In-Depth Total Money Magnetism Review 2022

In today’s post, I will be sharing my Total Money Magnetism review based on about 3 months of trying it out. You will find all the relevant information you need about this program to determine if this is indeed going to be a worthy investment of not just your money, but also your precious time.

I will go through the ins and outs of the program, if it actually worked for me, and a good alternative to consider.

Be sure to read till the end before you make your decision, ok? Let’s jump right in.

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What does being a money magnet mean?

Before you read on, I just wanted to share a bit of my perspective about being a money magnet. The information about the Total Money Magnetism can easily be found online, so I don’t really want to talk too much about it right now.

Instead, I thought of sharing more about becoming a money magnet yourself.

Are you a money magnet? Get excited, because it’s time to start thinking like one.

What does a money magnet do?

The main objective of a money magnet is to attract money into your life.

Like attracts like, so they say.

A poor person who envisions themselves earning millions per year, but doesn’t make any concrete steps to get there and then experiences very little success in their endeavors?

That person is not being a good money magnet.

They’re being delusional—and also incredibly boring for anyone within listening distance of them at the coffee shop where they go on about this all day.

A good money magnet makes their mental and physical environment conducive to their desired influx of cash.

That might sound a little woo-woo, but hear me out: what if the key to becoming wealthy was as simple as deciding that you are already wealthy and then surrounding yourself with belongings that reflect that mindset?

Think about the things you surround yourself with and how they affect your choices and emotions throughout the day.

Are they bringing you down or holding you back from achieving your goals? Or are they inspiring and supporting you?

If it’s time to shift some things around in your house or office, now is the perfect time!

Make sure everything has its place; once things feel more organized, create small systems so it stays tidy (hint: buy some containers).

Get rid of old stuff that you no longer need or want—maybe even donate items so someone else can enjoy them too!

You’ll come home after work feeling lighter than before; maybe even inspired!

With an open mind, anything is possible when it comes to making better choices for yourself.

How does hypnosis help with overcoming failures?

total money magnetism hypnosis

I hope you are not thinking of hypnosis as some kind of scary trance you need to go through with a doctor just like in the movies as it is not necessary like that.

You can perform self hypnosis too, and that is very much trying to change the way your subconscious thinks.

Hypnosis can be used to change your mindset and empower you to achieve your goals.

Many people are skeptical about hypnosis, and that’s not surprising.

It is a very powerful tool, but it’s easy to see why some people might be afraid of it.

The truth is that hypnosis is actually safe, natural, and even beneficial for you!

As long as you’re willing to trust the process and allow yourself to relax deeply and completely, you’ll be able to experience real changes in your life.

Hypnosis is a form of relaxation therapy that can help you retrain your subconscious mind.

When you’re relaxed in trance (or “alpha state”), your conscious mind is still awake but your subconscious mind is at rest—this allows you to access information from your subconscious without being distracted by other thoughts or emotions.

When this happens, there’s no judgment or negativity associated with the information that comes through; instead, you’re able to receive all of it without any fear or resistance getting in the way.

What I have shared with you in this section and the one before are really the fundamental steps you need to take in order to become a money magnet, or in fact, a magnet for anything.

That said, I will now share more about the Total Money Magnetism program.

What is Total Money Magnetism?

At its core, the Total Money Magnetism program is a way to help you make more money. I would categorize it as a self hypnosis or personal development program, or even as a wealth manifestation program.

It’s easy and affordable to try, and you’re going to learn techniques that will change the way you think about money while showing you proven ways to change your financial situation for the better.

To dive in a bit deeper, it is a program that combines powerful wealth-building strategies utilized by Dr. Steve G. Jones, the founder, and other ultra-successful millionaires with specifically made audio recordings designed to effortlessly retrain your brain into one that naturally attracts money and success.

You may expect to be released from the beliefs, attitudes, and habits that have kept you bound in a cycle of struggle in a few months, and to have an astonishing new sense of confidence and control over your financial situation.

What is included in the Total Money Magnetism program?

Not pretty but it works

There are quite a number of things you will receive when you sign up for this program, namely:

  • The Total Money Magnetism ebook
  • The Total Money Magnetism audiobook
  • Six Step Millionaire Brain Building program
  • The Platinum Millionaire Mind Makers bonus MP3 tracks
  • The 3 Fastest Ways to Make Millions Online ebook
  • The Millionaire’s Mindset video

Let’s look into some of the key material you will receive.

The Total Money Magnetism ebook

This 197-page ebook is the program’s main product.

In it, Dr. Steve discusses hypnosis, mindset fundamentals, and much more.

It is broken into four major sections, as follows:

  • Part One, chapters 1 to 5, is about hypnosis. In this section, Dr. Steve discusses how his hypnosis audio tracks operate and backs it up with scientific data
  • The five fundamentals of ultimate money magnetism are discussed in chapters 6 to 29 in Part Two, which begin to replace your thoughts and improve money magnetism. It discusses how to overcome fear and gives you an insight into a millionaire’s mental process
  • Dr. Steve discusses how and what millionaires do to use their attitude to become affluent in chapters 30 to 39 of Part Three, which also includes the 10 hidden success principles of the ultra-wealthy
  • Part Four, which spans chapters 40 to 42, discusses how to make the most of your riches and concludes by outlining what you should do to maintain and develop your wealth

The audiobook is basically a version that you can listen to instead of reading. It’s a nice addition.

The rest of the audio tracks and ebooks are there to complement the main ebook, and they are there to give further insights and perspective to improve your money magnetism mindset.

In particular, the Six Step Millionaire Brain Building program has 6 hypnosis audio tracks that the following:

  • Releasing Fear of Failure (33 minutes)
  • Releasing Fear of Success (34 minutes)
  • Discovering Abundance (39 minutes)
  • Programming Your Millionaire Brain (37 minutes)
  • Millionaire Success Strategies (36 minutes)
  • Passive Income Creation (35 minutes)

I should add that this series of audio tracks are actually pretty good. His voice is calm and clear and has the ability to speak to you in a way that is easy to understand. Thumbs up for this part.

Grab Yours Here

How does the Total Money Magnetism program work?

The author thinks that anything a person sets their mind to may be accomplished.

If a person can properly focus on particular parts of their life, such as their health, love life, or profession, they will be able to attain their desired results with the right mindset.

Even when medical treatment failed, people have been able to heal themselves via the use of strong willpower in multiple reported cases.

Dr Steve argues that a person can do anything if they have the appropriate mindset.

You will learn that you, too, have the power to uncover their hidden potential in this program.

Whether or not you succeed with this curriculum has a lot to do with your own mentality.

Does Total Money Magnetism work?

Just like many other programs out there, the answer can only be answered by you.

I hate to read articles that tell you, yes this program is amazing, it will work, it changed my life, yada yada.

The truth is not that simple if I were to be honest.

No program will work for you if you do not put your heart and mind to it and actually try out the steps.

That said, I do think that you need to be barking up the right tree first, and I would say that this particular course is quite good, providing a large amount of useful information that will help someone develop the right mindset.

It’s a lot like practicing positive affirmations, but with more precision and in overdrive.

After trying it out for a few months, I felt a lot more positive about my prospects of improving my wealth. That could also be due to the fact that I have practiced similar techniques for several years.

For someone new to this, you do need to spend some time getting used to the new routine and persist in order to see some results.

I do not think that the program itself will make you rich, but it does put you along the right path to get there.

Did it work for me?

I think the real answer is yes and no. The reason is that I have personally gone through much more comprehensive courses then this, and due to the nature of my job as editor here, I have been exposed to a lot of similar courses.

I do think that the content is sensible and useful for most people, and with an open mind, even experienced users might find some value.

Grab Yours Here

Total Money Magnetism Review: Pros and Cons


  • There is quite a fair amount of useful information to be gleaned from the material, especially for the price
  • The audio recordings are very soothing, which makes for easy listening and comprehension. Also seems to serve the purpose of hypnosis
  • Techniques taught are backed by scientific studies. I’m not a scientist, so I obviously cannot attest to it, but some research seems to suggest accuracy
  • The author Dr Steve G Jones has got the credentials to back up what he’s preaching (check out this main site)


  • I really don’t like the marketing materials one bit. They look dated
  • Not a con to me, but as I mentioned earlier, only regular practice and use of the material will lead you to success. There is simply no shortcuts
  • The information in the book is not exactly mind blowing. You might have come across some of them elsewhere if you have been actively learning about this subject. Still good for beginners though

When can you expect results?

I think that most importantly, you need to concentrate on reading the included handbook and listening to the recordings in order to rewire your brain.

Are you going to be a millionaire in a month’s time?

Most likely not.

You will, however, have a clear understanding of where your career is headed and what you can do to increase your fortune.

You’ll also be more motivated than you’ve ever been to succeed.

You’ll be able to achieve your objectives if you have this kind of drive and determination.

Keep in mind that this method is only successful if you use it on a regular basis as this is where a lot of folks fall short.

You have to define your own success, and stick to your methods to ensure continuity.

Grab Yours Here

What others say about Total Money Magnetism?

It’s good to know what people say about a program before shelling out money for it. My opinion is one, but probably insignificant.

There are several more prominent people who has sung the praises of this course, including:

  • Aidan Booth, Entrepreneur and Author
  • Marni Kinrys, Entrepreneur and Author
  • Heather Havenwood, Entrepreneur and Author
  • A Thomas Perhacs, Hypnotic Influence Specialist & Author

What is the price of Total Money Magnetism?

Similar to many other digital info products, the program is priced at $47. There are no other fees to it. Payment is done securely through the ClickBack platform, which is one of the largest in the world for digital products.

You also get a 60 day window for any refunds should you find the program not up to your expectations, essentially making this a risk free venture in terms of money.

If you are interested in checking it out, here are 2 links to do so: (I really prefer just reading the main points than watching an entire 45 minutes video)

Alternative to Total Money Magnetism

The program is a pretty good one to start with, but it does require a fair amount of commitment (can be a struggle for beginners) or not comprehensive enought (for experienced readers).

I have a couple of recommendations for each situation:

In conclusion: Total Money Magnetism review

It is a really decent course, much better than a lot of other courses out there (read our post on the Best Manifestation Courses). Although it has been around for a few years now, the techniques are still relevant and useful.

At the price point and amount of content it provides, it makes a fair investment of time, effort, and money. What’s more, you can always return it if you don’t find it useful. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

One advice before you go: you will probably read a lot of other reviews. Be sure not to fall victim to overexaggerated claims such as guaranteed success or risk of death.

I can only laugh out loud when I see such words being spewed out. You’ve been warned!

Grab Yours Here

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