Use The Power of Convenience To Get Ahead In Life


power of convenienceHumans by nature are lazy beings. I mean, if we weren’t wired for laziness, why would anyone think of inventing the remote control? But many times our laziness hurts us. It keeps us from being the best us we possible can be. After all, how many times do you skip the gym and instead watch what is saved on your DVR? To overcome our laziness, we need to make things easy. The easier the better. We’ll call this concept the power of convenience.

Think about this for a minute. If we can make the things we typically put off doing easier, we will be more likely to actually do them. When we start doing these things, we will improve our lives little by little. It’s like compound interest only for our lives and not our money.

By doing little, convenient things, they will add up to huge changes over time. So how do we actually go about putting the power of convenience into practice? (Side note: before we go any further, I don’t want to mislead you. I’m not going to tell you how you can get in shape overnight. But I will show you how you can turn just about any project into a manageable one and be more likely to actually get it done.)

Putting The Power of Convenience Into Practice

#1. Make A List

Your first step to using the power of convenience is to create a list. You want to write down the things that you want to be doing or should be doing but just keep putting off. Maybe this means exercising or reading. Or maybe it means doing work around the house. Whatever it is, put it on the list.

Don’t worry about order here, we just want to get everything down on paper so we have a guide going forward.

#2. Think About Your Day and Daily Routine

The next step is to really dig deep into your everyday life and your daily routine. You want to think about your life both during the week and on the weekends since they will differ so much.

What you are looking for here are for opportunities. Opportunities to make the things you dislike convenient. Don’t worry if you are a little confused here. You don’t need to connect the dots just yet. You just want to really understand your day and where you might have some wasted time.

#3. Think Outside The Box And Fill In Gaps

Once you have a good vision of your days, look back at your list of tasks you want to be doing and start to connect the dots. Doing this will help you to see the power of convenience and start doing these things.

For example, let’s say you put off exercising. You know you need to get about 30 minutes per day of exercise. Instead of going to a gym (which is inconvenient) how can you make working out convenient?

For starters, you could do pushups in the morning as you wait for the shower to get hot. You could do a few squats while you wait for your eggs or oatmeal to cook. Same goes when you are cooking dinner.

Another option might be to go for a walk first thing in the morning on the weekends. You don’t have to go to the park or the gym, just take a quick walk around your neighborhood.

By breaking up your workout into smaller parts like this, you get the exercise you need conveniently and thus you are more likely to not only do it, but do it for the long term.

Let’s look at a few more ideas where you can use the power of convenience to get more done.

  • If you find yourself on the phone a lot, it might make sense to buy a pair of Bluetooth headphones. This will allow you to make your phone calls while doing other things, like maybe chores around the house.
  • If you want to eat healthier, buy some snack baggies and put some nuts or granola in them. If you like grapes, you might even put some grapes in a baggie. Then when you are heading out to run errands, you can grab a bag and snack on that.
  • If you have a hard time eating healthy, try blending up some food into a smoothie. You really can’t taste the spinach, trust me! You can see the blender I use here.
  • Download a free app for grocery shopping and put the things you need on the list. This will help to cut down on the number of times you need to run to the store each week since you won’t be forgetting about things while you are out.
  • You can take the above point one step further and add non-grocery stores to the list too. This will help when out running errands to help you remember to get everything you need.
  • If you want to read more or just become better, you can download free podcasts or buy audio books. Listen to them when driving or when out for a walk.

These are just a few ideas to help spur your thinking. As time goes by, you will be able to better look at the things you want to get done and figure out smart ways to get them done with little effort.

Final Thoughts

When you use the power of convenience, you will get more done with less effort than if you were to keep living as you are now. Of course, none of the small changes you make now will make you more successful or a better version of you overnight. It will take time. But if you are willing to stick with the power of convenience over the long term, you will see incredible results.

[Photo Credit: Robson Morgan]

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