89 Positive Affirmations For Dancers To Breakthrough

Dancing is such a graceful and beautiful activity not just to watch, but also to take part in.

When we dance, it liberates us. We let go of inhibitions and be ourselves at that moment.

That is an awesome feeling, one which does a lot of good for our mental wellbeing too.

We learn to become more positive, inculcate self-confidence, and sometimes just don’t give a damm about what others think.

Whether you are a competitive dancer or just a casual dancer, these daily affirmations for dancers are sure to perk up your day and encourage you to let go and dance!

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Preparing your mind for dancing class or competition

I am not a professional ballet dancer or anything close, but I do know a thing or two about getting into the right mindset and boosting my performance.

Positive affirmations have helped me to get ahead in my career and business and I fully trust the process.

I think you can do it too.

Here are some of my tips to help you get ready for the next time you are preparing for dance class or ahead of a dance competition (this can apply to you too if you have a kid facing this situation):

Start with a positive outlook – Dancing can be a very tough activity especially when you get more serious about it.

Memorizing dance moves, getting in sync with others, performing bone-breaking sequences.

These are all difficult things to do.

Rather than face them with fear, prep your mind to welcome these challenges and tell yourself that you can do it with time.

Face the competition – Your fellow dancers are effectively your competitors, but it is more important to honor the spirit of competition rather than let it become something divisive.

Remember, your biggest competition is yourself.

Be clear about your goals – What are you trying to achieve? What level are you aiming for?

These are important questions to ask before you embark on your journey.

When you have a clear picture, you gain clarity and direction, which in turn helps you to reach your goals quicker.

List of Daily Affirmations For Dancers

I will nail my dance routines.

I dance with a natural rhythm and grace.

I am confident as I walk onto the dance floor because I know I will enjoy the dance.

I am a wonderful dancer.

My body will be fine-toned for dancing.

I will smooth out my dance moves.

I thank other dancers for the many memories, laughter and company throughout this journey.

I have beautiful arm styling.

I will learn at least one skill today to improve my technique.

I am happy when I dance and I do not feel guilty about it.

I will be patient with myself and learn at my own pace.

No matter what I will have a happy, positive, focused attitude in class.

I practice my dance moves dilligently.

My turns are precise and quick.

I was born to be on stage.

My peers will see me as a talented dancer.

I love dancing and love the dancer that I am.

I will always believe in myself.

My movements inspire and amaze everybody.

I am impulsively fluid.

I dance in the circle of life and I allow myself to move freely.

I will save the money I need to attend the [dance activity. competition, show].

I am meant to be a dancer.

I will stop being clumsy.

I am beautiful and full of energy and passion when I dance.

Everything makes sense when I dance.

I will practice with intensity.

I always dance incredibly well.

My body is perfect for dancing.

I enjoy the freeing effects of lifting my hands, throwing my head back and moving to the beat.

Dance Affirmations

I am an excellent performer.

Dancing comes naturally to me.

I create choreographies easily.

I am thankful of my instructors as teachers, my role models as inspiration.

I have the courage to follow my heart.

I feel the music.

I will keep moving ahead in my journey with commitment and dedication towards my goal.

I dance to live.

I dance without reservations.

I give myself permission to dance outrageously.

I capture the song in my movements.

Dancing is my life.

I am my only competition, and I wish to grow into a better dancer everyday.

When I dance, I release all my cares and let go of my worries.

I learn choreographies easily.

I give myself permission to live, move, and let loose.

I excel in all forms of dance.

I will get out and dance more.

I am an awesome dancer.

I am simply myself when I dance.

I thank all the other people in my life that make it possible to express and share my love of dance.

I will always encourage other dancers who share the same goals as me.

I dance myself awake and alive.

I will move confidently.

I am unique. Only I dance like me.

I am flexible and agile.

I will not hesitate to seek guidance from my teachers whenever I need it.

I am giving my best each day.

By dancing freely, I prove to myself that life is about more than just work.

The music becomes part of me.

Dancer Affirmations

I am, and always have been, a firm believer in the power of words.

I love dancing.

I will focus entirely on the music.

I will commit 100% to dance.

I can dance to every type of music.

I enjoy my dance lessons and learn new skills with ease.

I am free to move around, jump, shout, and enjoy myself.

I feel liberated when I step onto the dance floor.

Dancing Affirmations

I choose to turn up the music and dance like no one is watching.

Dancing is in my vein. It’s natural and effortless.

Dancing is easy for me.

I’ll dance to the music of my love.

I dance with anyone and everyone.

I dance with all my heart and soul.

I will work on my coordination each day.

I dance in celebration of myself.

I celebrate life by freeing myself through dancing.

I am graceful.

Dancing is the most important thing to me.

When I’m dancing nothing else matters.

I will remember to smile and make good eye contact.

I will step up my dancing.

Even if I am not the best in the class, I will do my best.

I am faultless when I dance.

My personal growth is most important to me, and I take pride in myself.

I am talented and in the process of nurturing my talent.

I am strong and artistic.

Today is a good day to dance.

I will practice dance with all my heart and passion everyday.

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