“The Comeback Starts Now” 12 Hacks to Start Your Journey Back to the Top After Hitting Rock Bottom


We all experience moments when we feel burned out or drained from pushing too hard and going too long without rest.

Whether you’re overcommitting in your career, juggling more than one responsibility, or even missing out on important self-care measures, your energy will pay the price sooner or later.

While it’s natural to experience setbacks due to burnout now and then, it’s important not to let them hinder us from achieving success! 

That’s why today we’re exploring 12 inspiring ways you can rally yourself back into success despite feeling overwhelmed with exhaustion.

Here, you’ll find tried-and-true strategies that will remind you how capable you are of getting back on track!

#1. Conduct an Analysis to Figure Out Why You’re Burnt Out

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Burnout can look different for everyone, even though the leading causes behind it tend to be the same (overworked, unmotivated, etc.).

Take some time to figure out the root causes as to why you’re burnt out. This is the first step in helping you create a plan of action so that you can rally yourself back to success!

#2. Remember That You’re Not Alone

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Even though you might feel completely isolated, numerous people have been in your position before. 

If it helps, see if you can find other stories of people just like you online who have been burnt out and have managed to make it through to achieve their goals. 

It might help you reframe your struggles now and put them into perspective. 

#3. Make It a Priority to Get More Movement Into Your Day

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If you are currently engaged in sedentary work, staying energized throughout the day is tough. 

Make it a priority to get more movement into your day. 

This can mean squeezing in exercise in the morning, doing some light exercise later in the evening, or even setting a timer every so often and doing some light stretching or cardio to get your blood pumping. 

#4. Pick Up an Inspiring or Helpful Book for Support

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A good book can be a helpful tool during times of burnout. 

This is especially true if the book is inspiring for those in your position or a book that offers advice to help you get through these difficult times. 

Just make sure that you get something that’s either relevant or actionable, as too many books these days can end up giving you non-advice instead, which will waste all of your currently precious time. 

#5. Reach Out to Those in a Similar Position

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Do you know other professionals or mentors who know exactly what you’re going through because they’re either dealing with it or have dealt with it in the past? 

If so, reach out to them. 

Having someone on your side who has been in a similar position or is in the same situation can be a great support system to help you get to the finish line.

Whether to vent or get advice, these connections will be invaluable to your journey. 

#6. Seek Out Professional Help If You’re Struggling

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Burnout can be serious, resulting in low energy, low mood, and no motivation or excitement. 

It might be a precursor to something more severe, like anxiety or depression. 

If you’re struggling, seek professional help to alleviate these symptoms and get back on track.  

#7. Look to Cut or Automate As Much As Possible

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More often than not, there are ways to deal with burnout. 

One of the best ways is to cut items out of your schedule. 

If there are non-essential tasks that you’re filling your days up with, you can relieve some of the pressure you’re experiencing by removing them entirely. 

Another helpful tip is to automate as much work as possible. 

There are many tools out there that can help you manage your work with ease. 

#8. Figure Out Your Mission

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Extrinsic motivation only goes so far, and you might reach a point where you feel so burnt out that you forget what you were working towards. 

Now’s the time to circle back and figure out your mission. 

Why are you doing what you’re doing, and is it worth it?

Remembering your “why” can help you feel reinvigorated and ready to achieve your goal again. 

#9. Take Some Time for Yourself

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Not everyone can take time off. 

But if you are, you have to. 

Burnout doesn’t get better if you don’t address it by taking a break. 

Take as much time off as you can to rest and recover. 

If you lack this time, see if you can fit more breaks into your day for minor rest and recovery.

#10. Prioritize Your Personal Health and Wellness

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Burnout worsens if you aren’t tending to your health. 

Ensure you’re engaging in good health habits like getting enough sleep, eating right, drinking plenty of water, and finding ways to de-stress and decompress after long days. 

#11. Truly Evaluate the State of Your Work

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What are you doing, and how much are you getting done?

Sometimes, people will burn themselves out by being inefficient or working on things that don’t matter. 

See where you can improve the process to reduce burnout and increase your chances of success. 

#12. Get Better at Goal Setting and Time Management

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Building off the previous point, you might not use your time wisely or set realistic goals. 

Always set SMART goals, focusing on goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. 

Then, track your time and improve your schedule to get more done in less time while prioritizing what is most crucial.

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