Can You Survive the Ben Stage? The Ultimate Relationship Challenge


Social media has significantly influenced almost all aspects of our lives, including what we eat and wear.

The newest trend on TikTok, The Ben Stage, has been influencing our dating lives. You are not so lucky with this one if your name is Ben. 

Whether it’s Ben for Benjamin, Benson, or Bernard does not matter. The ‘Ben’ in your name could be why all the girls are running away from you.

Different girls have been sharing videos on TikTok with the song Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine to warn girls going through their ‘Ben stage.’ You must be wondering what the ‘Ben stage’ entails.

What Is The Ben Stage?

The Ben stage started as a video on TikTok from the user @iamgubste, advising girls going through their Ben stage to run.

The video, from the background song, implied that the girls better run from that Ben stage. The video went viral, and people shared their Ben-stage experiences in the comments.

While some had terrible experiences and said things like ‘My Ben stage put me in therapy,’ others seemed to disagree. However, most experiences implied how bad it was to date a Ben.

The video has since garnered over 1.5 million likes and over 70k comments.

Since the video went viral, many other women have shared their Ben stage experiences and contributed to the popular trend of trashing Bens.

However, some people are still in the dark and do not understand what the Ben stage means.

From the explanations offered on the internet about the term, the Ben stage represents negative experiences involving a Ben in the past. However, it could also mean negative experiences during a dating period with someone, even if their name was not Ben. 

In this trend, girls who have gone through their Ben stage are trying to warn those going through it by telling them to get out of it. If you did not know the Ben stage, now you know.

Most of us have had the negative dating experiences implied in the Ben stage videos, and if you haven’t, you should be careful not to find yourself there.

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The Impact Of The Ben Stage Trend

While social media is mainly for entertainment and education, sometimes it can adversely affect sensitive issues. Dating is a sensitive issue. In most cases, social media tends to misrepresent it.

The Ben stage trend probably started with a good intention to encourage and advise girls going through abusive, complicated, or draining relationships. 

However, it has thrown all Bens in the mud, even those who do not have the bad behaviors represented in the videos going viral. Below are some of the likely impacts of the Ben stage trend.

1. More Dating Awareness

Social media trends create awareness about things that happen in people’s lives. While this trend might be about recounting a bad dating experience, it is helping bring to light things people go through in relationships. 

Some people have never had the chance to share it with the world. Today, they can do that by contributing to such conversations online.

A good example is a TikTok user who said how the Ben stage broke them, and they even had to go for therapy. 

Another one under that comment said how her hair was falling out in clumps after the breakup.

If anyone else was going through that stage and didn’t have the courage to walk out, such comments can help them see why they need to run and never look back.

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2. Dating Bias Towards People Called Ben

While such trends have many positive impacts, there is also a negative impact. In this case, all the Bens are in the mud, whether they are bad people or not.

People will now be skeptical about dating or accepting a date from anyone called Ben.

This trend fuels a lot of bias towards people with the name Ben. Bad people with the name Ben might also start attributing their bad behaviors to the name.

It is important to know that most things on social media are inaccurate. Therefore, take everything with a pinch of salt and do not generalize.

3. Different Naming Trends

I don’t think anyone will be naming their kid Ben anytime soon. People want the best for their kids and therefore pick names and things that will bring them luck in the future.

It is still too early to tell if this is a fad or if the name Ben will be less popular going forward.

The stigma surrounding the name will make your son the villain until another unlucky name picks up the baton. A while back, there was the ‘J’ stage where every name that starts with a J was a dating red flag.

4. Retrospection Into Dating Experiences

The Ben stage trend has also made people analyze their dating experiences to see whether they have had a Ben stage. Some might have also discovered they were the Ben in their Ben stage.

That is quite unlikely, though, because no one seems to see the log in their eye.

Reliving the toxic experiences could be traumatic to some and eye-opening to others. If this trend opens up some wounds, you should seek professional help to help you get past the traumatic experiences.

5. Encouragement For Anyone Going Through A Bad Dating Phase

According to the first video on this trend, the main goal was to help other people going through the Ben stage find a way out.

While that might not help everyone do that, it is comforting to know that other people are going through or have gone through what you are going through.

Have you experienced the Ben stage in your life? If so, share your story in the comment section.

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