How to Find Your Passion


FInd Your PassionThere’s a saying that if you make a living doing what you enjoy, you’ll never work a day in your life. Truer words have never been spoken. To find your passion or one’s purpose in life is the most satisfying life there is. Some people know early on what they want to be when they grow up, while others discover while they grow up.

But too many of us have no clue as to what to do for a career. These people make a living but aren’t really happy with the career or job they’re stuck in. They are trapped by responsibilities. From bills to overindulgence, to family, or living too high a lifestyle than they earn, they cannot simply switch careers because they have too many other responsibilities. They pretend to be happy, and may well be, with their lot in life but in their heart they wish they were doing something else.

Something else. What is that something? How do I identify what my purpose or passion is? What would I rather be doing? It’s easier then we think but not so easy to accept. Foremost in order to find your passion you need to honest with yourself. You need to be willing to accept that which is revealed to you and you need to act on it. It may require no more than that from you or it could involve training, studying, or a complete change of life. It’s certainly not something you will want to do haphazardly. To discover your true passion there are many paths, we will cover but a few.

How to Find Your Passion: Testing

There are tests and surveys that can be taken that once you’ve answered all the questions truthfully the results will categorize a list of interests that fit your personality and likes/dislikes. From that list you can select what you believe is your true passion. It helps by bringing to the surface those things that involve what your answers have identified as you. Some things you might not have ever considered. Research those that spark an interest and finally pursue the one that you find most interesting, enjoyable, and obtainable, even if it is outside your comfort zone.

How to Find Your Passion: Self-Reflection

Over the course of your life you have encountered your purpose many times and if you are still searching for it you weren’t paying attention when it revealed itself. Find a quiet place without distractions. Bring a pad of paper if writing things down helps you sort things out. Think back over your past. Remember as much of what you’ve done so far and make a list.

Did you enjoy school and do you like learning or maybe showing others how to do stuff? Was summer camp and swimming your favorite memory? Can you cook the best pancakes your family and friends have ever tasted? In a separate list, put down those remembrances that you’re not fond of. No, not the time you pulled the wing off a fly or tormented the neighbor’s cat, but items like when at summer camp, which you loved, you hated horseback riding. The huge animals scared the heck out of you. Your sister loved to paint and still does but you could never get the wet colors to stick to the canvas. Having a list of what you don’t enjoy can help reduce the anxiety of trying to find your passion out of everything you can think of.

Find Your Passion Through Trial and Error

Try different interests that are high on your list. When you find yourself drawn towards one more often than the others you have discovered your passion. Do it. What if it doesn’t pay any money? What if all I get from following my passion is enjoyment and satisfaction but I still need to work? You will still be better off than most people because you will have discovered your true passion and contentment is more valuable than money.

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