Not-So-Lonely Hearts Club: The Most Helpful Relationship Pointers

Navigating romantic relationships takes wisdom and active effort from both partners.

While each coupling is unique, certain universal truths and tips can help any relationship go the distance.

From people who’ve weathered ups and downs, here are key words of wisdom to incorporate as you write your love story.

Whether dating, engaged, or married, these principles will guide you through building a bond that endures beautifully through time.

#1. Choose Someone Who Brings Out Your Best Self

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As one commenter wisely said, ensure your partner motivates you to become an upgraded version of yourself.

They should believe in your strengths and potential, not feel you need major fixing.

A fulfilling relationship supports each person’s continuous growth into their ideal self.

Don’t try to force a square peg into a round hole or change someone’s essence.

Look for someone who embraces the real you – quirks, flaws, etc.

With the right partner, you’ll feel accepted just as you are.

At the same time, the right person will nurture positive traits in you and inspire you to achieve personal goals.

When you’re with your soulmate, you’ll feel energized to become the best version of yourself.

They’ll make you want to do better just to see the pride in their eyes.

This mutual encouragement keeps the love flowing.

#2. Communicate Openly From the Start

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Several Redditors emphasized establishing open communication early on.

Voice your values, boundaries, goals, and dealbreakers transparently near the beginning of dating.

Good communication can prevent surprises down the road after already getting attached.

Talk through areas of difference to assess compatibility. Authentic self-expression builds intimacy and trust.

Discussing important topics frankly while getting to know each other sets the stage for continuing transparency as the relationship progresses.

There should be no topic that feels off-limits.

Both people must feel safe being vulnerable and revealing their authentic thoughts and feelings.

If either party feels they need to hide parts of themselves, it will breed insecurity. But if you know you can express anything without judgment, that freedom helps love flourish.

#3. Give Your Full Attention When Your Partner Is Speaking

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Many comments highlighted the importance of fully attentive listening.

That means no distractions from phones, TV, etc.

Look them in the eyes and focus completely on what they are saying.

Validating their perspective makes them feel genuinely heard and valued. This fosters deeper mutual understanding.

Truly listening with care when your partner speaks conveys respect and shows you prioritize them.

They should feel comfortable sharing openly, knowing you’ll receive it with empathy.

Eliminate anything diverting your concentration when they are confiding in you.

Give positive feedback like “I understand where you are coming from” before responding.

This validates them first. Active listening prevents misunderstandings and brings you closer emotionally.

#4. Stay Calm and Empathetic When Disagreements Arise

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During any conflict, take a breather if needed, then come back to the discussion with maturity, patience, and care, advised several Redditors.

Don’t assassinate their character or act like the relationship is doomed over one fight.

Reaffirm your dedication to one another. With empathy and apology, you’ll grow closer.

In the heat of the moment, avoid reactive statements you’ll regret later.

Even if you feel right in an argument, leading with empathy rather than ego goes a long way.

Make it emotionally safe for both of you to share feelings without the fear of character attacks.

Remember, one difficult interaction won’t unravel a strong bond.

How you move forward is what matters most. Reconnect graciously and let go of petty squabbles.

#5. Make Decisions Together With the Relationship’s Best Interests in Mind

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Partners must weigh choices based on what benefits the couple, not selfish interests, commented one user.

Approach major questions through the lens of “we,” not “me.” Shared goals keep people aligned.

Be willing to compromise when needed for the good of the relationship.

You and your partner should operate as a team of two.

When evaluating options, openly discuss how each decision would impact both of you.

Don’t just think about your own preferences.

Be prepared to sacrifice some personal interests at times for the sake of your larger shared vision.

Adopting an “us” mentality versus “yours” and “mine” prevents self-centeredness from corroding the partnership.

#6. Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable

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Lasting love requires openness and trust that your partner will handle your heart with care when you express raw emotions, according to many.

Make it safe to share feelings without judgment.

Closeness comes through reciprocally revealing authentic selves and providing comfort.

Let your guard down and entrust your innermost thoughts and emotions to your partner.

They should receive your vulnerability as a gift, not a burden.

Confiding your real feelings, anxieties, and shortcomings without pretense forges intense intimacy.

In turn, be a safe space for your partner’s expression.

When both trust the other implicitly, you form an unbreakable emotional bond.

#7. Give Appreciation and Affection Regularly

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Don’t just assume your partner knows you value having them in your life, reminded several Reddit members.

Verbalize gratitude for their daily acts of service and tell them what you cherish about them.

People need to feel prized through regular compliments, love notes, and displays of affection.

Though it may sound simple, vocalizing affection frequently is crucial.

Thank your partner for the little things they do to make your days brighter – a packed lunch, walking the dog, handling chores you dislike.

The more specific the praise, the more meaningful it is.

Write down all the qualities you admire about them.

Hugs, hand-holding, and quick kisses reinforce that you care.

Never take their presence for granted or assume they already know how you feel.

#8. Keep Romance Alive Through Little Surprises

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Set aside time for date nights and sweet gestures, advised commenters, even when life gets busy.

Bring home flowers for no occasion. Whisk them away on weekend trips when possible.

Don’t become complacent – invest in one-on-one time.

When the grind of work and routine kicks in, consciously counteract it with romantic gestures to keep the spark glowing.

Plan regular date nights, but also surprise your partner on a random Tuesday with an impromptu cocktail out or couples’ massage.

Leave a love note on their car or sneak a loving text midday.

With these fun infusions of quality time and thoughtfulness, relationships retain their luster.

Make your significant other feel adored.

#9. Maintain Your Own Identity Outside the Relationship

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Redditors pointed out that for long-term fulfillment, both partners must stay well-rounded with outside friendships and interests.

Co-dependence breeds unhappiness eventually.

Keep nurturing individual passions while prioritizing your life together.

Bring your best self to the relationship by embracing activities that keep your cup full as an individual.

Avoid pouring your entire being into your significant other or molding into a “we” so completely that you lose your sense of self.

As important as togetherness is, retaining independence makes you a more intriguing, multi-faceted partner.

Keep up separate hobbies, friend groups, and goals to stay energized. Support each other in pursuing talents or careers that provide personal meaning.

Co-dependence suffocates partnerships eventually. Maintain balance.

#10. Don’t Rush – Let Love Happen Naturally

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Those searching for a partner were reminded not to force it or get desperate.

Focus on self-growth first and foremost.

When the time is right, you’ll attract someone well-matched for the best version of you that you nurtured yourself to become.

Have faith that the perfect fit will arrive without rushing.

Patience is key when looking for lasting love.

Don’t obsess over finding “the one” right away or plunge into relationships just to be coupled up.

Instead, use this period to get fully comfortable with yourself.

Pursue passions, travel, form strong friendships, and advance your career.

Organically becoming your most fulfilled self draws in a well-suited partner when the moment is right.

Have faith, and your efforts will be rewarded with someone who enhances – not completes – your happiness.

#11. Fight Fair During Disagreements

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When arguing, remember you’re on the same team.

Don’t assassinate your partner’s character or rehash past issues, advised members.

Apologize and reaffirm your dedication.

Imperfect communication doesn’t mean the relationship is lost.

These speed bumps can ultimately strengthen bonds when handled maturely.

In the heat of the moment, refrain from cruel jabs or exaggerating flaws.

Take time to cool off separately if needed.

Then, come back together calmly and apologize for the hurtful things said.

Remember, occasional arguments are normal and not necessarily catastrophic.

How you move forward is what matters most.

These bumps in the road reinforce relationships when they are navigated with maturity, empathy, and reconnection afterward.

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