Having A Positive Attitude


having a positive attitudeThings go wrong for everyone, everyday. The key is having a positive attitude, no matter what life throws at you. You always have to remember that it could always be worse than it is right now. But having a positive attitude throughout the day isn’t the easiest thing. Below are a few tips to help you stay positive throughout your day.

Having A Positive Attitude: 3 Tips

Learn To Deal With Inconvenience

As I mentioned above, stuff happens to everyone. If you are driving to work and the road is closed and the detour is going to delay your arrival by 15 minutes, let it roll off your back. After all, in the grand scheme of life, are those 15 minutes that important? Most likely they aren’t. Don’t let basic inconveniences ruin your entire day. I would wager that there are many great things that happen to you in any given day. Why focus on the worst 15 minutes of it? Learn to accept the inconvenience and keep moving forward.

Don’t Let One Thing Determine Your Life

I’ve known people that after they break up with their significant other, they get into a funk and think that they’ll never find love again and that they are destined to be alone and miserable. I understand that they need to go through the grieving process, but a few of these people take it to a whole new level. Instead of going through the process and coming out a stronger person, they wallow is sadness.

Don’t let that one thing determine your life. You control your life. You make the choice as to how you feel and how you react to situations. Don’t give that power to someone else. Learn to turn your negative thinking into positive thinking. If you lost a loved one, remind yourself that the universe has something better in store for you. Same idea if you lost your job. The universe has bigger plans for you. By choosing to move forward and push through bad situations, you become a stronger person who is better equipped to handle tough situations.

Understand Others

Most times, when people are rude or mean to us, they don’t intend to be that way. In many cases, they themselves are having a bad day and are stressed. When you come along, you just happen to catch them at their peak and they have to let it all out. Understanding that it has nothing to with you helps you stay positive in light of it.

I heard a saying once that people are like garbage trucks. When bad things happen to us, we just fill up with more and more garbage. Eventually, our load is full and we have to dump it. If you happen to be there when someone is dumping their load of garbage, you are going to get hit with it.

Learn two things from this:

  • Don’t dump your load of garbage on others. Find better ways of dumping your garbage
  • Know that when you get garbage dumped on you, it’s nothing personal. If you can react in a calm, positive way, everyone benefits.

Final Thoughts

There are countless benefits to having a positive attitude. I’ve found that life is so much easier and more enjoyable when I face everything with a positive attitude. There are times when I get negative and need a few minutes to dump my load of garbage, but I do my best to dump it in other ways than on someone else.

If you can learn to deal with inconvenience, understand others and bad situations by having a positive attitude you will find much more happiness and contentment in life and the world around you.

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