Unleash The Sparkle: How to Effectively Clean Your AirPods and Their Case!

AirPods are a nifty little product that are used for everything from podcasts to business Zooms – but they can be difficult to clean.

Many AirPod users wear them constantly for work and play without ever cleaning them.

Do you know how to cleanse AirPods without breaking them?

This is not just about hygiene – cleaning your AirPods is crucial to keeping them working.

“Cleaning your AirPods is for both you and your AirPods,” says Chandra Steele, senior features writer at PCMag. 

The more you use your AirPods, the greater the build-up. Sweat, ear wax, and other yucky substances will settle on your AirPods.

This may cause irritation and infection in your ear canals from exposure to the gunk held there by the AirPods. 

AirPods are designed to be very aerodynamic and look beautiful in their bright white color, but they get dirty and pick up particles as you use them.

They just won’t look the same if you don’t clean them regularly.

It also affects the sound quality. Wondering why your favorite songs seem muffled and distant?

Those layers of grime can mute the sound from the inside and hamper your listening experience.  

Don’t worry; we will give you the easiest and most efficient way to clean your AirPods without breaking them so you can enjoy them for a long time. 

What You Need To Clean Your AirPods and Their Case


AirPods are one of the most popular headphones available for users right now, mainly for iPhone users but for many others as well.

The problem comes when they get dirty; you must learn how to clean them without breaking them. 

Anyone using AirPods knows they are expensive, so it’s helpful to learn these simple steps to keep your ears and headphones clean.

So you can enjoy them and feel good as you go about your daily routine. 

All you will need is: 

  •  2-3 lint-free cloths (1 damp, 1 dry, and 1 extra)
  •  a little bit of water
  •  a toothpick 
  •  possibly some rubbing alcohol

If you don’t feel comfortable using a toothpick, you can also use a small pin or a cotton swab if you want something with a dull edge.

You will only use rubbing alcohol if some stubborn spots won’t come off with water. 

How To Clean Your AirPods 

Before we start, you should always consult the manufacturer booklet on your products before undertaking any risks with them.

This is just a side note for safety, but in most cases with brand name AirPods, you can clean them in a few simple steps following the instructions below. 

#1. Wipe Them Down

First, you must wipe down the outside of your AirPods with a lint-free cloth.

You will have to dampen it with a little bit of water to get the best results. Be careful not to get the water into the mesh parts of the AirPods.

If you do, this could adversely affect the electrical components inside the AirPods. 

Next, you will need to wipe down the mesh parts with a dry lint-free dry cloth, and you can go over the outside again with the dry cloth.

You can also use the cotton swab to wipe the mesh parts of the AirPods.

#2. Time To Clean The Gunky Speakers

Time to focus on getting the gunk out of your speakers so you can listen and enjoy high-quality sound without any mess in the way. 

Take your cotton swab, toothpick, needle, or any fine-toothed item you can use to get into the tiny spots.

Slowly and carefully scrape out the small crevices pulling out all of the earwax and other gunk that has built up on the speakers as you have used them.

Please avoid poking sharp objects through the mesh, such as a needle or toothpick. 

If you use a cotton swab, ensure you can get into the small crevices with it to get the best results and the cleanest AirPods. 

#3. Clean The AirPod Pro Silicone Cap

This next step is only applicable if you have the AirPod Pro. If you don’t, you can skip this section. 

If you have AirPod Pros, this is when you will clean the silicone cap on the earbuds that go into your ear.

Remove the caps and rinse them in water. To remove the caps, you must pull firmly on the silicone piece, which will come off. 

After you rinse them, use the dry lint-free cloth to wipe them dry of any residual water left on them and place them back onto the ends of each earbud.

To put the caps back on, line up the tip with the oval-shaped connectors on the earbuds and push firmly to snap them into place. 

Note: You should not add soap or other cleaning products when rinsing the silicone tips as they may damage them because they are too abrasive.

How To Clean Your AirPod Case

Cleaning your AirPod case can be quick and easy.

Even if you keep your case in a protective skin, you should still clean it because it also picks up dirt and grime.

Here is the simplest way to clean your case without breaking it. 

Wipe Down Your Case

The first thing to do when you want to clean your AirPod case is to take out your earbuds and wipe the case down with a lint-free cloth.

If you have stubborn spots, you can use a little alcohol to spot clean.

But be careful not to get any liquid into the charging ports for the case or the earbuds inside. 

You can use a small scrubbing brush for accuracy and efficient scrubbing.

The scrubbing brush can also clean out the charging port.

This is important because a dirty charging port can affect the case’s ability to charge. 

Keeping your case clean will extend its life and keep it charging your earbuds quickly. 

Bonus Tip: How To Save Your AirPods If They Get Wet! 

Unfortunately, your AirPods are not waterproof, but if you end up with wet AirPods, don’t worry, they can be saved!

Follow the steps below to start your AirPod rescue mission.

This is a time-sensitive situation, so act quickly and start the process when you pull them out of the water. 

Start by filling a container with desiccant packets.

These are used to pull the moisture out of things. Place the AirPods upside down in the container to dry out.

Once placed securely in the container, close the cover and leave the packets to pull the moisture out of your earbuds for a few hours. 

The packets are a better option to dry the humidity than rice because the rice may get stuck in the small openings, which causes more problems.

Making sure to take care of your AirPods is crucial for the working life of your earbuds and the health of your ears.

These basic steps will help you keep your AirPods clean and your ears infection free so you can listen, enjoy, and use them in your everyday life worry-free.

This article originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks.

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