity boost, these are your perfect companion.

The packaging comes in a plastic box and the cards are made one-sided.

I love that they created these cards in very attractive colors!

If you are a beginner, this deck of affirmation cards is great to get you started at a budget-friendly price.

3. Daily Positive Affirmation Cards from Lamare

I adore the stylish, minimalist artwork, as well as the fact that all of the affirmations are straightforward.

As a result, this deck is ideal for beginners and those with limited mental bandwidth to consider more esoteric affirmations.

The affirmation deck includes 40 cards that are beautifully drawn and printed on environmentally farmed paper. They even come in a cute box, so they’re perfect for gifting!

These cards can be used to create a wall collage with your favorite affirmations– they resemble art.

Stick one on your mirror for those times when you need a little additional motivation and inspiration. Remember that you are free to use affirmation cards in any way you see fit.

Finally, the set is a great place to go for quick morning mantras and feel-good slogans. It’s a best-seller among aesthetes, artists, design fans, and people who like to write letters using single affirmation cards.

4. Power Thought Cards from Louise Hay

Since the release of her best-selling book You Can Heal Your Life in 1984, which has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide, Louise Hay has been an inspirational teacher who has educated millions.

Louise was the author of more than 30 books for adults and children, including the blockbusters The Power Is Within You and Heal Your Body.

She was known for demonstrating the power of affirmations to bring about good transformation.

A Set of 64 Affirmation Cards to Assist You in Discovering Your Inner Strength.

This deck of 64 cards comes in a lovely gift box and contains 128 unique pieces of art beautifully designed by five artists.

Each card has a powerful affirmation on one side and a visualization on the other to enlighten, inspire, and bring joy into your life.

Get Yours Here

5. Super Attractor Deck Cards from Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabrielle Bernstein’s Super Attractor Deck Cards are ideal for manifestors seeking more riches!

They were made to encourage you to live a life full of joy, ease, strength, and tranquility, and to make your aspirations a reality.

When you need advice, simply shuffle the deck and pick a card.

Thousands of people claim that these cards have assisted them in mastering their spiritual skills of self-discovery and living in harmony with the Universe.

These affirmation cards are hip and contemporary, with principles that can be applied to both agnostic and spiritual living.

Micaela Ezra’s custom watercolor designs are included on these cards, which are likewise incredibly stunning.

The ultimate purpose of these cards is to encourage you to live a life filled with more joy, grace, ease, and strength while also manifesting your desires.

Get Yours Here

6. Little Box of Positivity by Muruseni

These cards come in a clear box (card size: 3.5″ x 2.1″) that is small enough to put in a bag and may be pulled out at any time as a daily reminder.

The card color is stunningly beautiful, the details are crisp, and the visual effect is good as high-quality printing and high-quality environmentally friendly paper are combined.

The front of this product is printed with inspiring words, while the back is filled with positive love.

In total, there are 16 motivational cards in the box.

Make your loved ones smile, give them a ray of sunshine, and brighten their day with this adorable little positive energy gift box.

This will make the perfect tiny present for any occasion, and the greatest pick for friends who are going through a difficult time.

Get Yours Here

7. Positive Affirmations Cards You Can Color from Celebrate 365

With this unique coloring affirmation card deck, you can strengthen your gratitude muscle where on a subconscious level, these inspirational cards are designed to cultivate a daily habit of gratitude.

While working on them, you get to boost your positivity, vitality, and zest for life!

Psychologist Carl Jung advocated for the use of mandalas to help people meditate.

Color these gratitude cards for inner tranquility while you contemplate on the affirmations.

In the box set, you will find 30 gratitude affirmation cards, 10 mindfulness cards, and 12 watercolor cards with space on the back for a personal note. In total, you will get 54 3.5″x3.5″ cards.

As a customer, you can also get to enjoy their free printable gratitude bullet journal and bonus meditation music!

Get Yours Here

8. Positive Affirmations Meditation Self Care Cards from Mindful Messages Store

In total, there are 52 affirmation cards in the mindfulness deck that are ideal for assisting you in relaxing and relieving stress.

When you get this set, you will also gain access to 15 Bonus Messages which gets you into the right frame of mind to let go of worries.

Not only can you use it for yourself, but this is also the perfect gift for people around you!

Everyone can benefit from mindfulness practice, so give one to a loved one!

Get Yours Here

9. Uplifting Postpartum Affirmation Cards from New Mama Affirmations

Mothers have relied on affirmations for years to help them cope with labor and gain confidence in order to birth healthy infants.

The New Mama Affirmation Cards are just like modern equivalents!

These affirmation cards help new mothers learn to trust their intuition as they settle into their first few months with their newborn during the postpartum period.

This collection of 40 positive affirmations (printed front and back on 20 premium heavyweight cards) is the ideal companion for your first weeks at home with your baby as you learn each other’s cues and adjust to your new life as a mom.

As you read each powerful statement made specifically for new moms, replace your self-doubt with confidence.

Place cards in high-traffic areas, such as your favorite feeding nook, the baby’s changing table, or your bed.

Choose one card to focus on each morning to set the tone for the day, and share your favorite affirmations with mom friends to help them feel loved and supported.

Get Yours Here

10. Love & Relationships Deck from Knock Knock

Suzi Barrett, a comedian, made these inspirational-but-not-cheesy affirmation cards focusing on love of all stripes since even pessimists need a little positivity.

This quirky box will help you help yourself, no shamanistic consultation required, by providing the joy of a horoscope with a bit less woo-woo and full of positive love affirmations.

They may not predict the future, but they might inspire you to build a stronger relationship each day!

Each of the 50 cards measures at 3.75″ x 5″ and includes a user-friendly instruction card too.

Get Yours Here

11. “I Can Do It” Affirmation Cards from Louise Hay

These classic affirmation cards cover a wide range of topics, from health and wealth to creativity, professional achievement, and self-esteem.

It’s a terrific deck for beginners, written by one of the modern self-help movement’s forefathers.

These cards can be displayed in your house, office, automobile, or given to friends and family.

They’ll undoubtedly increase your feelings of joy, power, and contentment!

12. Positive Affirmation Deck for Dreamers from Modern Love

Reaching your objectives and achieving success requires more than just taking action; it also requires the belief systems that will help you get there.

These Positive Affirmation cards were developed after researching the belief systems that are required for success.

“What are your major aspirations, and what beliefs do you wish you possessed to help you achieve them?” This was to 20 ambitious women in an interview.

The company then took the stories and made positive affirmations for dreamers out of them.

You can make use of these affirmation cards, which were inspired by actual women, to be the support and reminder that you aren’t alone in your self-doubt, and to empower you on your way to creating a life that you love.

13. Affirmators! Mantras Morning from Knock Knock

A breakfast buffet of morning mantras may be found in this deck of positive affirmation cards.

Pick a card at random and ponder its wisdom while sipping your coffee (or whatever you’re into).

Read it aloud to set an aim for the day—and then repeat as/if/when necessary!

It’s helpful to have a cheat sheet for those of us who weren’t born totally enlightened.

There are cards that say “love yourself” when you buy them!

In this set, you will find 30 hand-illustrated cards, each measuring 3.25 × 4 inches, with a magnetic closure, all conceived by Suzi Barrett and illustrated by Vicki Chu.

Get Yours Here

14. Affirmation Cards for Women from Dessie

In this lovely deck of affirmation cards, you will find 60 affirmations with more than 100 thought-provoking questions to give yourself a burst of positivity on a daily basis.

Each of the 60 inspirational cards includes one strong affirmation as well as one to three critical thinking questions.

It’s the ultimate tool for overcoming false beliefs, clarifying your true desires, and keeping a healthy mental attitude.

As part of a regular self-care regimen, use these affirmations to boost confidence and inspire positive thinking.

Use these empowering questions as discussion openers, journal writing prompts, ice-breakers, or to help a group of people share challenging thoughts and feelings.

Get Yours Here

15. 52 Positive Affirmations Cards for Women from RYVE

Within this affirmation cards deck, you will find Positive affirmation cards with 52 different designs for meditation, self-reflection, and daily journaling.

These love-powered affirmation cards are beautifully designed motivational cards packed with powerful affirmations that will help you create inner strength and start the day with the correct intentions.

Unlike many other self-affirmation card sets, these are printed on both sides and include painstakingly picked motivational phrases on the opposite side.

The affirmation messages can be reinforced with these thought-provoking inspiring quotes.

Get Yours Here

16. Daily Affirmation Cards for Women from Bold Tuesday Store

The deck includes 52 double-sided cards with motivational phrases and actions to help you OWN the day.

You will find that topics such as female empowerment, confidence, and productivity are addressed in this motivational card deck.

Start your day with happy ideas by picking a card as part of your daily practice.

When you need a boost of Girl Boss power, stick it on your fridge, vision board, or at work.

It assists you in focusing and releasing your finest self.

Get Yours Here

What about digital printable affirmation cards?

So, maybe you are not too keen on buying a box set, preferring to have a digital copy that you can keep forever and print out anytime you want.

Here is a shameless plug! My team and I have designed this set of boho-style daily affirmation cards which you can download, print, or save to your device and access anytime.

We have also included a set of 4 affirmation posters which you can use as wall art or simply display on your work desk or bedside.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

What are affirmation cards? Why use them?

Affirmation cards are a relatively new phenomenon in the world of self-help.

They’re highly sought-after products that have been developed to help users improve their confidence, prosperity, and happiness through simple yet often overlooked positive thoughts.

Affirmation cards are small positive reminder notes that are similar to text messages and they can be styled in several different ways to appeal to different people.

Some allow you to customize your own messages while others come prepared with inspiring and motivational affirmations.

These cards are most often used in conjunction with the Law of Attraction (the belief that people can manifest good things in their lives through their thoughts and intentions).

Why should you use affirmation cards then?

They are a fun and practical way to tell yourself how amazing and wonderful you are.

This can help you to remember that no matter what happens, you can achieve your goals.

They are a tool that allows us to communicate with our subconscious minds in more powerful ways.

They can be a great blessing for anyone looking for greater self-confidence and to enhance their self-esteem.

How to use affirmation cards?

Affirmation cards can primarily be used by you to give yourself a positivity boost whenever you need one.

They are small and portable which means that you can have access to them pretty much anywhere, anytime.

That said, here are some other ways you can make use of your affirmation cards:

Decorate your home/office – stick them to mirrors, photo frames, on your desk, string them up.

Use your creativity!

Daily draws – keep a deck somewhere accessible such as your car.

Shuffle and draw one each day and make that your affirmation of the day.

Reciting them aloud – as part of your routine, you can stick your affirmation card to a mirror and read out loud.

This act is very powerful at bringing the point across to your brain and can be very effective at helping you develop the right mindset quicker.

Send them as a gift – know someone who might need a boost for whatever reason? Affirmation cards can make perfect and profound presents.

Tip: learn how to create your own affirmation cards

Do affirmation cards work?

Affirmation cards are underappreciated in my opinion.

When used with the right intention and sent to yourself or others for a boost, you can see some significant results.

In our fast-paced world, it’s important that we set time aside for ourselves on a regular basis and get back in touch with the magic in the world around us, and affirmation cards can help with this process.

Another thing to point out is that although digital media is very useful and convenient to consume, sometimes it is much better to hold something physical and read it.

It’s kind of like reading an ebook versus a real tangible book. I hope you know what I mean.

Are affirmation cards like tarot?

It’s inaccurate to call affirmation cards the modern-day tarot or oracle.

While these cards may have certain characteristics in common with oracle decks, they ultimately belong in their own category.

Short lines or phrases are used on affirmation cards to cast positive thoughts and energies.

The goal is to empower and enlighten the card reader while also encouraging them to let go of any negative energy.

These cards have a profound effect on the soul, releasing the heaviness that comes with past sins.

On the other hand, tarot cards are designed to help the user gain an insight into the past, present, and future.

In conclusion: Best Affirmation Cards

Thanks for reading till the end!

We strongly believe in the power of positive affirmations to influence and change our lives for the better, and affirmation cards are excellent tools to supplement your routine.

Hope you manage to grab one from this list of the best affirmation cards and start your affirmations journey now!

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