15 Mistakes Women Make that Push Guys Away


Are you wondering why your relationship with the man in your life seems to be more distant than usual?

If he’s pulling away from you, it might not just be because he doesn’t care anymore, it could also be due to some small mistakes that you may not even realize you’re making.

It can be hard for many women to recognize or admit, but sometimes seemingly innocent missteps can have a negative effect on our relationships and cause men to act strangely.

To help shed light on this tricky subject, we’ve compiled 15 of the most common blunders women make when it comes to men.

Let’s avoid making these same mistakes, together!

#1. She Treats Service Staff With Zero Respect

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Many of us will go out of our way to be kind and courteous to the people who spend hours out of their day to ensure a quality experience whenever we get a drink or go out for something to eat.

Many men have horror stories of going out on dates with women who were rude to service staff.

This immediate turn-off led to many potential relationships being called off rather than further pursued.

#2. Entitlement

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This can be a big one in today’s society and one that tells of a person’s character.

Many people realize they can’t be given everything on a silver platter. They have to work for them or be nice to receive them.

But in the case of some women that men have thought about dating, entitlement has shone through.

They believe that they deserve everything, and they do it in a shocking and rude way.

Ambition and asking for things you want are never wrong, but entitlement can be.

#3. Long Nails

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There are some surprisingly strange turn-offs that one might not even consider.

One sentiment that many men share is disliking long acrylic nails.

There’s not necessarily a reason for this, but there are more than just a few out there saying it.

This begs the question, what qualifies as long? Generally, if the nail extends beyond an inch, it might not be something certain men are looking for.

#4. Self-Absorbed

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Relationships are always about give and take. It’s about sharing your life and interests with another and being interested and engaged in theirs.

Some men have run into women who are not interested in what they have to say, only focusing on meeting their needs and sharing the things that interest them.

This can make the other party feel as though they’re unwanted and unloved.

Everyone wants to spend time with someone who deeply cares about them and wants to hear about their day or what they have to say about a particular topic.

When someone is too self-absorbed, that can be an immediate turn-off that changes the course of the relationship for good.

#5. Vices

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It’s interesting to learn more about what we considered socially OK in the past compared to what we believe is OK now.

This includes things like drinking, gambling, and more.

While some vices are tolerable to a certain level, others are not accepted at all.

As a result, many vices are an instant turn-off for many men, and they’ll stay away from women who consistently do them.

#6. No Sense of Wonder or Curiosity

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Most people want to know more about the world around them, but that doesn’t seem to be true of everyone.

Some people have recounted how they’ve come across women who don’t seem to want to know more than what they already do, whether it’s about things like science, the natural world around them, or even just some of the miracles that occur in day-to-day life.

As one person put it, not yearning to know more about anything or complacency can lead to a rather boring relationship.

#7. She Doesn’t Like Animals

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Having a pet is very common these days. While not all pets may be well-loved, some men have something as basic as a dog or a cat.

Some dates they’ve been on have been with people who have expressed no interest in meeting their pets.

This is a very common turn-off when people don’t like animals. At best, they won’t ever really give any attention to a pet or even make an effort to spend time around it.

At worst, they might try to get you to get rid of it.

#8. Too Controlling

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Men often desire an independent and confident partner, while a controlling woman can be off-putting to many.

While a certain level of assertiveness can be attractive, excessive control can manifest as a lack of trust or even disrespect.

When a woman tries to micromanage every aspect of a relationship or her partner’s life, it can quickly lead to tension and unhappiness.

#9. A Lack of Empathy for People Around Her

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Everyone has unique circumstances that dictate the course of their lives.

Some people are far less fortunate, not born into stability or wealth. Others might have a severe disability that prevents them from living the life they want to lead.

But while they are having a difficult time, we do our best to treat them like a person or even help out if they need it.

Some men have come across women who don’t care what other people are going through and may even actively dislike them for things outside their control.

When someone lacks empathy, that not only is a turn-off, but can put your relationship in jeopardy in the future because they don’t care about you or your feelings.

#10. Poor Communication

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Clarity and openness in conversations are the key components that men look for during a conversation.

Women who do not make an effort to express themselves effectively can come across as uninterested or disengaged.

#11. Negative Attitude

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Nothing turns men off more than a woman that is always negative.

Sure there are times when being negative is perfectly normal.

But when you seek out the negative in every single situation, it is emotionally draining.

It also makes the other person feel depressed, so they run as fast as they can away from you.

#12. Bad Hygiene

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It’s important to preface this one by saying there’s a vast difference between bad hygiene and how someone looks.

For example, how someone does their hair might be an instant turn-off for one person while it’s not a big deal to another.

However, others have brought up how they’ve encountered a woman who doesn’t brush their teeth frequently enough, fails to shower often, and maintains poor grooming habits that make it extremely easy to justify not being in a relationship with them.

Good hygiene is crucial to a good life, not just finding someone to share it with!

#13. Being Unpleasant and Being Proud of It

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There are a lot of people out there who aim to be better. Their goal is to grow and improve themselves consistently.

However, many men have also encountered women who seem proud that they’re not necessarily the best person.

They might believe that some of their toxic traits benefit them in some way rather than something that needs fixing.

They might be proud of cheating on their exes or doing something terrible to their friends.

Whatever it might be, this is a major red flag that most men seek to avoid before they get into a relationship.

#14. Not Being Open to His Ideas

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When it comes to decisions in a relationship, it’s always good to consider both parties. 

Whether you’re choosing a restaurant for dinner or planning a vacation, try not to be too stubborn and shut him down. 

Instead, be open to his suggestions and give them equal weight to your own.

#15. Treating Him Like a Friend Instead of a Partner

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It’s easy to fall into the trap of treating your significant other like one of your best friends. 

While it’s important to be comfortable with each other, don’t forget that he is also your partner and should be treated as such. 

Show him respect and appreciation for all he does for you.

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