10 Couples Reveal the Moment They Knew They Found ‘The One’


Finding true love is a journey that all of us hope to complete at some point in our lives.

But how do you know when you’ve found the right person?

It’s something each of us struggles with, and it can be hard to recognize when you have finally met “the one.”

To help give perspective on this age-old question, 10 couples share their stories about what made them realize they had truly found each other.

These special moments vary from couple to couple but communicate the same underlying message: finding your perfect match really does exist!

#1. Cry-Laughing Over Stupid Jokes

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Compatibility is a major aspect of a good relationship.

You’re already off to a great start if you can do the same things and be bored together.

People have discovered that they found the one by cry-laughing at the same stupid jokes and having a similar sense of humor.

What better way to bond than to laugh together?

#2. Cooking Together

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Sometimes, the most mundane of tasks can be the thing that shows you how connected you are with your partner.

One person talks about how they started cooking in the kitchen, only for their partner to join them and feel completely comfortable and at home throughout the process.

Another person talked about doing something as mundane as making coffee, which also felt great doing with them even though it was an everyday task.

If you like doing day-to-day stuff with them, that’s always a good sign.

#3. Spending Quality Time With Each Other’s Children

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People who are childless often have less to worry about, only thinking about whether or not they’re compatible with someone.

But those with children need to make sure a potential partner is right for them as well.

One woman eventually introduced her partner to her child, and her child spent 40 minutes showing him his card collection and asking his opinion about things.

This was obviously a major green flag for her, so she continued the relationship now that her partner was comfortable with her child and vice versa.

#4. Trying to Find Ways to Get Your Attention

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Sometimes, working up the courage to make the first move and get someone to go out with you can be challenging.

This is what happened in the beginning for some couples who have been together for a while.

One man recounted how his significant other, who was previously just a co-worker, would go out of her way to try to get him to figure out why the scanning machine wasn’t working (even though it was barely used and functional).

As it turns out, she was trying to get him to pay attention to her unit she was finally able to ask him out.

#5. Giving Up Comfort for You

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Some people are going through hard times while also trying to date, which can add an extra layer of difficulty to an already complicated scenario.

One woman talked about how she was going on a second date and didn’t have much money.

It was extremely cold outside, and she didn’t have the proper attire to deal with the weather, so she bundled up with as many layers as possible.

Upon seeing her in her condition, he offered her his coat so she wouldn’t be freezing throughout the date.

That’s the simple gesture that sealed the deal.

#6. Going With You Across the Country

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Have you ever had to move far away for work, school, or other reasons?

If so, you likely didn’t expect people to simply pack up and move there with you.

There are a ton of reasons why this would be a logistical nightmare and why many wouldn’t want to make the trek.

But some have found people out there that are more than willing.

Several people have described their need to move somewhere else and expect their relationship to end, only to be pleasantly surprised by their partner’s willingness to pack everything up and move with them.

If they’re willing to drop everything and go where you go, it’s a safe bet they’re in it for the long haul.

#7. Being the First Thing They Think About After an Accident

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One man describes how his girlfriend experienced a traumatic brain injury and ended up in a coma in the hospital.

Upon waking, she was asking nurses and doctors about him and his birthday, despite none of them knowing who he was.

He knew she was someone he wanted to be with because of her reaction and the fact that she thought so much about him after waking up from her coma.

Unfortunately, the relationship ended because he couldn’t provide her with everything she wanted and felt it best for her to go on and live her life doing everything she wanted to do.

#8. Didn’t Mind That You Drooled on Them

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Sometimes, how you know someone is made for you is hilarious rather than cute.

One woman describes how she had accidentally fallen asleep on her boyfriend, only to leave a pool puddle on his chest.

Believing he was asleep, she quietly went to dab it away, only to notice that he was smiling and laughing at the situation instead of sleeping.

Moments like these can mean everything to someone and create hilarious stories for the future.

#9. Sticking Around Despite a Terrible Fight

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It’s not always the good times that tell us whether or not we can be with someone, but how we react to the bad times.

Several people talk about having horrendous fights with their partners and seriously considering leaving the relationship.

However, they realized it would be a massive mistake and worked through it instead, only to continue that relationship despite having such a big fight.

#10. Thinking a Trip Would Be Better With Your Partner

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There are many ways people have discovered they had found “the one,” but one that takes the cake is missing them during activities you would normally enjoy yourself.

Avid travelers discovered that they were finally in a long-term relationship with someone they could spend the rest of their lives with once they started feeling as though their trips would be much better if they had their partners in tow.

If you miss your partner when you’re doing things you wouldn’t normally do with someone else, there’s a good chance there’s something worth looking into!

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