The 14 Keys for a Fairytale Romance and an Everlasting Blissful Union

Do you dream of falling in love and experiencing a fairytale romance?

Our lives can often feel like a rollercoaster, with so many highs and lows that it seems impossible to have lasting bliss.

But what if I told you that things can be different? That achieving real union isn’t only possible – but achievable!

We’ll share my 14 keys for having an everlasting blissful union in your relationship or marriage.

These tips are founded on proven psychological principles and decades of experience guiding people towards joyous relationships;

so read on for the secrets to creating happiness through deep connection with another person.

#1. You Can Spend Time Together in Silence

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There’s a reason why people might disregard the initial stages of a relationship, and that’s because this is really the honeymoon phase of any relationship. 

It’s only once you’re actually doing mundane things with the other person and existing that you can determine if a relationship is truly for you. 

For example, have you sat in the same room with them silently? 

If you have and you find that it’s difficult to do (or it’s difficult to do anything else with them that’s very mundane), you might not find that the relationship will last long. 

If you have and it was absolutely fine, that might be a good sign that the relationship is designed to last.

#2. Seeing The Best In Each Other

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In a partnership, it’s too common for individuals to fall into the pattern of focusing on each other’s weaknesses.

However, fostering a healthy relationship involves actively seeking out and cherishing the positive qualities in your partner. 

By maintaining this mindset, you can cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect, genuine admiration, and deep understanding that strengthens your bond even further. 

#3. They’ll Go Out of Their Way to Help You

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There are a lot of partners who will let their significant others fend for themselves.

Not only is this severely distressing, it can put the other person into numerous bad situations that could have otherwise been avoided. 

A good partner is someone who goes out of their way to help the other person, regardless of what they need.

Whether it’s a ride somewhere because their car broke down or just support while doing basic chores, a willingness to help out when needed is essential.

#4. They Bring Out the Best in You

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When you develop a relationship with someone, you sort of form a joint identity. 

You might be a different person when you’re with them, to an extent. 

Sometimes, this is a bad thing.

The person that they are causes all of the “negative” or “bad” things about you to float up to the surface, making who you are with them and who you are on your own a bit problematic.

A healthy relationship dynamic can be found with someone who actively works to help you improve yourself and brings out the best in you. 

If you feel great when you’re with them because they’re invested in your overall health and happiness, that’s a great sign.

#5. Emotional Connection Regardless of the Circumstances

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There are numerous emotions that one might experience in a relationship, and they’re not all joyful. 

Still, there are great partners out there who will go about their day and emotionally connect with you even if they’re angry. 

They know that it keeps the relationship healthy, helps you work through your conflicts, and allows them to remind themselves as to why they have this relationship in the first place. 

#6. Sharing Details About Your Day With Each Other

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The person that you’re in a relationship with should be heavily invested in your life. 

They constantly talk to you and they want to know everything that you have done or experienced during the day (within reason). 

Do you have regular conversations with your significant other? 

Do you tell them all about your day and ask them about theirs? 

This is a crucial aspect of a healthy relationship and a green light. 

#7. Genuinely Caring for You

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There are a lot of reasons why someone may stay in a relationship and not actually care about the other person.

They could be staying solely because they have nowhere else to go or wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they put an end to the relationship. 

They may be staying out of obligation because they can’t leave or they’re already married. 

Regardless, these types of partners may not actually care about you and will just do the bare minimum in order to keep the relationship barely alive. 

Those who are walking green flags will genuinely care for you, asking you about your day, making sure you’re okay when you look like you’re not doing so well, and taking care of you when you need to be taken care of. 

If someone shows that they care about you in the things they do for you, that’s a good sign that you’ve picked the right person.

#8. Supporting You in All of Your Endeavors

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You have dreams and wants, and they’re important. 

A good partner recognizes that, supporting you as you set off on your own adventure to achieve your goals. 

Even if you don’t end up making it or you decide that you want something else instead, they’re with you every step of the way.

#9. Paying Attention to Little Things and Doing Them

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As the saying goes, it’s the little things that count. 

People who really pay attention to these minor details are the ones that you want to hold onto. 

Do they remember what you said several conversations ago or things like your favorite foods?

More importantly, do they bring these things up when they matter most or go out of their way to surprise you with the small things that you enjoy? 

If so, they’re a keeper!

#10. Being Level-Headed and Thinking Things Through

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Emotional intelligence and regulation are not as common as one would think.

There are a lot of people out there who will blow up if they encounter any kind of inconvenience. 

This type of explosiveness rarely lends itself to a relationship. 

They might yell at their partner, take action to get back at them when they feel they’ve been wronged, or even bring things back up in arguments later to make people feel guilty or remind them about the little things that they’ve done. 

None of these actions are helpful in maintaining a relationship. 

A good partner will be level-headed and know how to regulate their emotions, avoid doing conscious things that hurt or upset you, and really think before they act or speak. 

#11. A Willingness to Forgive the Other Person

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A relationship requires a lot of compromise and an equal amount of forgiveness.

We’re all human beings, and we’re all going to say or do things that upset our significant others. 

It’s how we respond that matters. 

Those who are in healthy relationships have a partner that is willing to forgive them, knowing that they would do the same for them if they ever messed up or did something to upset them.

#12. Trusting One Another

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Trust is a cornerstone of any long-term relationship, as it’s crucial for both parties to feel secure in their partner’s reliability and honesty. 

To ensure that your bond stays strong over time, aim to create an atmosphere where you and your significant other can express yourselves freely without fear of judgment or ridicule.

#13. You Communicate Your Wants And Needs

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In a relationship, both people should feel like they’re heard and valued. 

That means being open about sharing thoughts on things you want or need from the other person. 

Whether it’s something physical, emotional, or spiritual, communication is key to success in any relationship.

#14. You Support Each Other Through Trials And Tribulations

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No relationship is perfect, but strong couples know that they need each other’s support to get through rough patches. 

Whether it’s simply lending an ear for venting or providing a shoulder for crying on, your partner should be someone you can lean on during tough times. 

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