12 Things Men Shouldn’t Be Criticized For

It’s all too easy to criticize men in today’s society, even if they’re just trying to do the right thing.

We’ve all heard detrimental terms like “man up” or been judgmentally labeled as too macho.

But there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to disparaging men for certain behaviors, some of which are completely natural and normal expressions of masculinity, while others may simply reflect the unique struggles modern men are facing.

We’ll take a look at Things Men Shouldn’t Be Criticized For so you can learn more about what not to say when talking with the men in your life.

#1. Having Empty Apartments

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Although this is along the same vein as being judged about having enough, it’s its own distinct thing.

There have been memes about this issue, where a man will take a photo of his relatively bare apartment, and people will comment negatively about it.

If someone is satisfied with the bare minimum because that’s all they need or that’s all they can afford, that’s perfectly fine.

#2. Being Open With Their Emotions

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Another common social belief and expectation is that men should always be stoic and never hide their feelings.

When they decide to open up or express feelings other than neutrality or anger, people will be very quick to judge them for it, creating cycles of negative emotional expression and preventing them from getting the help or support they need.

#3. Watching “Girly” Movies

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Most men default to action movies.

So if a man ventures outside of that genre, especially into territories like romantic comedies, they’re made fun of for being more feminine and liking something that is strictly for women.

Even in this day and age, this is still a common perception and judgment.

#4. Liking Cocktails and Other Types of Alcoholic Beverages

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Like movies, certain drinks are considered “men’s drinks.”

These might include whisky, beer, and other hard liquor.

When a man orders a strawberry daiquiri or a cosmopolitan, they’re almost guaranteed to be made fun of by someone close to them or in the establishment.

#5. Playing Video Games

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There are a lot of hobbies that people will laugh at men for having, especially if other men do not socially accept them.

Things like enjoying video games, collecting toys or trading cards, and other hobbies are often perceived to be childish or hobbies only pursued by losers.

This makes many hide their joy for certain things outside of the home.

#6. Rejecting a Woman’s Advances

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Whether men make a move or not, people find issues with it.

If a man does decide to say that he likes someone, it’s creepy.

If a man decides to reject a woman’s advances, something must be wrong with him.

It’s a type of judgment that leaves many feeling that avoiding all interactions is better.

#7. Taking Your Children Places Alone

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Many people make assumptions when a man and a child are alone.

This makes it extremely hard to do basic things like take your child to the park or go grocery shopping with them.

Even if the comments aren’t regarding anything malicious, many people see a man with a kid as “babysitting” instead of caring for their children.

#8. Wanting to Be Alone

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Most people assume that men want to be alone, meaning they’re going through something and need to be bothered further to figure out what that issue is.

Like any other person, men want their alone time to relax and do what they wish without interacting with others.

#9. Being Nice to Other People’s Children

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Being a father to your child is considered to be creepy by some people when they assume the context without knowing the relationship.

But being friendly to other people’s children is often judged far more harshly.

If you’re friendly toward anyone else’s children, people automatically assume the worst.

#10. Not Having an Interest in Sports

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Not every man needs to have an interest in sports.

Of course, not everyone has that take.

If you don’t have an interest in sports, you have likely encountered other men who have judged you for it.

#11. Being Content With Having Enough

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Some men have exactly what they need, but they’ll still get judged if they’re not purchasing things they don’t or settling for less than what society says is correct.

Who cares what others think as long as you have your needs satisfied?

#12. Being the Stay-at-Home Dad

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There’s a deeply ingrained belief that men should be the breadmakers of the home.

When switching roles, and men take care of the home while women provide the income that keeps the household running, people tend to look down on the man being the homemaker.

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