The Sacred Sisterhood: 14 Unbreakable Rules of the Girl Code for Empowering One Another

Are you looking to strengthen your relationships with female friends?

Do you need a set of guidelines to help forge powerful connections that will last far longer than any one conversation, hang-out session, or silly Instagram post?

If so, then look no further; we’re here today to bring you the 14 unbreakable rules of the girl code a sacred sisterhood made up of friendships that respect and empower one another.

Making it a priority to foster genuine connections within our own communities is an essential part of creating healthier and happier lives for all women.

From nurturing yourself and those around you through kind words and actions to celebrating each other’s successes in life, let’s get into what this giftperpetual means for us all!

#1. Not Dating Someone’s Ex

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Dating an ex of someone close to you is generally considered a no-no.

However, there are going to be situations where it might be OK.

If someone has a partner they weren’t compatible with and it was an amicable split, it may be OK for you to enter a relationship with them. Your friend will likely be happy for you (although it might still be a bit awkward for everyone as they adjust).

However, don’t date an ex that broke up with your friend even though they didn’t want to or an ex that treated your friend terribly.

Both situations can leave a sour taste in everyone’s mouth and are likely not worth the drama that will arise.

#2. Be The Hype Girl

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No matter how big or small the accomplishment, support your sister’s dreams and be excited for them. 

Celebrate her successes with as much enthusiasm as if it were you.

#3. Always Share Hygiene Products If the Opportunity Arises

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Hygiene products are expensive, and not everyone may have them in every situation.

Even more importantly, not everyone can quickly access them when needed.

If someone needs it, it’s always girl code to share hygiene products when the opportunity arises.

Someone else will have your back when needed because they know how hard it can be out here.

#4. Offer Help When Someone Is Struggling With Their Child

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Being a mom is hard, so having a support system you can rely on is paramount.

If you see that someone is momentarily struggling, offer them some help.

For example, if they’re trying to dig through their purse or talk on the phone, offer to hold their child so they can do what they need to do quickly.

If they have to run an errand, offer to watch over their child so they can get it done.

It takes a village to raise a child; your help is greatly appreciated!

#5. Give Her a Heads Up If There’s Something About Her Appearance That You’d Want to Know

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It’s never a good thing to nitpick, point out something about someone’s body, or say rude things that someone is incapable of changing.

However, it’s never rude to let someone know something they may not notice that you would appreciate someone else pointing out.

For example, if another woman has lipstick on her teeth, pulling her aside and letting her know may be a lifesaver so she doesn’t go through the rest of the day or the evening with lipstick on her teeth.

Simple things like these can mean so much to others. If you want it done for you, try to extend that kindness to others!

#6. Ask If Someone Is OK When She’s Crying

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This is also common sense, but ask if someone is OK when she’s crying.

It could be related to work, relationships, or any other source of stress in life.

No matter what it is, having someone ask about the situation shows them that others genuinely care.

Some women might offer more information, while others might want to deal with it alone.

Either way, having someone show empathy towards them can make someone’s day.

#7. Offer Up a Compliment When You Can

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Everyone loves to be complimented, especially on smaller things others might not notice.

Do you love someone’s top? Tell them!

Do you think their eyes are pretty? Let them know!

Complimenting other women is a great way to lift them, and everyone likes to receive them, especially on more challenging days.

#8. Be Honest With Each Other

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Skirting around a subject does no one any favors.

Trying to say things indirectly can be passive-aggressive and make everyone uncomfortable.

Instead, be open and honest. Direct communication is always the best way to communicate, as there’s no room for wrong interpretation.

If you feel something needs to be said to one of your friends, say it!

They’ll appreciate the honesty, even if it’s something they might not want to hear.

#9. Don’t Be Flirtatious With Someone’s Partner

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There will always be someone new who enters the friend group, which applies to people’s partners.

Your friend might bring their boyfriend to functions or other group settings where it’s not just the girl.

Making sure that they feel comfortable and not do things like flirting with their partners makes things go much smoother for everyone.

This can seem relatively basic, but it’s still a piece of girl code worth mentioning.

#10. Pretend to Know Her If She Looks Uncomfortable With Someone

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There are instances where a man may approach a woman, only for her not to know him and for him to try to be overly friendly even if she’s sending signals that she’s not interested.

If she’s alone and you see that she’s uncomfortable with someone who shouldn’t be there, walk up to her and pretend to know her so that you can get her out of the situation and drive the stranger away.

This is especially important when alcohol may be involved, and another woman may not be sober enough to know what’s happening or make clear decisions.

#11. Don’t Leave Someone Else Alone at a Party

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Parties can be a major danger zone. At the very best, leaving a woman behind means that she will be awkwardly there on her own, which can be terrible if she doesn’t know anyone else and can’t seem to jump into a conversation with others.

At worst, there may be someone lurking around with bad intentions, something that is made substantially worse if your friend has been drinking.

Never leave someone else alone at a party unless they’ve specifically told you that they’re going to stay and there are other people there that they know and are comfortable with.

#12. Share Your Location When Going On A Date

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Whether it’s a first date or a 50th, let someone know where you are and with whom.

Safety is always important, and having a buddy system in place can save lives.

#13. Don’t Be Jealous of Another Girl’s Success

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It’s natural to feel a bit envious when your friend surpasses you in any aspect of life, but it’s important to remember that her success isn’t a reflection on yours. 

Instead of being jealous, celebrate her accomplishments and the progress she’s made as it will inspire you to do great things as well.

#14. Don’t Spread Gossip and Rumors

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Words can be powerful weapons, so it’s important not to spread rumors about someone or talk behind their backs. 

Gossiping tends to bring out the worst in us, damaging relationships and creating tension amongst peers. 

By staying away from gossip, you’ll be more respected and trusted.

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