God is Waiting to Hear From You! 12 Easy First Steps for Connecting Through Prayer

Prayer can be a powerful part of your routine, sending your wishes, gratitude, and calls for support to the heavens.

That said, getting started with prayer can be a bit more complicated.

Prayer looks different and feels different for everyone, meaning some take time to figure out how to pray in their own way.

If you’re getting started in your prayer journey, here are 15 easy ways to start praying.

#1. Pray Through Journaling

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Most people pray through the spoken word, but the written word can also work.

Create your own prayer journal where you can write down your prayers, list some Bible verses that uplift and support you, and make notes you might use in the future.

#2. Establish a Routine

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It can be challenging to start praying if you’re not used to doing it daily.

Establish a routine for yourself where you pray around the same time each day.

This will make it easier to get into a rhythm where praying at a specific time comes naturally.

#3. Start With a Template

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Some people are excellent at forming a prayer on the spot.

Others might struggle to find the right words to express their feelings.

If you struggle with spontaneous prayer, find prayer ideas and templates online that you can use in your own prayer routine.

#4. Remind Yourself Why It’s Important to You

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If you don’t feel connected with prayer, you might not get the most out of it.

Ask yourself why prayer is important and why you want more of it in your life.

When you identify the “why,” it becomes much easier to pray.

#5. Establish the Right Environment for Prayer

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Some people need silence and solitude when they pray, so it’s important for some to find the right space.

If you pray better in quiet locations, carve out a space for yourself and your room and pray when the rest of the world is quiet.

#6. Pray Anywhere When the Mood Strikes

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On the other hand, others can pray anywhere and everywhere when they need to.

If prayer doesn’t require solitude or silence, pray whenever the mood strikes.

You might pray on the way to work, when you need a quick boost, or when you’re even at the gym.

#7. Pray in a Way That Feels Comfortable to You

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People see prayer as something done on your knees with your hands clasped tightly together.

However, there are other ways to pray.

You might pray sitting on your bed, standing up, and even without your hands clasped together.

Discover what prayer looks like to you so you can pray in a way that suits you best.

#8. Start Prayer Silently

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People often speak prayers in church or when they pray with others, but that doesn’t mean you have to pray aloud if it isn’t comfortable for you.

Instead, start by praying silently.

If praying out loud becomes more comfortable and you prefer it over time, you can also do that.

#9. Pray With Friends

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Having friends to pray with is like having accountability buddies.

They help make prayer fun and allow you to pray with greater ease.

If you have a religious friend group, see if you can ease into prayer by praying with them more often.

#10. Receive Guidance From People You Look Up to

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Prayer is tricky, so having someone on your side to guide you who understands can be helpful.

Whether this is a parent or guardian, someone at your church, or another role model, ask them for their advice on starting praying with less difficulty.

They might have some helpful tips you didn’t think of.

#11. Don’t Make It a Chore

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Praying should be something that you have to do but something that you want to do.

When you make prayer a chore, starting a life full of prayer is much more difficult.

See how you can reframe prayer so that it becomes appealing rather than a must-do activity that you grow to dislike.

#12. Express Your Needs

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Prayer doesn’t just look different across different individuals. It sounds different as well.

There’s a common fear that praying for yourself is wrong, but it’s often what comes naturally to us.

Although it shouldn’t take up all of your prayers, don’t be afraid to express your needs if that comes to mind.

When you pray authentically, you’ll find that prayer is much easier.

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