Husband’s Betrayal: Wife Discovers Husband’s $10,000 Mystery Adventure


We all keep little secrets from our spouses.

In some cases, we might plan a large surprise trip.

But there is a limit to the surprise.

You don’t go off spending $10,000 without talking it over with your spouse first, assuming you are in a healthy relationship.

But this is what one husband did, and then sprung the surprise on his wife.

Read on to learn what happened next and how people think she should handle things.

Booking A Caribbean Vacation

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A trip down to warm tropical weather is always something to look forward to, especially during winter.

However, most people book trips for a reasonable amount of money, and if they are a couple, they do so jointly.

But not in this case.

“Apparently, my husband booked a $10,000 vacation package back in 2020 without telling me. It’s a 3 night “bungalow over the water” thing at the Sandals resort in Jamaica, and we’re supposed to go this December.”

A Last Minute Surprise

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If the price wasn’t enough of a shock, she also discovered the deposit is non-refundable, and the price tag does not include airfare.

“He put $2,500 down on a deposit and it’s non-refundable. He waited until the last possible second and told me about it this week. If we end up going we’re going to need to throw even more money at the trip and book airfare and get passports.”

A Once In A Lifetime Trip

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Her spouse explained that he thought this would be a great anniversary trip, but it also coincides with his birthday, which she questions his motives.

“He’s trying to pitch it as a “once of a lifetime experience” that he booked for our 20th wedding anniversary and his 40th birthday. But it’s really all about him.”

She Doesn’t Like to Travel

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Aside from the money, another issue is that she doesn’t enjoy traveling, especially not to the beach.

“I’m not a big fan of traveling at all. It just gives me more anxiety than it does any relaxation. My most hated travel destination is the beach, and he knows this very well. This is a vacation he wants to take more than anything, not me.

Thinking about spending this much money on such a short vacation, to somewhere I don’t even want to go, makes me nauseous. It’s a waste of money.”

She Wants To Use The Money For Other Things

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She would instead use the money for other things, potentially savings. And while he says they can cancel the trip, he is passive-aggressive about it.

“I keep thinking about how much better off we’d be putting that money anywhere else. He says we can cancel if I really want, but the deposit will, of course, be gone. All the while he’s saying this he gives me these puppy dog eyes like I’ll be crushing his dreams if I say cancel it.”

Friends And Family Tell Her to be Happy

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Stuck on what to do, she asked loved ones for their advice. They all told her to be happy with the trip and go, but she can’t let it go that he didn’t ask her first.

“I’ve talked with my friends and family about it and they just tell me that I should be happy that he did it. I’m not happy that he did it. He made a huge decision without consulting me or considering my preferences.”

But She Feels Manipulated

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She says she feels manipulated and is reaching out to the internet for advice from strangers.

“I feel manipulated to say we’ll go. I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place. Should I just pretend to be happy and go?”

Some People Questioned If The Husband Was Scammed

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People did not disappoint, with many comments. The biggest question people seem to have is if the husband is a victim of a scam.

One person said, “$10k for three days at Sandals Jamaica is extremely weird and I would question whether he got scammed into a timeshare or other such arrangement.”

Another person added, “If I was OP I would want to check into all of the information and confirm things. Call the Sandals from their website (and not using information the possible scammer could be using such as phony website/phone number).”

“I’d also want to know all the details. Such as how the $2,500 was paid. A lot of scammers ask to be paid with money orders. If a credit card was used, I’d keep an eye on the charges for any bogus charges to start showing up.”

Others Disagree

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However, others don’t think it’s a scam and could be a fair price.

One person said, “It’s probably because it’s in December, around Christmas time. OP also said it was a vacation package so maybe the one that he picked was an upgraded version. There’s this place in the Bahamas that I wanted to go to with my partner (it’s like a little bungalow out on the ocean, with a slide, and some other stuff), and it was around that amount for the best upgraded version. Not to mention all the amenities like butlers, being picked up and carted to the hotel, being taken out to the bungalow/beach area, etc.”

A Different Perspective

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Finally, one person shared a different viewpoint that the wife was grateful for.

If they skip the vacation, they would only lose the $2,500 deposit. They could still book a vacation they both want for $3,000 and still save $5,000.

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