Double Standards Unveiled: 12 Things Men Can Do, But Women Can’t

Are there certain things men can get away with that women just can’t?

It’s an age-old problem that basic sociological studies have highlighted as unavoidable in the current climate.

We may not like this fact, but it remains a reality: in many situations in life, we apply different standards of behavior to men and women.

Here, we will explore some interesting examples of double standards between genders.

Understanding these common scenarios might shift the narrative towards a more gender-neutral playing field.

#1. Talking Aggressively

man angry
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It’s no secret that there is a double standard when it comes to aggression and communication between men and women.

Men are often applauded for their assertiveness and strength in negotiating, while women are penalized and labeled as “too emotional” or “hysterical” for displaying the same type of behavior.

Unfortunately, this type of inequality can be seen in many areas of life, including the workplace and personal relationships.

#2. Not Wearing a Shirt in Public

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Men have it easy when it comes to going shirtless in public.

In fact, it’s common to see them jogging, playing sports, or just walking around town without shirts on.

However, it’s a different story when women try to do the same.

They’re usually met with raised eyebrows, disapproving looks, and worse yet, an overzealous police officer who thinks they’re breaking the law.

#3. Having Gray Hair

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For some reason, society has created the idea that gray hair is more acceptable for men than it is for women.

Men at any age with silver strands can be viewed as distinguished or wise, adding charm to their appearance.

For women, gray hair is often seen as a sign of aging and can lead to harsh judgments for not conforming to traditional beauty standards.

It’s frustrating that men can easily get away with rocking the silver fox look while women are often forced to color their hair constantly.

#4. Going Out Alone at Night

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It’s unfortunate that when it comes to going out alone at night, men and women are not treated equally.

Men are generally perceived as less vulnerable and face less scrutiny when venturing out alone after dark.

Meanwhile, women are often made to feel like they are putting themselves in danger simply by existing in public spaces at night.

#5. Not Shaving

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When it comes to shaving, men have it easier than women.

While it’s generally acceptable for men to rock a beard or go a few days without shaving, women are expected always to maintain a hairless appearance.

This can be frustrating for women who want to exercise their right to choose whether or not to shave.

#6. Being Single in Their 30s

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In our modern society, it seems that men are given the luxury of being single in their 30s without any societal backlash.

It seems society has deemed it acceptable for men to be single and focus on themselves, their careers, and their hobbies during those pivotal years.

However, women are often judged and criticized for being single in their 30s.

The pressure to settle down and start a family with a partner by a certain age is a weight solely shouldered by women.

#7. Getting Angry

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It is a common notion that men can get away with getting angry while women cannot.

The double standard between how society perceives the display of anger in both genders is deeply rooted in history and culture.

Men who express their anger are often labeled as assertive, while women who do the same are seen as aggressive or emotional.

#8. Waiting To Have Kids Later in Life

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Men are often praised for being able to have children at a later age, typically without facing any stigma or judgment.

However, women are scrutinized and given a much shorter window of opportunity to have children.

This discrepancy is not only unfair but also reflects deeply ingrained biases about women’s worth being tied to their reproductive abilities.

#9. Being Muscular

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One of the most pernicious examples of something men can get away with that women can’t is how muscular men are lauded and celebrated, while muscular women are often disparaged and even ridiculed.

The message is clear: men can get away with being strong and powerful, while women need to fit into a narrow and restrictive ideal to be accepted.

#10. Going Without Makeup

bad makeup
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Society’s beauty expectations have long placed more pressure on women than men.

Men can skip the morning makeup routine and continue their day, but women often need to conceal their “imperfections” and enhance their features to meet societal beauty standards.

While some women choose to forgo makeup, they are often judged and criticized for doing so, whereas we praise men for their natural appearance.

#11. Fat Shaming Other Men

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Fat shaming is a despicable act that can be detrimental to a person’s mental health and self-esteem.

Unfortunately, men can get away with fat-shaming other men much more easily than women can.

Society tends to view men as more aggressive and dominant, so when a man fat-shames another man, it’s often brushed off as “just guys being guys.”

On the other hand, when a woman fat-shames someone, she is often labeled as mean or jealous.

#12. Using Dating Apps Without Fear

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The double standard in dating app usage is a reality for many women.

Men can freely swipe and match without worrying about unwanted advances or being labeled as promiscuous.

However, the stigma surrounding dating app usage can be overwhelming for women.

They may face messages that are sexually explicit or crude and sometimes even experience physical threats.

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