The Optimist’s Guide To Career Development


guide to career developmentAre you handcuffed to your desk throughout your nine-to-five grind? Do you slump your way through your day like a cast member from Dawn of the Dead? Does your mouse cursor hover over the “apply” button on job vacancy sites? Then it’s time to buck up your ideas and move on up in the world.

Indeed, career progression can feel like an impossibility when you’re languishing in a job you hate. But take the right steps and you’ll find some wind in your sails. So what can you do to push yourself forward and land in the right position? Below is the optimist’s guide to career development.

Guide To Career Development In 3 Steps

Capture The Right Course

Keying into your fullest potential isn’t something rookies can do without a little bit of help. While you might have a finely tuned instinct for leadership, finding out all you can from the pros will elevate you to a new level. So it’s time to head to the education sector. Some universities specialise in moulding business leaders, providing project management courses that will help students up their game.

After a rigorous set of modules, effective management will become second nature. A three year course could mean the difference between promotion and failure – so don’t miss out.

Befriend The Boss

Your boss might seem like an imposing figure. They might swing their authority around with the attitude of a dictator, but they’re still people all the same. And treating your boss with a friendly air could be the perfect way to advance in your business.

You don’t have to go out for a few pints after work. All you really have to do is maintain a professional respect for your boss, and see if you can develop that respect into a mutual trust. Ask your boss for help whenever you need it, and show an enthusiasm to learn and develop. With such a winning personality, your boss will be making a mental note for promotion season.

Network Like A Champ

You’re sick of your job and you want out. But you’ll have to talk the talk if you want a better position. If you’re in a large city, there will be networking events in your local area most evenings. Dress in your finest interview garb, act charismatically and schmooze as though you were Don Draper on a charm offensive.

But if you’d rather avoid face to face contact, you have 2 options. One is to follow this guide to networking for introverts. Conversely, why not sign up to LinkedIn, the world’s largest business social network? Set up a natty profile, make a few connections and don’t be afraid to make yourself sound grand. Who knows where your opportunity will lead.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, what happens in your life is up to you. You decide to take the steps outlined in this guide to career development and improve your situation or you decide to do nothing and just just continue as is. All of the choices are up to you. So take the time and decide where you want to be in 5 years and start taking action now. Otherwise, you’ll wake up to find yourself in the exact same spot as today.


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