5 Amazing Relaxation Techniques You Must Try

Relaxtion TechniquesI’m not a doctor, nor psychiatrist, or any other medical type expert but I do know from personal experience, advice I’ve been given, and from reading, how to relax. These strategies have worked wonders for calming me down and relieving my stress. Below I list 5 relaxation techniques I use whenever I find myself becoming too stressed out.

Not all of them may work for you, but I am certain a few of them will. So try them out and see which one or ones work for you and then use them every time you are feeling stressed and need to relax.

5 Easy Relaxation Techniques

#1.Get Away

The first of the relaxation techniques I like to use when first confronted with a stressful event is to remove myself from the situation as quickly as possible. Becoming quiet in an argument instead of shouting back. Walking away from someone wanting to escalate the issue to a physically harmful level. Whatever it takes to put some distance between me and the inevitable blow out if I don’t just get away.

This can be as simple as leaving the room or going for a short walk. The key is to just remove myself from the situation entirely. This doesn’t mean I will never address it or resolve the issue. It just means I will come back to it when I have calmed down and have a clear mind.

Of course, when you leave the room, don’t just storm out. Take a deep breath and calmly explain to the other person you are leaving. Something simple like “this is getting heated and I think we should address this further once we are both in a more relaxed state.” Be sure to follow that up with a time when you will be back to talk more about it or when think is a good time to circle back to discuss it some more.

#2. Breathe

The second relaxation technique I like to use can be done in conjunction with number on. It is to take deep breaths, slow and steady. Don’t gulp air in a frantic pace or you may hyperventilate. Taking deep slow breaths allows me time to calm down, slow my heart rate and go over the events in my head that led to the stress to begin with. Often by the time I’ve taken several deep breaths a solution comes to mind that then helps me overcome or resolve the issue at hand.

#3.Get A Treat

The third relaxation technique I like to use, after trying the first two and not becoming calm is to go for ice cream. I know it sounds crazy but a small dish or cone of soft serve will help me get the fog out of my head and relax me. If ice cream isn’t your thing, you could swap it out for any small dish of guilty food you love.

Of course the danger here is if you suffer too many encounters with stressful events or issues and you keep going out for ice cream or another unhealthy treat, you’ll create another issue to stress over. So as for everything, moderation is the key here.

#4. Sing

The fourth relaxation technique I like to use is singing. Trust me, I’m not a singer, not even a good shower singer. In fact, our cats run when I sing. But belting out a favorite tune or singing along with the radio/MP3/iPod can soothe me and take my mind off my troubles long enough to relax. It doesn’t matter the genre of music either. For some, jazz is the key while for others, heavy metal might do the trick. It’s all about singing something you enjoy so that you can begin removing the stress.

#5. Get Physical

The fifth relaxation technique I like to use and this is for those times when your stress has been built up and stored for some time is physical activity. Almost any type will do from simply going for a walk to climbing a mountain (OK maybe just a hill). Other options are walking, swimming, riding a bicycle or skipping rocks across a pond. I prefer to lifts weights.

It’s amazing how lifting some heavy weights takes all of the stress from my day away. The idea is to do it alone and in a noncompetitive way. No extreme sports here. The physical part helps work out the stress, will wear you down slowly and comfortably enabling you to relax.

Bonus Tip #6. Do A Hobby

Hey! A BONUS relaxation technique! Instead of doing a physical activity, doing a hobby or something you love will work. I enjoy working with wood. I start out intending to make a dresser or lamp stand but usually end up with a pile of saw dust. But working with my hands and tools and wood relaxes me. Stamp or coin collecting would work also. Anything that can take your mind off of the stressfulness in life will be a great relaxation technique.

Final Thoughts

Overall, you should be able to remove just about all of your stress by taking advantage of the relaxation techniques listed above. It is very important that you do your best to remove stress from your life as studies have shown that high levels of stress have negative impacts on our bodies and lives. Find some relaxation techniques that work for you and use them as much as you need to.

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