How to Make Someone’s Day – Do The Unexpected

make someone's dayWhen was the last time you did something unexpected for someone? I’m not talking about buying them a gift or a card, but just doing something nice for someone. My guess is that it was a long time ago. This isn’t to pick on anyone as we all are focused on our lives. I challenge you to do something nice for someone and to take note not only how it makes you feel, but also how the other person reacts. I challenge you to make someone’s day.

Make Someone’s Day

A few months ago, I was in Chicago for a charity event. The day before the event, the organizer broke everyone up into teams and we had the afternoon to go do something nice for people. Our team ended up going to a mall (note this was north of the city, about a 30 minute drive) with the intention of hanging out by the coin-operated rides and paying for the ride should a kid come up for a ride.

At first, we didn’t have many takers. When a few people came over so that their kid could go for a ride, they didn’t know who we were or what we were doing. Surprisingly, many parents took offense to our offer of generosity! When I took a step back and looked at it from their point of view, I thought that maybe in their mind we saw them as poor and not able to afford a ride. They wanted to show that they could afford a ride. I don’t know for certain this is the reason, but it was the only thing I could think of that made sense. Fortunately, as time went on, people were more open to our offer and kids were riding rides for free for a few hours. There was one little boy that went on every single ride!

Doing this made me feel good. I was putting a smile on someone’s face. I’d like to think that their parents then “paid it forward” by doing something nice for someone else.

Make Someone’s Day: A Challenge To You

Think about that for a minute. How much more great would life be if we all took the time to do something nice, something unexpected for someone else and then they paid it forward. I’d like to think that the world would be a much happier place. You don’t even have to spend hours in a mall doing it. Hold the door for someone. Help someone carry something. Do something that they aren’t expecting to make someone’s day. To drive the point home, I encourage you to watch this amazing video. It’s about six minutes long and is worth every minute. (Note that this video is on my YouTube page where I am always adding more great videos. If you come across anything inspirational, please forward it along to me!)

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