Discover These 12 Overlooked Things That Bring You Happiness But You May Not Realize

Happiness is what we all pursue in life.

Yet often, the small things that truly make us happy go overlooked.

We get so caught up in chasing the big dreams and grand vacations that we fail to notice the little daily delights right before our eyes.

As a lifelong explorer of happiness, I’ve made it my mission to uncover these oft-forgotten felicities.

Through extensive research and candid conversations with friends and strangers alike on their simple pleasures, I’ve gathered a list of 12 frequently overlooked things that can significantly boost your mood if you let them.

Small acts like savoring a crisp morning, bonding with a neighbor over coffee, or reveling in the beauty of nature’s smallest wonders. 

These are the kind of petite pleasures that brighten even the glummest of days without much thought or effort.

Join me as I reveal these subtle sources of delight and showcase how easy it is to infuse your life with more smiles.

#1. Shoes

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Shoes are the only thing keeping us protected from the sharp objects littering the ground and the heat or the cold.

Almost everyone has shoes, but there are individuals far less fortunate who might have to go without them for a period of time.

Next time you put on your shoes to do something, think about how much they protect you on a daily basis.

#2. Clean Water

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Clean water isn’t a given, especially in underdeveloped countries.

Remembering that you have access to clean drinking water, clean bathing water, clean water to wash your clothes in, and more can be an eye-opening experience.

#3. Fresh Produce

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Fresh produce is something you can’t live without when you need a refreshing snack or if you’re someone who likes to cook.

But like general access to food, not everyone may have access to fresh produce and depend instead on other food sources.

Having all the different types of food we want in our vicinity or at our fingertips can be a privilege, too.

#4. Power

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The modern world relies heavily on power.

If we didn’t have electricity, there’s no telling what we would do to survive.

#5. Being Able to Breathe Through Your Nose

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A little lighter topic we often take for granted is being able to breathe out of your nose.

Being sick is the worst, and most illnesses are accompanied by congestion that will not go away no matter how much we blow.

Once we’re able to breathe again, we’re appreciative. Then we go back to forgetting how much of a blessing it is to be able to breathe correctly.

#6. Good Parental Examples

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There are a lot of people out there who look back fondly on their childhood and talk about how their parents taught them certain things about life.

However, some didn’t have the good parental examples they needed to navigate life moving forward effectively.

This has set them back and made them wish they did have the good role models that most others do.

#7. Safety

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Not everyone lives in a safe environment, regardless of whether we’re talking about the home or the country.

This lack of safety can constantly weigh on people, causing chronic stress and anxiety that never entirely goes away.

If you feel safe both where you live and in the country you’re a citizen of, you can be grateful for it.

#8. Clean Air

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Some countries have horrendous air quality due to certain industrial processes, and others struggle occasionally due to disasters like wildfires.

Regardless, having to be cooped up inside or even wearing masks to get around can change your perspective on how often we take clean air for granted.

#9. Good Health and Well-Being

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Your health is something that you take for granted until something happens to it.

Sometimes, this is something minor that we overcome and then return to living our lives.

Other times, we may have to deal with long-term issues that continue to affect us negatively.

Always be grateful for your health when it’s good!

#10. Access to Food

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Access to food isn’t guaranteed, even if you have enough money to feed yourself.

Plenty of food deserts exist throughout the U.S., meaning some have to rely on the minimal fast food options around them.

Access to food is always something we can be grateful for.

#11. Being Able-Bodied

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Many people don’t realize how fortunate they are to be able-bodied.

Those with disabilities must find ways to adjust to life and do things others can do relatively easily.

If you’re able-bodied, you’re already quite fortunate!

#12. Parents in General

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Having people you can talk to who completely understand you and will always be there for you is a blessing.

But as we get older, we tend to lose those people.

Don’t take parents for granted, as they unfortunately won’t always be there.

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