15 Simple Tips For The Best Year Of Your Life. Guaranteed.


best year of your life

Talking about the year 2020, it has been a bumpy ride right from the start.

I know the year is halfway through, but that doesn’t mean you lose hope and won’t end it on a pleasant note!

You can easily still make this year the best year of your life.

Wondering how?

Follow some of these tips and you will be right on track to making it the most amazing year in your life!

How To Have The Best Year Of Your Life

#1. Quality Thinking Leads To Quality Life

The way you think can have a significant impact on your life.

Your thoughts reflect on how you plan to perceive your life even in the hardest times.

This means a year is only as bad as you think it is.

The more qualitative and productive thoughts you have, the more are the chances that you are living a quality life. 

Instead of wasting your time only thinking that this year is terrible, work on making it better.

At the end of the day, you have to remember that you have full control of your life.

#2. Start With The Hardest Projects

no zero days

Do that project first which you were the most afraid to take up.

Do you know what is giving you a bad feeling?

It is that unattended meeting, that pending work which keeps the mind in a chaos.

Something which is continuously nagging you as you have not done it because it is a hard nut to crack can keep you confused and irritated.

Once you get the hardest part out of the way, the rest of the projects will not only feel easier but you will also feel that you have achieved your goal.

#3. Building New Relationships

This is yet another helpful way to make the year more interactive and fun.

Making friends at your office, the bar or at parties can prove to be the best opportunity to build relationships.

So, how can building a new relationship turn the year into something great?

A new social relationship could lead to a great job opportunity.

Surrounding yourself with new people, especially with a positive mindset can result in you having a growth mindset as well.

Successful people strongly believe in networking so if you spend time in cultivating your network, your year can turn out to be much better than you think.

#4. Dissolving Relationships

You can deny it as much as you like, but the truth is, we all have some unsupportive relationships that we don’t end out of fear.

Friends, colleagues, or relatives, anyone who is unsupportive, constantly criticizes you, or is a hindrance in your way to success, eliminate them from your life.

You become just like the people you spend time with.

If the attitudes, perspectives, and philosophies of the people you plan to co-exist with do not match yours, it is a red flag.

Increase the amount of time you spend with successful, supportive people and gradually cut off ties with anyone who emits negativity and can harm a growth mindset.

#5. Haters Will Hate

Envy is instinctual.

When people see you succeeding, being productive, or boosting yourself, they will definitely say something to bring your morale down.

No one likes to see anyone else ahead of them.

Anytime you hear someone taunt you or demoralize you remember to read through some of these motivational quotes, and you will feel much stronger to take up challenges.

Dealing with haters is not easy, so the easiest way out is to ignore them and keep yourself motivated.

Don’t ponder on a hateful sentence or conversation. Instead, move on with full zest and zeal towards your goals.

#6. You Are Accountable

It is easy to put the blame for your failures on others but to confront yourself is one of the hardest tasks to do.

In fact, it is also the main reason which leads to failures in life.

One thing you can do to make this year the best year of your life is by holding yourself accountable for every action you take.

Track your daily activities, what you have done which has resulted in failure and how you can better yourself.

You need to keep a record of your actions and remember, anything which is measured only improves!

#7. Learn To Balance

man balancing tightrope

If you wish to succeed in all areas of life, you need to prioritize balance.

You can’t get so busy catching up with friends and family that your work is compromised.

And you can’t have your business thriving while your health is deteriorating.

This year will also be about maintaining the balance between work, health and relationships if you want it to be a successful one.

The key is to invest in every area of your life without negligence consistently.

At first, you might find it hard to cope, but with the time you will learn to juggle successfully.

Learn how to give quality time to each domain of your life to create the perfect balance. 

#8.   The Richest Person In The Graveyard?

I am sure none of us want to be the richest person in the graveyard, and this is why your health should be your top priority.

Mental, physical health and spirituality count big in your life.

Life is not all about working mindlessly and endlessly.

It is more about finding peace and tranquility, exploring life and making the most out of it.

When you near death, you won’t remember the process of making money. 

But you will remember the little joys, the little moments of happiness which will always stay in your memories.

You need to take care of your health, do not overexert yourself, and make time for yourself!

#9. A Positive Approach

What we need the most, in a time where we feel stuck, is positivity.

To be specific, the positivity to move forward and let go of the negative thoughts is very beneficial for you in the long run.

Clear your plate, make room for positivity, and start looking at things from a different angle.

For instance, you could work on an unfinished project instead of leaving it because it requires too much energy.

Shake off the feeling of laziness. A positive approach will need some effort after all!

#10. Putting Your Goals In Writing

how to achieve your goals

Writing out your goals and dreams makes it all the more easier.

You want to get rid of a habit, write it out and put it somewhere so it is visible as a constant reminder.

Keep a journal. Make a list of some major goals you need to achieve in the year so that it makes you feel fantastic once the year ends.

Start small. If you want to publish a book, make a deal with yourself that you will make the first draft within the month.

Do not linger on. Plan and then improvise.

#11. Get Up Early

You might not believe it, but getting up early in the morning has a great impact on your health and on your life overall.

Get up as early as 5 am and revise your plans, give time to prepare your mind, body and emotions to face the challenges of the day.

Get yourself in the routine, tune your body to getting up earlier to make the most out of the day.

If you are oversleeping, you are only doing harm to yourself.

You are missing on precious time you could have utilized in making progress.

#12. Be Some Kind Of Help To Others

Every morning you get up, ask yourself, “How can I be helpful to others around me today?”

Believe it or not, you will feel a lot lighter and happier once you start helping others.

It could be as simple as carrying a grocery bag for someone elderly or even help your neighbors in a chore.

It is about the simple things in life which give you happiness that make a day, a month and even a year the best one!

#13. Exercise

Exercising has proven to improve a person’s mental and physical health.

When you feel good within yourself, that’s a signal that you are now ready to achieve anything you want to in life.

A good exercise regime can help you attain a healthy mindset thus making you feel better.

The better you feel and think, the better you feel about your life and the better your year can get!

#14. Don’t Be Occupied All The Time

Being busy all the time is an unhealthy habit.

Eliminate unnecessary distractions from life and work.

Things which cause you to cut off social ties and keep you busy need to be eliminated.

Devote your time and energy to things which actually matter in life. 

#15. Learning A New Skill

It is never too late to learn a new skill.

You could learn how to start knitting, painting or even learning a new language.

When you learn a new skill, it gives you satisfaction and an edge over others.

Look for people or resources who can teach you new skills.

If you want to lead and never become obsolete in the market place, keep learning.

A skill learned each year is the best way to make it the best year!

Final Thoughts

No matter how unstable the start of the year was or how bad a situation you are in, it is never too late to turn to a new chapter in your life’s book.

You can make any year the best year of your life if you stick to making it a productive one.

You might be feeling lazy right now and useless but trust me, once you start following these tips, you will feel like you are already progressing.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pick yourself up and get started to make this year the best year you have ever lived!

Author Bio: Jason Zhang is the founder of Emoovio. He loves to write his experiences and insights on topics related to motivate, business, lifestyle, and love. His mission is to inspire as many people as possible and help readers to improve their own lives and to get through difficult time.

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