How To Silence Your Inner Critic For Good

Silence your Inner CriticEveryone has a conscience, that little voice inside our heads that talks to us. We choose to either listen to or ignore it. In either case we can wind up in trouble because of it. Those who choose to ignore that little voice in their head blindly will often find themselves facing more of life’s difficulties. In other cases, that little voice can talk negative words to us, making us feel depressed and unworthy. In this post, I am going to talk to about how to silence your inner critic, once and for all.

Silence Your Inner Critic

You know how it goes, you’re driving in rush hour traffic in your mom’s station wagon and a small sports car pulls up alongside you and revs its engine. You take that as a challenge and when the light turns green you put the pedal to the metal, even though that little voice in your head says not too.  Two intersections later you slam into a stopped car and come to realize the sports car had turned off earlier at the shopping mall.

Or, you’re a bit overweight and are struggling with a very strict diet the doctor put you on and you happen to find yourself outside a bake shop.  You hear a  lot of voices in your head as the doctor, your spouse, your closest friend and that little voice all scream at you to continue walking. But the aroma is too much for you, you ignore all the noise and to make certain they keep quiet, you buy a dozen doughnuts and a cheese cake. This is an example of when it would have served you better had you listened to that little voice in your head, but when is it okay to not listen?

When To Listen, When To Ignore

Whenever the little voice in your head becomes your ruler rather than advisor is the time to consider it safe to ignore it. When the little voice becomes your worse critic and prevents you from attempting to do anything, it needs to be ignored. When it causes you to become your worst enemy making a point to put you, your ideas, and your enjoyment in life down in ridicule that’s when it’s best to know not to listen but push through the negative thoughts. How are we supposed to do this, you ask, isn’t the whole point of the inner critic to guide you so you don’t make mistakes? How can you silence your inner critic that resides inside your head? Good question glad you asked.

How To Silence Your Inner Critic

It takes experience. It takes paying attention to what the inner critic is saying. Don’t just flip it off the moment it enters your mind but instead consider it. Weigh it out with what you already know about yourself. If you can see value in its criticism and see a better path to obtain your goal because of the change then by all means, listen. If you find that every criticism stops you in your tracks or causes you stress use it to find a different way. Do not harp on it. Do not allow it to convince you you are not smart enough, or good enough, or capable enough because you are as long as you continue to try.

Thomas Edison, when asked how he came about the light bulb stated that he first found a thousand ways for it not to work before coming upon the one that did. Imagine how dark it would be had he listened to the critic in his mind that continually pointed out each and every failure.

Perseverance is the key to overcome the negatives and silence your inner critic.

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