Shatter Expectations with These 16 Unbelievably Clever Life Hacks

Do you feel like you’re stuck in the same routine day after day, not knowing how to add a bit of creativity or purpose to your life?

Do you want to level up and be more efficient with time management and daily tasks?

If so, this blog post is for you!

We’ve got 16 unbelievably clever life hacks that will help you break away from mundane routines and expectations.

Let us show you how these creative solutions can revolutionize the way you approach everyday activities.

So get ready to shatter all expectations and start living your best life today!

#1. Splash Water on Your Face

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When you do this, you have an immediate reaction that wakes you up.

It also sends more oxygen to your brain, which alerts your entire body to react.

#2. Use Corn Chips As Kindling

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Forget about using newspaper or sticks to start your campfire; try using corn chips instead! 

When there is no dry kindling, and you need something in a pinch, this tasty snack can do the trick!

To get your campfire going, just break a few corn chips into smaller pieces and place them on top of your logs. 

Light the chips with a match or lighter, and they will quickly ignite the firewood you placed underneath.

The chips will burn slowly and provide enough heat to spark the larger logs beneath them.

#3. Use Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Hard Residues Like Chewing Gum and Paint

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Have you ever gotten chewing gum or paint stuck to the surface of something and could not get it off? 

One life hack you might not know about is using rubbing alcohol to get it off.

Rubbing alcohol has many uses, and it can break down these compounds fairly well when nothing else seems to work.

Ensure you’re careful with substances like clothing, as rubbing alcohol can make shirts look funky after it’s applied.

#4. Use Unique Smells to Remember Things

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Our sense of smell is closely connected to our memory.

Chances are you’ve gotten a whiff of something in the past that reminded you of a person, moment, or idea.

You can hack this connection to take advantage of it.

If you’re studying for a test, try keeping an extremely memorable scent near you as you study.

Then, bring that scent with you when you take a test.

Once you get a whiff of it, you may remember more of what you studied than if you had never used this trick.

#5. Try Turning on Your Car’s Heat When It’s Overheating

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An overheating car is the last problem that you want to run into.

But there’s one life hack you can use to work through it and get your car to a repair shop as soon as possible.

If your car is overheating, try turning on the heat as soon as it does.

Turning on the heat can seem counterintuitive, but it pulls the hot air away from the engine, allowing it to cool down.

This will give you time to figure out where to go so you can get your car fixed immediately.

Granted, this may not work on electric cars and won’t always solve the problem.

However, it can be a handy little trick to have on hand when an emergency strikes.

Just use it sparingly instead of getting your car checked out.

#6. Use Windex to Get a Stuck Ring Off of Your Finger

Photo Credit: JanPietruszka via Deposit Photos.

Getting a ring stuck on your finger is far from ideal. 

While they make products like silicon rings designed to combat this, those that prefer metal may still encounter a time when they cannot easily slip the ring off their finger.

Are you currently going through a scare? If so, one life hack you might not know about is using Windex (or a generic glass cleaner featuring the same ingredients) to slip the ring off your finger.

You may even wish to combine this life hack with other life hacks, such as dipping your hand into ice water for a few minutes, which may reduce swelling and help you get the ring off easier, and then raise your hand in the air.

However, if your ring is digging into your skin, you may need some emergency help instead.

#7. If You’re Extremely Unmotivated, Make the Tiniest of Goals

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If you feel like you can’t get through the day and reach your goals, don’t worry. Now is the time to break them down even further.

Some people may be demotivated or overwhelmed by more goals.

However, others might instead gain momentum by checking off task after task.

So, instead of putting a whole project on your to-do list, break it down as much as possible.

The first goal may be sitting down at your desk.

Then, the second goal is to open up your browser, and so on. If there’s a will, there’s a way!

Another trick to try is using no zero days to build a habit and momentum toward reaching your goals.

#8. Shower Before Bed If You Have Allergies

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Allergies are the worst, especially when spring and summer roll along, and you breathe in pollen no matter where you go. 

But if you’re looking to avoid dealing with allergies in the comfort of your own home, one helpful life hack that might sound ridiculously simple is washing off before bed.

Why? When you go to bed after being outside all day, you’re likely introducing pollen to your bedding that stays there until you wash it next, constantly bothering you even after you come into the safety of your own home.

Shower before bedtime, and you should be good!

#9. Give Your Pets a Treat When Your Smoke Alarm Goes Off So They Know to Come to You During an Emergency

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Hopefully, you don’t have a smoke alarm that goes on too often unless you like engaging in activities like making bacon.

That said, there is one life hack that you might be able to use to your advantage if you do have a smoke alarm that goes off more than usual, along with your pets.

Whenever your smoke alarm goes off, make sure to get your pets to come to you and give them a treat every time they do.

This conditions them to find you when there’s a potential emergency automatically, calms them down so they don’t get scared by the loud noise, and potentially save your life if the alarm doesn’t immediately wake you up.

It’s not an obvious hack, but it is helpful.

#10. Use Makeup Remover on Deodorant Stains

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Some deodorant leaves behind unsightly stains that never seem to come out.

One lady found that makeup remover seemed to do the trick.

She would purchase makeup remover wipes, apply the solution directly to the underarm stains, and then wash them as usual, and they would come right out.

Consider testing this hack for yourself if you have some shirts that could benefit from it.

#11. Use Dawn Dish Soap on Everything

dawn dish soap
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Dawn dish soap is great for cleaning dishes.

But it also works wonders on other things too.

Did you know you can use it to defog your eyeglasses? Or it helps to remove fleas from pets?

What about cleaning jewelry or unclogging a toilet?

#12. Push Your Arm Into the Bite If A Dog Ever Attacks You

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Getting bitten by an animal is something no one ever wants to experience, but it can happen. 

Your first instinct will naturally be to pull away from the biting animal, but an illogical life hack to follow is to push forward into the bite.

This works to separate the jaws and prevent further damage as you aren’t trying to pull away, which can tear more skin and muscle.

You should also grab the back of their necks to control their heads as you push into the bite.

This trick can work with other animals or even humans!

#13. Rub Cooking Oil on Your Hands After Chopping Hot Peppers

Photo Credit: gresey via Deposit Photos.

There are a lot of cooking hacks out there that you can take advantage of, with one of the more well-known hacks being chewing on gum while cutting onions.

But another lesser-known hack might sound quite ridiculous when you first hear it: rubbing cooking oils like vegetable oil on your hands after you’ve cut peppers.

Why would this work at all? Well, it turns out that washing your hands after handling hot peppers and their juices does little to get rid of the hot compounds, which is why it might still burn when you go to do something afterward, like rubbing your eyes.

This is because capsaicin is not water-soluble. However, it is fat-soluble, which means it will bind to the oil and come off your hands, making it safer to engage in other activities without hurting yourself.

#14. Put Your Onion In The Freezer

man crying
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Nobody likes to cry when cutting an onion. 

To avoid the tears, put your onion in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before you begin chopping; this will help reduce the amount of sulfuric acid released when cutting into it.

When slicing onions, it’s important to use a sharp knife; dull knives tend to crush the onion, causing more irritation and tears.

#15. Custom Artwork

smart woman
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Take some old newspaper, or even scrap paper from the recycling and turn it into your own piece of art. 

All you have to do is take a blank wall and tape your papers up in an artistic way. 

Then use paint markers to draw on top of this collage. 

It could be abstract designs or figures – whatever inspires you!

#16. Headrush Relief

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When suddenly standing up, it’s common to experience a headrush. 

To quickly rid yourself of the dizziness, start flexing. 

Simply tighten your abs and hold for 10 seconds.

Repeat this process until the feeling subsides.

This technique effectively relieves tension and helps you regain focus on your current task.

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