6 Powerful Tricks for How To Be More Talkative

Have you ever sat in a group of people and found that you were not sure what to say?

Perhaps you struggle to make conversation while you are at the nail salon or having your hair cut?

Making conversation and becoming more talkative can be a tough thing to master, especially if you struggle with social situations or have social anxiety.

Even being shy can get in the way of you being a talkative person.

While some people have no issue with being the chattiest person in the room, for others, this is something that does not come naturally.

What is important to remember is that both of these are okay.

If you prefer to sit back and listen to the conversation, rather than actively taking part there is no shame in doing just that.

However, if you actively want to be more talkative and push the boundaries of your comfort zone then this article is just what you need.

We will be providing you with some foolproof tips on how you can become more talkative.

This advice is easy to implement in your day to day life, and before you know it, you will be the one starting all of the conversations.

6 Tips To Be More Talkative

#1. False Confidence

how to be more talkative

If you are shy or not as confident being talkative, sometimes as the saying goes, you have to fake it until you make it.

This can be difficult to do at first if being talkative does not come naturally to you.

But, the more you convince yourself that you are a confident and talkative person, the more you will become just that.

Try starting up a conversation at work or with your friends and show that you can keep the conversation going.

Although you may not feel it inwardly, if you show outwardly that you are confident, you will make the people you are talking to feel more at ease.

I can speak first hand that this is true.

I am naturally shy and tend to not be talkative.

But in my last job, my co-workers were stunned to hear me say I am shy.

Because I acted confidently and used some tricks to keep a conversation going, they just assumed I was naturally talkative.

Likely, you will also feel at ease if the people around you do too!

#2. Practice

In this situation, practice does indeed make perfect!

The more you start conversations and actively participate in them, the more they will come naturally to you. 

Try joining in a few conversations a day and build up your involvement slowly.

Over time you will notice how being more talkative will come more naturally to you.

While it may not be something that you will feel completely comfortable doing, the more talkative you are, the easier conversations will become.

#3. Talk About A Topic You Are Passionate About

The best way to become more talkative is to chat about something you are passionate about.

When we talk about the things we enjoy or love, we naturally want to share our thoughts and continue a conversation.

Compared to something that we do not enjoy, talking about interests will come far more naturally to you.

Why not start up a conversation about your favorite music genre or movie? What about the latest TV show you are watching or your opinions on certain foods?

While you may be thinking that you do not have any interests that are worth talking about, trust us, they are! 

Finding your niche is important and can help you to find like-minded people that share the same interests as you.

You will be surprised how talkative you can become when you are actively talking about the things you enjoy!

Alternatively, you could try chatting about current events and sharing your opinions and thoughts on what is going on in your area or the world.

One word of caution here.

If you enjoy talking politics or religion, tread lightly as these topics can be more damaging than productive.

#4. Ask Questions 

This is by far the best trick I use to be more talkative.

And if you do it right, you really won’t be doing much talking at all!

If you are in a situation where you are with a person for an extended period, such as a hair salon, the conversation can quickly die down after general chit chat subsides. 

In this situation, why not try asking some questions to the people around you?

Questions are great conversation starters, especially for those who are a little shy and less talkative.

Questions invite others to join in a conversation and also allow you time to listen. 

ask questions

If you are asking someone else a question, they are filling in the silence that you may not feel comfortable talking through.

This is a great way to start becoming more talkative as you can be attentive and ask the person further questions. 

Your questions may also encourage others to ask you questions of their own, and before you know it, you have chatted through the silence!

#5. Start Small

If you are introverted and hate group conversations, being talkative during these times is likely very daunting.

But, in doing so it will help you significantly grow in confidence.

If you are not comfortable with contributing a lot, why not start small instead.

Try responding to closed questions to get yourself more comfortable speaking in front of others. When this becomes second nature, perhaps respond with a few sentences.

Always remember to not put too much pressure on yourself.

If you force yourself to speak when you are uncomfortable and anxious, this can sometimes make the situation worse.

Taking things slowly is sometimes the best option.

And remember, most conversations have moments of silence.

You don’t have to fill every moment with talking.

#6. Be Approachable And Friendly

Often, if you are nervous in social situations, this can be mistaken for rudeness.

While this is not the case, ensuring your body language is welcoming is important.

Try relaxing your arms and face, and smile when you are talking.

You will be surprised by how much this will make a difference in the overall conversation.

Eye contact is also important as it allows the conversation to be engaging.

It shows the person you are talking to that you are being attentive and listening to what they have to say.

Be aware of how you carry yourself.

I was accused of being too good for people at one point.

I would walk into a room tall and confident, but I wasn’t smiling.

The result was while I was feeling good about myself, I didn’t come off as friendly.

Final Thoughts

There are the best tips to help you to be more talkative.

Always remember to only do things that you are comfortable with.

While stepping out of your comfort zone is great to do, take things slowly, and grow in your confidence over time. 

If you follow these steps for a few months, you will be surprised by how much your conversations will improve.

While talking does not come naturally to us all, it can become easier over time. 

Always remember to be welcoming and open when you are chatting with others.

While it is important to talk, listening, and being attentive is just as important.

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