Recognizing the Signs: 14 Indications It’s Time to Bid Farewell to Your Job

Do you dread coming to work each day?

Do your mood and productivity suffer when your alarm goes off in the morning?

We’ve all been there, experiencing that overwhelming feeling of unhappiness due to a job we can no longer tolerate.

But how do you know when enough is enough and it’s time to bid farewell for good?

It’s important to recognize the signs so that you can start taking steps toward leaving without regret or hesitation.

Today, we will explore 14 distinct indicators that it may be time to move on from your current workplace.

#1. Your Company Is Not Investing in Your Growth

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Continuing education is essential to many career paths, regardless of whether it comes from higher education or certifications.

Companies should be investing in your growth.

If your company is not, you can find a better job elsewhere.

#2. You’re Not Making Enough Money to Afford Life Comfortably

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Not everyone will be passionate about their jobs, but they should make enough to afford the necessities and have a little left over for fun.

If your budget is as tight as you can make it and your job simply isn’t paying you enough to live, it’s time to get a new job.

#3. You Haven’t (or Won’t) Be Offered a Raise/Promotion

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More often than not, you will find that you have become stagnant in a role occasionally.

There doesn’t seem like there’s much opportunity for growth, and the likelihood that you will be offered a raise is minimal.

Many see this as a sign that it’s time to leave a job if financially possible at the given moment.

Just make sure you have something lined up before you quit.

#4. Your Work Is Going Unrecognized

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No one expects a parade every time they do something well.

But it’s not too much to ask that your employer recognizes all the hard work you put in for them.

Feeling unimportant and unrecognized is a significant contributor to employee churn, and it may be why you feel it’s time to leave an organization, too.

#5. It’s Becoming a Major Source of Stress

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Jobs can be difficult, but they shouldn’t be so stressful that you dread going to work or experiencing physical symptoms due to what you do.

Seriously consider whether or not it’s a good decision to hold onto a job when chronic stress sets in and you’d much rather be doing anything but what you’ve been hired to.

#6. This Job Was Always Just a Stepping Stone

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Many jobs are just a momentary stepping stone as you work toward something better.

Don’t feel bad if this is the case for your current job.

Determine where you want to go and quit when you decide on your next move.

#7. Changes Are Impacting Your Safety or Ability to Work

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Workplace changes can be positive or negative.

If safety issues are becoming more abundant or there are new implementations of software that allow managers to micromanage you, you might find that you can’t do your job as well as you used to.

When this happens, it’s more than okay to say goodbye.

#8. The Company Isn’t Heading in a Good Direction

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Some companies thrive and then make many decisions that gradually drive the business into the ground.

If you feel the company is going in a poor direction, listen to your gut and consider quitting.

It might just save you the grief of being let go of later.

#9. You’re Ready for a Change in Your Career

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Many reasons to quit so far have involved a jump to something better for you, yet still in the same vein.

But that might not be the case for everyone.

If you’re ready for a career change and have the money to hold yourself over for now, quit that job and do what you want to do.

#10. Promises Have Been Made But Not Fulfilled

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So many startups will make promises about pay and benefits as you grow with the company, only to fail to deliver.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for those promises.

Get something that will offer you precisely what you want as soon as you start with them.

#11. There Are Better Opportunities Out There

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Unless you have a C-level position with fantastic pay and benefits, there’s always something out there that will be better for you.

It might be time to quit your job if you keep seeing these opportunities and are ready to seize them.

#12. You’re Dealing With Abusive Management

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Management can be challenging to deal with, but that doesn’t mean they should be rude or abusive to their employees.

If you deal with more screaming than praise and worry that you’ll constantly be reprimanded for something you shouldn’t be reprimanded for, jump ship!

#13. You Dread Going To Work Every Day

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Do you dread Mondays or the sound of your alarm clock signaling the start of another week?

This chronic unease and lack of excitement for work is a red flag that something needs to change.

If you can’t find any joy in your job, it’s probably time to look elsewhere.

#14. You Are Bored At Work

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If you’re not being challenged, it’s only a matter of time before your motivation and performance start to suffer.

If you find yourself becoming easily bored, that could be an indication that it’s time to move on.

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