Neville Goddard SATS Manifestation Technique Explored

The Neville Goddard SATS manifestation technique has been around for quite some time but is not always fully understood. Until now.

Neville Goddard was an author and teacher who believed that you could create anything you want by simply feeling it as if it were already a part of your life.

He taught that by using your imagination, or feelings, as a way of tapping into the universal mind, you could manifest love, money, and everything else you wanted into your reality without having to wait for it to show up on its own.

But how do we actually do this? The secret lies in how we feel our thoughts of desire.

You’ve probably heard people talking about feeling their desires with their body or “in their body”.

And while this is certainly one way to use your feelings to create, many people struggle with understanding exactly what they need to do.

You can easily connect with the feeling of your dreams through Neville Goddard’s imagining exercise, which he called SATS.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this unique manifestation technique by a leader in this field.

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Who was Neville Goddard?

Neville Lancelot Goddard (1905–1972) was a prophet, a teacher with enormous influence, and a writer.

He did not identify as a metaphysician or adhere to any of the “isms” or “New Thought” teachings that these organizations frequently promoted.

Goddard was around to reestablish understanding of the significance of what the ancients wanted to convey to the world and to show the psychological truths contained in Biblical teachings.

From the late 1930s until his passing in 1972, he was a well-liked speaker on metaphysical subjects and produced more than ten books using the pen name Neville.

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What Were Some of His Books?

During this lifetime, Neville Goddard authored quite a number of books.

Here is a list of them:

What is Neville Goddard SATS?

SATS stands for State Akin to Sleep, a term coined by Neville Goddard.

According to him, SATS can be attained by lying flat on your bed or by unwinding in a chair while shutting your eyes and approaching sleep.

In SATS, your senses are all asleep except for your mind, which is awake enough to control.

Controlling your mind’s attention is necessary and the SATS method is so useful because of this.

We learn the law of assumption from Neville Goddard, and SATS is a method for making your goals come true.

Neville Goddard recommended SATS as a technique for using your imagination without having your logical mind immediately reject the image.

What is the Science Behind SATS?

neville goddard sats manifestation method

In every manner, Neville Goddard was decades ahead of his time, and his manifesting methods, particularly SATS, are evidence of his brilliance.

According to current scientific thinking, although your conscious mind sleeps at night, your subconscious mind stays awake.

The subconscious mind actually filters and organizes all the data your conscious mind has gathered during the day.

Therefore, if you give your subconscious mind a clear instruction just before going to bed, it will work on it all night and you will soon start seeing its proofs in the “actual” world.

To go a bit more into detail, SATS is done right before you drift into sleep, and the 2 stages that are commonly known are alpha and theta waves.

During this stage, your mind gets into a state of wakeful relaxation, and it is during this time that you can “program” your mind and manifest your desires.

How to use the Neville Goddard SATS Manifestation Technique?

One of Neville Goddard’s most famous concepts is the idea that we have infinite potential because everything already exists as an idea in some other dimension.

When we focus on something hard enough, he says, it will appear in our reality just as if it were materializing out of thin air—and this can be done by imagining your dreams as if they were already real!

If you are familiar with the concept of manifestation, the SATS manifestation technique will not sound like something outlandish to you.

Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • The key idea is to get into a brain state of alpha or theta waves
  • Close your eyes while you sit comfortably or lie down
  • Take several long breaths
  • Let your mind go while you unwind
  • Imagine the aftermath of your desire being satisfied
  • Continue to replay the scene in your head until it seems real
  • Imagine yourself there, able to touch, smell, and hear the scene
  • Repeat it every day until you stop wanting it because you think you already possess it

If you want to learn more in detail, check out the guide below:

Pick an objective or desire you want to come true.

This phase is essential because you cannot create anything if you don’t have clarity about what you want.

You may have a hundred things you wish to materialize, but I strongly advise you to concentrate on only one for a few weeks and allow the SATS’s power to take you by surprise!

Imagine how you would feel if “that” ambition or wish came true.

According to Neville Goddard, every manifestation’s secret is a feeling. So, until you are unable to feel your desire’s feelings beforehand, you cannot create it.

This phase is quite easy, and don’t worry, you’ll become more aware of your emotions each day.

For the time being, just imagine the joy, goodness, and warmth your desire would bring to your heart and tummy.

Get into bed at night and become completely at ease.

It’s time to go to bed and unwind at night once you’ve finished all of your daily chores.

Close your eyes, relax in a comfortable posture on bed, and take a few deep belly breaths. Continue to breathe deeply until you begin to feel a sense of stillness enveloping your entire self.

The key to determining whether you are actually relaxed is to observe whether your mind has ceased babbling rubbish.

The optimal time to begin using the SATS technique is when your mind has begun to unwind.

Bring up the emotions associated with achieving your goal

Recall that in step 2 above, I asked you to imagine the emotions you would experience if your goal come true?

Start imagining that exact experience of having your wish fulfilled when you are completely relaxed.

OR create a tiny scenario of your future in which your dream is fulfilled and you are living your life.

Get lost in the moment and invoke as many powerful feelings as you can that are associated with your desire.

Go to sleep

Now that you are in a relaxed and elevated state, it is the best time to go to sleep and subconscious mind start reprogramming.

How Long Do You Need To Practice SATS by Neville Goddard?

How Long Do You Need To Practice SATS by Neville Goddard

According to Neville Goddard, the time it takes for a desire to manifest depends on how natural it feels to you.

Let’s imagine, for illustration’s sake, that you want to get married. You are ruining your chances for the desire to materialize if your daily activities and ideas are incompatible with marriage.

What sort of ideas would you entertain if you were already wed?

Are you imagining that every individual you see is your future spouse the entire day?

No. because your wish is already fulfilled!

Once your request has been granted, you are manifesting.

Because your reasoning mind is not hindering your ability to envisage in SATS, you can achieve this state more quickly.

How To be successful using the SATS method?

In order to give yourself the best chance of success with the SATS method, here is what I would recommend you do:

  • Pick one SATS wish or objective at a time.
  • Get very specific about the emotions you expect to experience upon achieving that goal.
  • Before going to bed every night, practice this sensation.
  • Sleep in the state of a wish coming true.
  • For 21 nights, repeat this procedure every night.
  • You can switch to a new target and continue the process there after 21 days.

What is the best time for State Akin To Sleep (SATS) technique?

The SATS approach is most effective right before bed.

Although you can practice SATS at any time of the day by unwinding, doing so right before bed makes it simpler to get to the point where you’re sleepy but yet awake enough to manage your mind’s focus.

The moment after waking up is the second-best time to do SATS.

Your rational mind isn’t alert enough to interfere with your imagination at this time.

Additionally, you are not thinking about the activities of the day.

Is SATS the same as the Law of assumption?

The SATS approach was introduced by Neville Goddard to assist you to achieve your goals and is just one of several manifestation strategies.

According to the Law of Assumption, what you continue to believe to be true also becomes true in your reality.

So SATS is actually a part of the Law of Assumption.

In Conclusion: Neville Goddard SATS

If you do this exercise every day, it will become easier and easier.

Soon, you’ll be able to feel your desires as if they are already yours and begin to experience the results in your life.

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