12 Dating Tips Men Need to Hear to Succeed in Love and Life


We all know that the dating world can be a challenging and confusing one for men of any age.

Many have found themselves stumped, wondering what it takes to approach women with confidence or break off bad relationships before they get too serious.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 12 vital tips that every guy needs to hear in order to find success in love and life!

From taking time for yourself, being honest about your feelings, and learning how to truly listen, these pieces of advice will help you on your way to building a happy relationship with someone special as well as enhance other facets of your life along the way.

#1. Have Ambition

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For most women, a man with goals and ambition is life is a rare find.

Too many guys are stuck in a rut, not knowing what they want.

As a result, they have a difficult time dating.

Take the time plan, then start dating.

#2. Treat Others with Respect

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This should be a given, but too many men don’t’ treat others with respect.

Not only is this a turn off in the dating world, but it will hold you back in other areas of life as well.

This isn’t to say everyone deserves your respect, but most people do, especially those closest to you.

#3. Looks Do Matter; Take Care of Yourself

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There are a lot of people who will say that personality matters most, mainly to look less shallow.

But regardless of what they say, physical attraction is almost always what will pull someone in first.

Take care of yourself and your appearance to always look your best.

#4. Anything Other Than a Yes Means No

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Direct communication can be challenging these days, so it’s crucial to be particular about the responses you receive and how you respond to them.

One piece of advice men give to other men is that anything other than a hard yes means no.

If someone says the words maybe, we’ll see or even uses body language instead of saying yes, they’re likely not that interested in proceeding with a relationship.

Don’t spend more time than you need to with a person who isn’t enthusiastic or decided about being with you.

#5. People Will Make Time for What Matters

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No one is ever too busy for you.

Even if they have hectic schedules, people will make time in their lives for what matters.

Don’t ever buy into the excuse that someone is too busy constantly and wait around for someone who isn’t trying to get back in touch with you.

If they’re not interested, they’ll show it.

#6. Only Date People You Are Interested in As a Person

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Many people get into relationships because they’re physically attracted to someone or because there’s a particular element about the initial stages of the relationship that they enjoy.

The problem?

While all of these aspects will play a role in your relationship, they aren’t the central aspect of the relationship that you’ll care about or stick around for.

What’s going to matter most is whether or not you like your significant other as a person and is someone you can see spending a considerable amount of time with.

If you don’t like your partner for who they are, this will inevitably show in the future, leading to hurt feelings, resentment, and likely a nasty breakup.

Be honest with yourself about whether or not this is the person for you.

#7. Don’t Ignore Major Red Flags

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Compromise is crucial in every relationship.

For example, how you use or clean your shared space, how you spend time together, and what you do with that time will all be things you’ll likely butt heads than agree on.

But you shouldn’t be looking to compromise on everything.

It’s important to look for major red flags and leave the relationship, as these problems won’t likely change regardless of what you do.

This might include alcoholism or drug use, not respecting boundaries, or even immediately showing jealousy whenever you do something alone.

If red flags are raised, respond accordingly instead of thinking you can change someone.

#8. Learn the Difference Between Real and Temporary Problems

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Not everything is a disaster.

Disaster thinking can do a number on your relationship and bring things to a halt long before they’re able to get started.

For example, it’s temporary if you’re currently struggling financially, but you’re working together to get through it.

If your partner is struggling with their mental health and things are tough, but they’re getting the help they need, it’s temporary.

However, if problems arise and it’s clear that it will continue to be a problem well into the future, it might be time to end the relationship.

#9. Get Your Life Together First

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A lot of men feel like they need to get into a relationship and be in one all the time.

But that’s not the case.

If dating is the least of your concerns and you’re currently going through other things affecting your romantic relationships, don’t be afraid to work on yourself and get your life together first.

Sometimes, doing this can make you even more eligible to date, showing potential partners that you’ve taken the time to get it together and develop healthy habits, goals, and ambitions.

#10. Communicate When Issues Arise

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Communication is the foundation of any good relationship.

If you’re not communicating and you or your partner expect each other to know how the other feels, you’re setting yourselves up for a very short relationship.

Anytime there is an issue in the relationship, sit down and talk it out.

Actively listen to your partner and be willing to compromise.

Don’t get defensive, and don’t try to make an argument out of anything that’s being said.

Only good communication will propel a relationship you want to succeed.

#11. Have and Maintain Self-Respect

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You’ve likely run into men bogged down by their insecurities to the degree that they’ll accept love from anyone with a pulse.

This makes them particularly vulnerable to abuse in all forms, regardless of whether it’s emotional, financial, or physical.

If you struggle with this, a great tip is having and maintaining self-respect.

Establish boundaries, stand up for yourself, and be brave enough to walk away if someone isn’t treating you as you should.

Being in a toxic or abusive relationship is never worth it, regardless of how you may feel about yourself.

#12. Be Yourself and Don’t Change

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You are who you are, and often that person is good enough.

You shouldn’t have to change yourself significantly to be with someone else, and their asking indicates they’re not the right person for you.

Of course, there are always exceptions.

Making small sacrifices is a part of making a life with another person.

But if they ask you to change who you are entirely, it’s time to leave.

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