Giving and Receiving Praise

Giving and receivingOne of my favorite things in life is to fully appreciate the accomplishments of my friends and family, but sometimes I can forget to praise and compliment the people with whom I am comfortable. Because I try to surround myself with talented and accomplished people, I have grown accustomed to being impressed with my friends, and sometimes I can forget to show my appreciation outwardly.

Giving and Receiving Praise: Should You Even Start?

When giving praise, we are capable of both under and over-doing it. The fear of appearing overeager might stifle the praise that we really want to give in our heart. We don’t want to make other people uncomfortable with unwanted attention, and yet this kind of attitude might discourage people who might be unsure of themselves.

Giving and Receiving Praise: Just Be Honest!

When we’re nervous and hesitant about what we want to say, I suggest saying just the first thing that comes to mind. If you love someone’s shirt, just say so! When you’re inspired or motivated to say something in the first place, usually your instinct can be trusted to say what’s in your heart. This warm honesty will make you feel good, as well as the person who you’re complimenting!

What Do You Want To Hear?

On the other side of a compliment, there is always a receiver. Think of what kind of compliments you would like to receive in your life, and think of ways to make others feel good by noticing those qualities in them! For example, when someone changes something about their appearance, often they are a little self-conscious at first. Either they think it’s not a change for the better, or perhaps that no one notices. This is a great start to a kind compliment.

Saying Thank You

All this talk about giving compliments has to inevitably end up in a note on how to receive compliments and accept the praise of others. In this way, it is difficult to strike a good balance between modesty and appreciation. In general, though, I think it is important to graciously accept praise and thank your admirer for their kind words. When you refute someone else’s compliment, they may feel as though their kindness went unnoticed, or even worse, that their very taste is called into question.

Learning To Love Ourselves

Being open about your praise of others is a great way to make friends and make people feel comfortable around you. In boosting each others confidence, we are able to share more about ourselves and feel good about what we bring to a relationship. Whether you choose to share your admiration for your husband or wife, children, or just a stranger, it is important to assure the people around you that their efforts are noticed. It’s almost a little comforting to think that everyone shares the same insecurities about life, and when we are open with each other, we can all start to feel more comfortable and learn to love ourselves more and more.

Readers, what are your thoughts on giving and receiving praise?

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