Hiring The Right Person For The Job: 3 Steps To Success

hiring the right personAs a hiring manager, hiring the right person for the job is a challenging decision. If you hire the wrong person, it can be frustrating, costly, and time consuming. And hiring the wrong person doesn’t just affect you. It affects your entire team.

Having the wrong person on your team can drag down the entire group and ruin productivity and performance.

Hiring the right person on the other hand, gives you increased productivity and a positive impact on your work environment. And when it comes to your team, hiring the right person adds value here as well and can help your team perform even better.

Therefore, it is imperative you go about finding the right person for the job. But how do you do this? Here are our top tips for selecting the right candidate with the help of Beacon Resources as your San Francisco finance recruiter.

3 Steps To Hiring The Right Person For The Job

#1. Analyze And Define The Position

The hiring process starts with an in-depth job analysis. Collect information about the responsibilities, duties, and necessary skills about the position you’re filling is crucial to creating an engaging and accurate job description.

If you don’t do this step, you are going to get a flood of resumes from people who don’t have the skills or attributes you need for the position.

This first step is crucial for setting up your recruiting strategy. So be sure to take your time here. If the new hire will be performing similar jobs to other people you manage, look at the skills and attributes they possess that help them to be successful.

Then look at what they lack that if they had, would allow them to do the job better.

#2. Develop Relationships With Candidates

When you choose Beacon Resources, you get access to a lucrative talent pool. You can start recruiting and developing relationships with candidates before you’re ready to make the final hiring decision.

Make use of this network and maintain consistent contact with qualified candidates to make your choice easier.

Another option for you is to stalk people on LinkedIn. You can search for people who have similar skills and experience for the job you are hiring for and connect with them there.

You can even used LinkedIn for the previous step when creating your list of skills and attributes.

#3. Prescreen And Check References

You don’t want to waste time interviewing and rigorously selecting candidates only to find out they’re not right for the position. A candidate might look impressive on paper, but a prescreening interview will tell you more.

To do this effectively and efficiently, narrow down your list of potential candidates to 5-10 and set up a short 15 call with them. This will give you a good idea if it is worth your time to bring them in for a formal interview.

Checking references is also necessary to hiring a dependable employee. With Beacon Resources, we take care of pre screening, performing background checks, and contacting references to ensure you’re only considering the best talent.

With daily reports of people fudging their past employment or education, doing a background check is essential. Same goes for checking references. You can learn a lot about a potential employee by reaching out to their references.

Final Thoughts

The hiring the right person for the job requires much more than throwing together a job description and reviewing resumes.

You want an employee who complements your work environment with more than just a skill set. A candidate’s personality, work ethic, and adaptability is key to not only their own success at the company, but also your teams and their fellow employees.

You can only get insight into these traits through a rigorous recruitment process that allows you to hire the right person for the job.

For expert help in finding the right candidate, contact Beacon Resources, the best finance recruiters in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Just call 1-844-500-8100 or fill out our online form to contact our San Francisco office.

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