Cracking the Code of Dating: 14 Surprising Tricks to Capture Her Heart


Are you looking for the key to capture a woman’s heart?

 If so, you’re in luck! 

We’ve done the research and rounded up 14 of the most surprising tricks that are time-tested and proven to help you become successful in your dating life. 

From how being presentable makes all the difference to mastering that legendary body language, we’ve got it all covered. 

Plus, we also provide insights into why communication is essential when it comes to winning over anyone’s heart. 

So get ready because soon enough, you will learn how to crack the dating code with ease!

#1. Humor

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Many people rank a sense of humor at the top regarding qualities in a partner. So it’s no surprise that this was a popular answer.

We all need someone who can cheer us up when we feel down or make us laugh so hard our face turns red.

As one person said, “Came here to say if you’re not rich, or hot, you have to be funny.”

#2. Actually Listen To Her

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This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s an incredibly important factor that many people tend to overlook. 

When she talks, make sure you’re paying attention and picking up on the cues that she’s giving off; responding accordingly shows her how much you care about what she has to say.

Additionally, try your best to understand her feelings and what she conveys in her conversations.

It’s not enough to just agree with everything she says; make sure that you are actively listening to her and trying to get a sense of the bigger picture when it comes to your relationship.

This will prevent any potential misunderstandings or hurt feelings from occurring down the road.

#3. Good With Pets

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Many people said that their significant other is great with their pets.

This is especially true with cats. While men might not be the biggest fans of felines, if you can get along with and accept them, you increase your odds in a relationship.

As one person said, “My cats love him. That’s pretty high up on the list to be honest.”

#4. Looking Beyond Beauty

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Most people agree you shouldn’t date a person only because of looks. 

For the relationship to last, there needs to be a deeper connection.

As one person said, “It’s a start to not come off like you’re overly concerned about the hotness of your girl. This is a sign of deep immaturity, insecurity, and self-centeredness. If that is what you really care about, it’s about making yourself look good through them. It’s a sign that you aren’t really interested in them but how they look and, by extension, how you look. It’s also a pretty good indication that when their beauty ultimately fades, you’ll be looking elsewhere.

That’s what NOT to do. What you should do is treat them like a human being. It’s very obvious when you get all nervous around them. Focus on what you bring to the table and if it’s not much, maybe you should focus on improving that. Beautiful women have a lot of options. Why should they pick you?

But then, if what you are going for is a girl that herself only brings her hotness to the table, my advice is to run away. There are beautiful women who are educated, not an emotional mess, independent, have a strong work ethic and don’t view themselves as superior. A woman that only has looks, like an influencer type, is a big yikes.”

#5 Getting Together Before You Lose Some of Your Looks

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We all age differently. Some of us, unfortunately, lose our good looks as time passes. 

Because of this, one person said, “By being hot when I was younger. I’ve just aged horribly while my wife has aged like fine wine.”

Another person added, “This was my strategy. I had glorious hair when I was a teenager. So I locked down my wife before I went fully bald. Oh, and playing guitar helps a lot.”

#6. Honesty

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Honesty is high on the list for finding a partner, regardless of looks.

And sadly, it isn’t as easy to find good, honest people in the world today.

So if you are genuine and honest, you have a shot at meeting some great people.

#7. Because They Can’t See Well

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A humorous and popular response came from one person, saying, “I believe my wife is damn near blind.”

Another person added, “Wow, this never really occurred to me. But the best relationship I’ve ever had was with a gal who was just shy of being legally blind. I never really thought that much about it. Pretty much been single ever since then.”

Finally, another person said, “When I met my boyfriend I didn’t have the right prescription glasses so I was kinda blind. I told him that and a few months later he took me to a doctor. While I was in there, he told the doctor ‘well damn now she can see clearly she will realize how ugly I am haha’. He is the hottest man alive to me.”

#8. Doing All the Right Things in a Relationship

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It’s hard to find someone who checks all the boxes in a relationship, so when you find one, you hold on to them. 

“I’ll give my perspective from the other side. My boyfriend isn’t classically handsome. His hairline is receding, and the man is a bean pole and somewhat effeminate, exactly who the Andrew Tate types claim will never get a woman. But I’m obsessed with him, and I’m so glad and proud he’s mine. Why is that?

He listens when I talk. He cleans up after himself. He’s funny and insightful and, above all, kind. He cooks. He’s the most gentle man I’ve ever met, and because of that, I don’t feel the fear I’ve felt around most men in my life. My cats love him. He apologizes when he’s wrong, and I feel secure enough to admit when I’m wrong too. We discuss every problem as us vs. the problem instead of him vs. me. He gives me space when I need it and attention when I need it too. We respect each other.”

#9. Meet Their Needs Under The Covers

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Many men think that women get the same pleasure as men do when they are intimate.

But the truth is, women have different needs.

Many like things to be more sensual in order to feel an emotional connection with their partner.

Some of the men commented that they make it point to satisfy their partners needs under the covers.

#10. Confidence and Charisma

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If you talk to enough people, confidence is one key trait attractive to both sexes. 

But there is a fine line between confident and arrogant people.

One person said, “My friend is a short, overweight, dwarven looking man and has a really hot girlfriend. It’s all charisma.”

Another added, “I used to run with a guy like that too. He was maybe 5’6″ and over 200 lbs. So short and pudgy. He made OK money, but he certainly wasn’t rich. Yet he was always with someone that you’d consider to be way out of his league. How did he manage it? I figure he had two things going for him.

The guy is genuinely funny. If you’re hanging around with this guy, he will keep you laughing non-stop. Confidence. He’ll talk to anyone. And if you shoot him down, he’ll just chat up your friend without missing a beat.”

#11. Taking the Shot

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One reason that many attractive women are with less attractive men is because of fewer options. 

Many women have said that they find it hard to date because many men are intimidated by their good looks, thinking he doesn’t stand a chance. 

So to protect themselves from rejection, they don’t ask the women out.

One person said, “To be honest, very attractive women sometimes get less attention than you’d think, because guys think they’re out of their league or something. So the first step to dating anyone is actually putting yourself out there and asking. Nothing foolproof, but you’d be surprised at the results sometimes, since lots of guys self-select out of being a contender because they don’t think they have a shot.”

Another person added, “I can honestly say I have objectively the most attractive wife of my friend group. I was also the one who had no fear at all of rejection.

Another person shared their experience, saying, “When I was much younger, I missed out on a few relationships with very attractive women, who were clearly interested, because I didn’t believe they could actually be interested in me. Like sometimes actively, physically pulling away from advances thinking ‘this can’t be right’, and later learning yeah they actually were serious and interested. I actually felt kind of bad for potentially making them feel rejected due to my own stupidity and lack of self-confidence.”

#12. Be Respectful

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Show her your respect by always acknowledging her opinions and ideas.

Avoid talking over her or cutting her off when she’s speaking, this can come across as rude and dismissive.

Furthermore, make sure you’re not constantly interrupting her to talk about yourself; instead, take the time to appreciate what she has to say and engage in meaningful dialogue.

Finally, show her that you value the relationship by expressing your appreciation for any effort she puts forth.

This will help strengthen the bond between the two of you and create a more harmonious relationship.

#13. Compliment Her On Something Unexpected

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Instead of always telling her she’s beautiful, take a moment to appreciate another amazing trait she possesses. 

Instead of just focusing on her looks, acknowledge her intelligence or kindness. 

This makes the compliment more meaningful, showing that you see beyond the surface.

Recognize and appreciate the depth of her character and the qualities that make her unique.

This genuine recognition strengthens your connection and shows you value her for more than just her appearance.

#14. Show Her Your Vulnerable Side

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Openly communicate your dreams and passions with her, inviting her valuable insights in life decisions. 

Sharing these intimate details shows trust and the importance of her opinion. 

This fosters a deeper connection based on trust, understanding, and shared values.

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