Just When You Thought You Found “The One”: 16 Tear-Jerking Reasons Soulmates Separate

When two people fall in love, it can feel like the ultimate romantic comedy.

All that’s missing is the montage of adorable moments and declarations of undying devotion, right?

Unfortunately, no matter how perfect a relationship may seem, it is still subject to the uncertainties and heartbreaks associated with love.

Just when you thought you found “The one” what if they don’t always stay?

The reality is there are many possible causes for soulmates to drift apart and break up, some heartbreakingly poignant and others more circumstantial.

Whether your own love story ended too soon or you just want to read about why good relationships sometimes crash in flames, let this article be an emotional road map as we dive into 16 tear-jerking reasons soulmates separate.

#1. Growing Apart

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Sometimes, a relationship coming undone isn’t always due to one person or the other doing something wrong. 

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of the relationship ending naturally. 

Many women have spoken about how they and their partners have grown apart. 

While this may sometimes be a breakup that has left a bitter taste in their mouth, others have had an amicable breakup where they didn’t feel the relationship was there anymore.

#2. Trust Issues

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Trust is the foundation of any relationship; if it doesn’t exist, neither does a strong bond. 

The problem arises when we can’t accept our partners for who they are and hold them to impossible standards of behavior. 

This can arise from past experiences with other relationships or even feeling insecure about ourselves and needing someone else to make us feel more complete.

#3. Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction can pose a serious risk to relationships for many reasons. 

Certain drugs can significantly damage a person’s health and well-being, placing stress on the other partner they may not be willing to cope with moving forward. 

Of course, the many symptoms of drug addiction can also be a reason. 

Addiction can cause users to tell lies and hide things, engage in risky behaviors that threaten themselves and those around them, and engage in illegal activities. 

No matter the reason, many women in relationships with addicts talked about how bad the relationship was and how they needed to break it off to lead a happy life. 

Some have even had partners who ran off for no reason, only to discover that drug addiction was behind it later. 

#4. Money

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Money makes the world go ’round, and that’s true for relationships. 

Encountering financial trouble is something that a lot of people experience. 

But while it’s widespread, not everyone wants to stick around to see it. 

Some people recount how relationships have ended because their partner didn’t want to stick with them through these struggles. 

Instead, they decided that they didn’t make enough money or didn’t have a good enough job, so they went to find someone else who did. 

It’s a terrible thing, but it’s probably for the best if that’s the type of person you were with.  

#5. Mental Illness

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Some people will enter a relationship with someone when they’re not in the best mental state or the other person is struggling. 

Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or something else, mental illness can make it difficult to accept love. 

This makes maintaining a relationship with someone hard, especially if they aren’t letting you in or allowing you to give them love and attention. 

Unfortunately, this has ended many relationships due to a person’s unwillingness to get the help they need. 

It’s always best to work on the self before entering a relationship with someone else.

#6. Sudden Change in the Desire to Be in a Relationship

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Relationships can be enriching, but not everyone necessarily wants one. 

Of course, some people discover this too late.

One common reason for breakups is someone’s change of mind. 

Some will enter a relationship only to discover it isn’t what they wanted, needing time alone instead.

#7. Infidelity

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One of the top reasons why people break up is because of infidelity. 

Sometimes, it’s something that the other person hides quite well. 

The unsuspecting party doesn’t know anything is happening until the other person reveals it, they’re confronted by the person that their significant other is cheating with, or until they find evidence. 

However, some people do end up suspecting much earlier. 

They might notice someone is distant and not telling them to worry about someone else, only for that person to become someone they should have worried about. 

Regardless, infidelity is a surefire way to end a relationship.

#8. Moving

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Moving can create physical distance between two people, making it harder to maintain a relationship. 

In some cases, people have tried to maintain these connections from long distances, only to find that the relationship wasn’t as sustainable as they once believed.

However, a surprising number of people had someone move away from them and start a family in a different country. 

It turns out that absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. 

#9. Another Marriage

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Discovering that someone who’s supposed to love you and only you is married to someone else can be devastating. 

But according to women who have had to end a relationship, it’s happened. 

As mentioned above, some people move and create an entirely different life elsewhere. 

Others are serial cheaters who will get into multiple relationships, and some partners have discovered that they’ve gotten married to someone they didn’t even know about. 

The good news?

Learning that your significant other has married lets you know you dodged a bullet before you tied the knot.

#10. Losing Interest in the Other Person

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Something draws us to someone if we decide to enter a relationship. 

But that doesn’t mean that will continue to happen. 

Some people lose interest in someone else, either due to the reality that passion was the foundation of the relationship or because they realize that there are things that a person does that they’re not in love with. 

Like growing apart, losing interest is something that can occur naturally.

#11. Phone Addiction

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Whereas the last mention was common, this one isn’t so much. 

Phones are pervasive and necessary in our modern society. 

But some people can’t get off of them to save their lives. 

Whether it’s on a date or at home, there are people whose partners are too addicted to their phones. 

As a result, they left them for someone who was more present when they were together. 

#12. Careers

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Career is another big reason people break up.

It could be because one spouse has the belief they want their partner to stay home and raise their children.

In other cases, it might be a job relocation, and the other person isn’t interested in moving across the country or the globe.

#13. Communication Issues

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Communication is the foundation of any good relationship. 

When you can approach any subject with your partner openly and discuss it so they don’t feel attacked, you can get through most things. 

Unfortunately, communication is not a skill everyone cultivates early in life. 

Many people complain that communication issues are the primary reason for breaking up with someone. 

After all, if you can’t healthily express your feelings or work things out with someone, how is a relationship supposed to carry on for years?

#14. Parents Involvement

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Though it’s natural to want our parents’ approval for the people we choose to date, their involvement in a relationship can sometimes do more harm than good.

When parents have too much say in who their children date and how they should behave, it looks less like support and more like control.

#15. Different Goals and Values

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When two people come from different backgrounds, it can be hard to see eye-to-eye on certain things in life.

This could mean something as small as having a difference of opinion about where to go for dinner or something as big as not agreeing on spiritual values or lifestyles.

If two people cannot find common ground and compromise when it comes to their beliefs, it can be the cause of a lot of tension in the relationship and lead to an eventual breakup.

#16. Bitterness

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Not being able to forgive a partner for their mistakes can be one of the most destructive forces in a relationship.

When an individual holds onto resentment and anger, it can create a barrier between them and their partner that can be hard to break down.

As time passes, this lack of forgiveness will only fester and lead to further communication issues, ultimately leading to a breakup.

By being able to let go of past grievances and forgive, couples can focus on building a strong relationship rather than allowing negative emotions to tear them apart.

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