Debunking Misconceptions: Unveiling 12 False Beliefs About the Bible

As Christians, we all aspire to grow our understanding of the Bible.

After all, it’s full of timeless wisdom and important lessons.

But before we can truly grasp its message, there are many misconceptions about the text that need to be debunked.

To help us better understand what it really says and learn its true power, let’s explore 12 false beliefs about the Bible and delve into why they actually aren’t valid interpretations at all.

Join us in unraveling these misunderstandings and uncovering what God truly wants us to know!

#1. Mary Magdalene Is a Prostitute

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Mary Magdalene was never identified as a prostitute, nor is there anything in the Bible pointing to her involvement in this work.

This was a rumor circulated in medieval times that unfortunately stuck due to a mention of a woman in the Bible who begged for Jesus’s forgiveness.

It also encouraged other women living in sin to follow in her footsteps in this narrative.

#2. New Earth Will Lack a Sun and Moon

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Some readers of Isaiah and Revelations believe that New Earth will have no sun and moon because God will get rid of them.

However, it’s much more likely that the context of these passages points to them not being needed because Christ will illuminate the world.

#3. Mary Rode on a Donkey to Get to Bethlehem

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Mary is traditionally believed to have ridden a Donkey to get to Bethlehem to give birth.

But while this is the story most are familiar with, it’s not likely true.

Given that Mary was not rich enough to travel by animal, the Donkey story was probably introduced later and became a much more popular retelling over time.

#4. The Great Deluge Began Immediately

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A lot of people believe that the moment Noah was able to gather all of the animals on his ark, the Great Flood began.

However, this isn’t the case.

Noah had to wait a week for the flood to begin, although it’s never precisely explained why there was such a long waiting period.

#5. There Were Three Wise Men

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Those familiar with Nativity Scenes are accustomed to the scene of three wise men giving gifts to the baby Jesus.

Few may know that there’s no indication it was only three magi.

While three gifts were given, nothing in the Bible states there were three wise men.

#6. Satan Tempted Eve with an Apple

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The story of creation is one of the most well-known aspects of the Bible, but it’s also quite misunderstood.

For example, Satan tempts Eve to eat an apple in the Garden of Eden.

While this is the commonly circulated version of the story, Eve was never tempted by Satan but by a serpent.

It’s also never disclosed what type of fruit she was eating.

#7. Palestinians Are The Same as Philistines

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Philistine in Hebrew means Palestinian, which has led some to draw a connection between the two.

Interestingly enough, it’s far more likely that the real Philistines of the Bible traveled by Sea from Crete, further evidenced by their more exotic and civilized culture discovered through archaeological digs in Ashkelon.

#8. King David Is Not Real

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There’s much arguing and contesting regarding historical accuracies in the Bible.

You may have heard that King David of the Bible was never a real person.

But while some characters may be just legends, some archaeological evidence potentially points to King David being a real person in the past.

Whether or not he killed Goliath is another conversation entirely.

#9. The Immaculate Conception Is About Jesus’s Birth

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The Annunciation is the term that refers to Jesus’s Birth, but the term that is most associated with this is the wrong one: The Immaculate Conception.

The Immaculate Conception is a strictly Catholic belief that God shielded Mary to prevent her from being born from original sin, as the mother of God needed to be sinless to bear him.

This is not something that’s a concept shared among all believers.

#10. A Whale Ate Jonah

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A human being swallowed by a fish isn’t likely.

But a human being swallowed by a whale is much more possible.

That said, while most people accept that a whale swallowed Jonah, the Bible states explicitly it was a large fish.

#11. The Bible Is One Book

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The concept that the Bible is one cohesive narrative is relatively new.

The truth is that the Bible is a collection of various texts compiled in such a way that agrees with most views of Christianity.

In fact, the Bible is comprised of stories that span thousands of years, written in Aramaic, Hebrew, and even Greek.

#12. All Christians Use the Same Bible

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Many Christians might hold similar views, but that doesn’t mean they read from the same Bible.

For example, Catholics and Protestants are two groups that use different Bibles, a change that came about due to issues with Deuterocanonical Books.

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