How To Deal With The Fear Of Growing Up


How To Deal With The Fear Of Growing UpMost of us have experienced, at one point or another in our lives, the desire to run away to Neverland so that we can stay with Peter Pan and his lost boys, without having to ever grow up.

Many of us have also tried, as children, to brew some sort of magical potion that will keep us as children forever, so that we don’t have to become an adult.

This is completely understandable, growing up and becoming an adult is scary.

Your life changes and the world suddenly becomes much harder because you are in charge of yourself, with all the responsibilities that it entails.

How can we deal with the fear of growing up?

On a basic level, the fear of growing up is equal to a fear of the unknown.

It is also a fear of things going badly, or of not living up to the expectations you have set up for yourself.

For some, this fear of growing up can be very severe, so it is important to develop coping mechanisms and to understand where it stems from.

At the end of the day, growing up is inevitable.

Time is unforgivable and does not stop just because you wish it.

You will eventually grow up and will be faced with all of those fears.

The good news is that reality is never as bad as fear makes it out to be.

You will survive. You will make it through. You will grow up, but you will be okay.

In this post we’ll go over some more ways you can use to help you overcome the dear of growing up.

How To Deal With The Fear Of Growing Up

Why Do People Fear Growing Up?

The fear of growing up is a lot more common than we might think and is completely normal.

In fact, as it is so closely related to a fear of the unknown, it’s practically in our basic instincts to be afraid of what might come from the future and of our lives once we’ve grown up.

One of the main reasons for which the fear of growing up is so common is that growing up signifies change.

And not just small changes, but big life-altering changes that can impact the course of your life.

It’s a pretty big deal.

For many, growing up means getting separated from the familiar sense of security that comes from living at home or with your family, where everything is taken care of and is easy.

Moving away from the safety of your home and family means facing the world alone, and that’s pretty scary.

It signifies having to face the world with your own skills and resources, and with how tough the world is, there are many things that can go wrong.

This is why it’s completely normal to be afraid and to develop anxiety around the idea of it.

The prospect of navigating an adult world can also be deeply unsettling because many feel unprepared for it or incapable of achieving success within it.

You are suddenly faced with concepts you don’t quite understand.

Like complicated procedures and errands that you haven’t been fully taught, and many responsibilities that can become overwhelming.

Overcoming Your Fear

Overcoming fear

In many ways, you have already overcome your fear of growing up.

You might be confused about this, but look at it this way.

You’ve already grown up, and you are still growing up, day after day.

Things now are different from say, three years ago. There has always been some sort of change happening in your life.

However, we understand that growing up and entering an adult world, is an even bigger change.

So how can you overcome this fear?

The first thing you need to understand is that this fear never fully goes away.

This isn’t a bad thing.

In fact, fear is a vital mechanism that humans have developed to improve the chances of survival.

Fear is a warning signal inside our brains, to let us know that we have to prepare for something.

Instead of letting the fear paralyze you, take is as that warning sign.

Acknowledge your fear of growing up, and take it as a chance to prepare yourself so that you can overcome that fear.

If you feel prepared for those changes, they won’t look as scary, and you will feel a lot more prepared.

Coping Mechanisms For Growing Up

The best way to overcome or cope with your fear of growing up is to use that fear as the push you need to start preparing yourself for the many changes that will come.

If you work towards that change of growing up, instead of hiding from it or avoiding any thoughts about it, it will stop being such an unknown.

Instead it will become a transitioning period in which you adapt to new circumstances and actively pursue the course that your life will take.

This active approach to change puts you in command of your situation.

And with fewer things left up to doubts and chance, you will feel a lot more secure.

A good exercise to do is to make a list of the things you are looking forward to when you grow up and your life changes.

You can also make a list of the things you want to accomplish, and start setting out plans or stepping stones for the journey ahead.

It is important to balance out the fear with excitement for positive and good things that change will bring.

Growing up brings about a lot of problems and difficulties.

But it also comes with a lot of positive new things that you will have access to, so try focusing on that!

Another thing you can do as a coping mechanism is to determine the things that won’t change.

It’s good to have a strong and secure base to fall back on.

Which are things that will stay the same no matter what the future brings?

Perhaps it is your family, and the love and support your parents will always give you, no matter what.

Perhaps it is a stuffed toy that you can always take with you, as a reminder that the past is not lost.

It is simply a bit further away because you’re moving to new phases in your life.

Growing up shouldn’t be about losing something, but gaining many new things.

Final Thoughts

Fear of growing up is far more common than we think, and it is a completely normal reaction to change and an uncertain future.

It is that sense of the unknown, and the expectation of hardship and difficulties, that makes leaving the security and safety of childhood very hard.

However, it is important to take an active approach to growing up.

This make the doubts turn into projects, and you are placed in command of the changes as they take place.

Always remember that although growing up can be scary, it also brings about many exciting prospects in life.

And many new chances that you didn’t have access to before!

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