Discover the 15 Outstanding Qualities of Gen Z Ladies That Boomer Women Admire


Have you ever wondered what uniquely sets Gen Z ladies apart from other generations?

From their progressive ideals to their cutting-edge knowledge of technology, these trendsetters have a lot to offer the world.

But what really stands out are the 15 outstanding qualities that both Boomer women and Gen Z can admire.

Here we’ll explore why it is that this remarkable group of young adults catches everyone’s eye and how important they are in this increasingly connected world.

So stay tuned as we look into the amazing traits of Generation Z women, things that will leave you feeling inspired!

#1. Courage To Follow Their Gut

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Gen Zers are often praised for their fearlessness in the face of failure, and this is precisely why so many have found success. 

Not only do they have the courage to pursue their dreams, but they also take risks even when it doesn’t work out. 

They may make mistakes along the way, but that doesn’t stop them from getting back up and trying again. 

They don’t let the fear of failure hold them back, and this is one of the most inspiring traits a person can have.

#2. Appreciation for Diversity

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One thing that sets Gen Zers apart from other generations is their open-mindedness when it comes to diversity. 

They’re well aware of the importance of representation in all facets of life, and they strive to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity.

 Whether it’s gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other factor, Gen Zers are more likely to accept and appreciate differences in others than other generations.

#3. They’re Much More Accepting of Themselves

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Women in the past and even today are surrounded by a host of media that tells them what to do and who to be.

Those who don’t or don’t fall into these pre-determined boxes might develop a hatred for themselves that causes a wide variety of problems down the road.

And while this still exists, more and more women are becoming accepting of themselves and who they are instead of hating and trying to change themselves.

This is definitely an admirable trait that women today are cultivating.

#4. Empathy Has Become the New Norm

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Apathy used to be in, but that’s no longer the case for the current and next generation of women. 

Women are much more empathetic towards those around them, seeking to better connect with others and truly understand who they are and what they’re going through. 

They don’t stop here, however. 

They’re also putting in far more effort to help those around them when they notice someone else is struggling, creating a more empathetic environment of connected women working toward the betterment of all those around them. 

It’s created an entirely different culture that older women admire. 

#5. They Are Passionate About Their Lives

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Life is meant to be lived, but many women in the past lived their lives the way they believed they had to. 

This resulted in underlying resentment toward themselves and others and a lack of desire to be doing what they were doing. 

Modern women have completely scrapped the rulebook and have realized that their lives are their own. 

They dictate what they want from it and have decided to pursue those things relentlessly. 

As a result, they’re much happier and more passionate about their lives.

#6. They Can Be Feral If Needed

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Feral might not be the word people think of here, but some women have said they appreciate this quality in younger women. 

Whereas women in the past might have been taught to tolerate mistreatment or even feared retaliation if they decided to address what was happening. 

Girls these days will not. 

Some mothers have discussed that girls will speak out about their boundaries if they’re being pushed, and some girls have even whacked boys who have been doing something inappropriate. 

Many women are excited to see what this next generation has in store.

#7. There Is More Representation and Far Fewer Inaccurate Portrayals of Women

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The portrayal of women in media was relatively limited in the past. 

There were exceptions, but you may have become accustomed to the wife figure or the woman who served her man. 

Today, women are pushing for more accurate representation in media where women exist as they were and in a range of new forms that are accurate to life, and older generations are here for it.

#8. The Illusion of Not Caring Is No Longer Cool

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Previous generations of women very much cared about politics and the world around them. 

But they were also brought up in a world focused on hyper-individualism. 

This resulted in many women feeling more apathetic about the world around them and more focused on themselves, something that some women have spoken out about as a big regret in the past. 

Given that we live in a more connected world where we now understand all the issues in real-time, many women have broken the illusion that not caring is no longer cool and are much more focused on organizing and taking action. 

#9. Being More Aware of and Advocating for Mental Health

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Mental health used to be a taboo topic that wasn’t well-tolerated by society. 

This kept people, especially women, in the dark and prevented them from getting the care they needed. 

Now, women are very vocal about their mental health journey and will advocate for it so others can get the help they need.

#10. They’re Willing to Circumvent Taboos and Understand Other Situations

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Taboo topics were off-limits in the past, preventing women from talking about potentially uncomfortable things, asking important questions, and expanding their worldviews while eliminating judgment. 

This wasn’t necessarily helpful, preventing them from being able to grow. 

Today, women don’t much care whether or not something is taboo. 

Instead, they’re constantly seeking to learn more about the lives of those around them and challenging cultural norms. 

This has made it easier to better understand where others are coming from and help cultivate conversations that need to be had that weren’t allowed to be in the past. 

#11. Having Kids on Their Terms

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In the past, many women followed the same path: finish school, find a man, marry, and have kids.

Today’s women aren’t on this path.

Many want to have a career first or explore the world before settling down and having kids.

#12. They Don’t Care and Are Willing to Call Things Out

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Even as recently as the 90s, making sure that women weren’t speaking out and were as quiet and accepting as possible about things happening around them seemed to be the norm. 

Today’s women are not afraid to speak what’s on their minds when they have something to say about what’s happening around them. 

They’re more than willing to call out people who are problematic and call out situations that negatively impact them or those around them. 

Don’t think the modern woman will sit by and take whatever’s coming without fighting back and saying how they feel about it!

#13. Their Dedication to Building a Stronger Work/Life Balance

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Very few women are lying down and accepting the state of work today. 

Rather than bending over backward for employers, younger women are now prioritizing their work/life balance and only doing as much as they’re paid to do. 

This is much different than women in the past, who may have done what they were asked to do simply because that was culturally acceptable at the time. 

Previous generations admire the modern woman’s ability to ask for what they want and refuse to be taken advantage of in professional settings.

#14. Breaking Career Walls

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Years ago, it was not common to see women in many of the sciences, but today, this is not the case.

Many young women are destroying the stereotypical male jobs and forging their own path.

Even in professional sports, women are now trainers and coaches, showing that if you work hard enough, you can do anything.

#15. Financial Competency

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Many young women are experts at handling their own finances, with many others learning as they go.

On the other hand, older women would give this responsibility to their husbands and be left in the dark.

While it might be easy not to worry about it, they are left clueless about handling their finances when their husband dies.

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