16 Female Behaviors That Men Find Unbearable


Are you a woman trying to figure out just what it is that your significant other finds so unbearable about certain behaviors?

Are you constantly trying to understand why men respond the way they do to female traits?

Then this post is made for you!

Today, we will be taking a closer look at 16 common female behavior patterns that often drive men up the wall.

We’ll explore proven strategies for changing these habits and create an understanding between both sexes on how best to co-exist peacefully.

Ready to dive into better ways of communicating with the opposite sex?

Get your pen and paper ready; let’s get started!

1. Trying to Look Like a Celebrity

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There is nothing more annoying to a man than a woman who doesn’t have enough self-respect to be her own person.

As a result, she tries to look and act like a famous person because of the attention they get.

2. Too Much Makeup

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Makeup has been around since ancient times, and while the practice is often associated with women, men have used makeup just as much over the centuries. 

However, it’s usually women who are seen to be wearing too much of it these days. 

Men find this unattractive because they want to see a woman’s natural beauty rather than one that is covered up and distorted by makeup.

This is why some men have a strong aversion to women wearing too much makeup and might even see it as a sign of insecurity or low self-esteem.

3. Plastic Surgery

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Most men agree that many women who get plastic surgery looked better before going under the knife.

Yet, many women insist they need to do this to look young and attractive.

One person said, “Reddit consensus loudly says: fake anything.”

Another person added, “The relatively recent lip injection trend is just bad. People with very thin lips doing it sparingly don’t look bad, but the majority of girls doing them either already have fuller lips naturally or overdo them, so it just looks bad.”

4. Trying to Be an Influencer or Desperately Needing Online Attention

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Getting pleasure in being seen and noticed is something that most guys are not interested in.

When a woman goes out of her way to post on social media and take endless selfies, it’s a giant red flag.

One person said, “Taking endless selfies. That nonstop need for an online dopamine hit and constant need for being liked is one of the worst qualities in a person.”

Another added, “I encourage all women and girls to stop doing this. I had a horrible habit of doing this in my 20s and it caused so many problems with my mental health. I stopped taking selfies and ‘living my life online’ and learned to discern reality from fantasy (online presence) and my mental health couldn’t be better. You don’t realize how bad it is until you’re looking at it through an outside perspective. And internet/social media addiction is real, it’s insane what it does to your mindset and everything.”

5. Behaving Poorly

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Common courtesy and good manners are a must have for most people when it comes to relationships.

For some reason however, some people think that bad manners are a turn on to men. Here is a news flash: they aren’t. At least to any man worth being with.

One person said, “Went to dinner with a few friends, one of them I always thought was kind of cute but OMG when I saw the way she talked to the waiter I lost all interest in her.”

Another person expanded on this sense of entitlement and behavior, “Dunno if most or only a few but I have seen girls who try to be tough by basically being rude and immature. Many guys do this as well – basically the whole alpha strong male behavior which usually is seen like just being a jerk by majority of people.”

6. Fake Eyelashes

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Not sure when wearing fake eyelashes became a thing, but they are following most other trends.

Once it becomes mainstream, you have to keep one-upping things to stand out. It’s now gotten to the point where the eyelashes are so big, it’s a wonder the women wearing them can even keep their eyes open.

As one person said, If she blinks fast enough she will take flight.”

7. Playing Hard to Get or Not Stating Feelings Clearly

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Playing hard to get or being upfront with people can be difficult, as you have to put yourself out there.

But if you can overcome the fear, you will end up having more success in the long run.

One person said briefly explained their own experience with this type of behavior. “I recently found out the man I’m desperately in love with is autistic, and since then all of my communication and mild flirting has been very direct and he seems to pick up on it and reciprocate it clearer now. It made me realize how much easier it is to just be direct and clear.”

Another person chimed in, “Unfortunately, even if a girl sent me an engraved invitation to anything romantic or sexual and we weren’t already dating, I’d assume that she was just being nice or something along those lines. Then, a few months later, it hits me like a ton of bricks and I realize that I blew it.”

Meanwhile, another person offered insight into why people might do this, “I think at some point everyone is like this. Being direct with your feelings makes you vulnerable, saying you like someone opens you up to be rejected. So people skirt around the borders, they drop subtle hints and take the less risky approach. It takes time for anyone to build confidence to put themselves out there, some people never.”

8. Fake Voices That Some People Think Are Cute

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I don’t know when the fake voice thing started, but the sooner it ends, the better.

There is no man that find this attractive, yet women love doing it.

One person said, “As a woman, these also make me want to vomit. Like, the only context I could see myself doing it in is for a satirical joke with friends, but never unironically.”

Another person shared this perspective about this voice being a trauma response, “I never knew it was a trauma response. I had a linguistics class last semester that I learned women were more likely to engage in that behavior. I assumed it had to do with feminine expectations in society or something.

I don’t think was abused in any way, I’ve just always felt trapped mentally and like I’ve never been able to actually crawl out of myself. It’s like the person I am is locked up, and has been for so long that I’m not sure what parts are me and what parts are just adjustments I made to be something else.”

9. Talking Bad About Other Women

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Many people commented on how some women have the need to talk negatively about other women in the room.

They may not even know the person or have anything in common, but there is a sense of insecurity that the woman needs to put down others to feel better about herself.

10. Being Attractive Without Substance

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There may be no greater turn off than an attractive person who has no personality.

One person said, “Basing your entire personality and life around your appearance. It might be attractive in the short-term, but if you treat yourself like some kind of trophy you are just objectifying yourself. Especially when you think that is enough and have nothing else.

Another stated, “You know my ex? Hair, makeup, everything had to be done up like she was getting ready for a date, when all she was doing was two minutes in the convenience store to get milk and eggs. I just shook my head and shut my mouth.”

11. Acting Less Intelligent Than You Are

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Not everyone is brilliant, but most people can handle having deep conversations with others about all sorts of topics.

The problem is when you are smart, but play dumb because you think it is attractive or will help you get noticed.

One person said, “I’ll never forget watching a good friend of mine just disappear into herself in high school because the guy she was dating was extremely dumb but thought he had all the answers. They were in classes together and if she scored better than him on tests he would freak out at her. She started failing on purpose. Thank God she got out of that and is doing really well.”

Another person added, “The guys that have a problem with that aren’t worth being with anyways. As a fairly smart guy, I find that dumb women get boring pretty quickly. Maybe that was cool way back when wives were mostly just decorative possessions, but nowadays it’s just lame.”

12. Entitlement

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Whether it’s expecting special treatment in a relationship or feeling entitled to certain lifestyle luxuries, a woman who exudes a sense of entitlement can be unattractive and off-putting to potential partners.

Men, much like women, seek genuine connections built on mutual respect and understanding.

13. Eyebrows

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Sticking with the face, another major turn off for most men is the variability in eyebrows.

It’s one thing to get them shaped and to keep them trimmed. But it’s another thing to shave them off and use a pencil to draw them back on.

14. Calling Themselves A “10”

narcissistic woman
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Another habit that men find unattractive in women is when they call themselves a “10.” Men want someone who is confident in her own skin and doesn’t need to refer to herself as being better than anyone else.

When a woman calls herself a “10,” it can be seen as arrogant or pretentious, which can be quite off-putting for many men.

It’s much better to be humble and self-assured, rather than acting as if you are the best thing since sliced bread. 

This kind of behavior will only make a woman seem desperate and insecure.

15. Nagging Without Reason

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Men tend to hate when women nag them about not doing something or remind them of the same thing over and over again. 

It can be annoying and make them feel like they’re being controlled or micromanaged.

If there’s a good reason to nag, make sure to not overdo it and try to keep it short and sweet.

16. Arguing For The Fun Of It

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Constant arguing and debating on topics that don’t matter can try men’s patience, especially if it’s simply for the sake of arguing. 

Men find this behavior immature and unproductive, as it often leads nowhere.

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