Why Am I Unhappy With Life

why am i unhappyAre you unhappy with how your life has turned out? Do you wish you had more of something – be it money or friends? Do you always ask yourself why am I unhappy? If you do any of these things, you need to get yourself into a positive state of mind. Wallowing in misery or feeling sorry for yourself isn’t the answer. You need to make a change in your life and the sooner you commit to this change, the happier you will become.

Why Am I Unhappy?

For a few years of my life, I was unhappy. When I sat down to ask myself why am I unhappy, I realized it was because I wanted to be in a relationship and I was currently single. In fact, I was going on lots of dates with women and those first or second dates never amounted to anything more.

I had great things in all other areas of life – awesome friends, loving family, a good job, I wasn’t in debt, I owned a home and at 30 years old, still had a full head of hair! Yet I was unhappy because of one circumstance in my life.

My guess is that many of you reading this are the same way. You are unhappy because of one thing that is happening or has happened in your life. You probably have a lot of great things going for you, yet you focus your attention on the one thing you don’t have.

What Ingredient is Missing?

When you look at making cookies, you can see the importance of having all of the right ingredients. If you are making chocolate chip cookies and simply forget to add the vanilla extract, the entire batch of cookies just isn’t that good. We focus on how that one missing thing ruins the cookies.

In life, we allow one circumstance to ruin our entire lives as well. If we don’t have the job we want, we are miserable. If we don’t have a partner, we are unhappy. We need to learn to be thankful for what we do have and to keep living life, even though we are missing that one ingredient. When it comes to life, one missing ingredient doesn’t ruin everything.

Take Inventory of Your Life

I urge you to sit down and to write out the answer to the question, why am I unhappy. Is it because someone walked out on you? Don’t feel bad about it, accept it for what it is and move on, push forward. Know that someone better is out there waiting for you.

Do you not have your dream job? Accept it and realize that your dream job is out there waiting for you. Maybe you need to learn something at your current job or you need to grow as a person to be able to handle the workload of your dream job. Accept it and do your best at your current job.

Stop Looking For Answers

We tend to want to know the answer to everything. Why don’t I have my dream job? Why did he leave me? Stop looking for answers and start living life. The answer will come when you are ready for it, not when you want it.

I had a job once that I hated with a passion. It was the worst job I ever had. I applied for many other jobs but wasn’t getting a response for an interview. I kept applying for new jobs, only to be turned down. I didn’t land a new job until I accepted my current job. Once I stopped allowing my job to make me miserable all of the time, my life changed. I was a happier person overall. I stopped being mean to random people because I stopped taking out my hatred for my job on them. Soon afterwards, I landed a new job that I loved.

Final Thoughts

In order to understand the reason to the question, why am I unhappy, you need to look within and figure out what the missing ingredient from your life is. Then you need to step back and realize all of the wonderful things you do have in life. Don’t allow one missing ingredient to ruin your life. Life is a beautiful thing. Love it and embrace it for what it is.

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