Be a Giver

In today’s world, everyone is looking out for their own best interest. You need this, so you reach out to a certain person or friend because he or she can provide you with the answer or resource that you need. On the other hand, if someone approaches you for something, your first reaction might be to think what do I get out of this?

Be A Giver

I want you to work on being a giver. In other words, just be nice and do things for the sake of doing things. If a friend asks for help, help them without expectation in return. You’ll find that many people are surprised when you aren’t looking for anything from them or if you give freely.  Most of us aren’t used to that.

When you learn to give and give freely, you teach others to do so as well. Of course not everyone will learn this lesson and pass it on. There are those among us that are takers and will always be takers. Simply don’t concern yourself with them. When you encounter one, continue to give because that is who you are, a giver, but don’t waste any more energy on someone that is a taker.

Growth and Success

Learning to be a giver will benefit you in two major ways:

Personal Growth: you will grow as a person when you become a giver. You will learn to be more empathetic and will learn to look for ways to help, both large and small.

Career Success: in the workplace, givers help the team and ideas move forward. This is looked highly upon as it leads to departmental and company-wide success.

Lastly, learning to be a giver will make you a happier, healthier person. The feeling you get when you make someone’s day is infectious. You feel great about doing good, regardless if it is big or small and you want to do it more. I encourage you to take the time and be a giver and see how great it feels.

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