Building Your Confidence Plays A Role In Success

building confidenceContrary to the belief of some, making money doesn’t have to be difficult. A large portion of your success will be determined by your own self-confidence and esteem. It’s more of a mental blockage than a run of bad luck or failing job markets. Your own views of yourself can cause doubts, which lead to less risk-taking. If you want to make money in order to live a comfortable lifestyle, you need to focus on your mental state first. What can you do to build your levels of confidence to achieve your goals?

Set Smaller Goals

Setting goals is how many people keep their eyes on the prize. Of course not achieving these goals can damage your levels of confidence. If you break the primary goal down into smaller and more obtainable parts, you can strategically move yourself into a position for success. This builds your confidence as achieving easier goals builds pride and a sense of accomplishment. This, in turn, puts you into a more positive frame of mind. Regardless of how far you break down your primary goal, you can achieve victory by completing each section one-by-one. Using mind mapping apps that are available online are an excellent way to break down your goals.

Be Realistic With Yourself

One of the most common ways that people fail at goals or other objectives is the lack of realistic view. Sure, everyone would like to make a million dollars in a week or two. However, not everyone has the resources available to do this. Setting realistic goals for yourself allows you to achieve the greater good one piece at a time. You can reach for the stars, but keep one foot planted on the ground. Start with something small that is realistically attainable and work to that end. Once you accomplish that smaller goal, move on to the next.

Keeping A Positive Outlook

When things get tough, it can be incredibly difficult to keep a positive outlook on anything in general. Negativity is another failing that can easily prevent you from achieving success. One good example of positive influence is that of Steve Wynn. Even after being diagnosed with retinis pigmentosa, he is still the CEO of Mirage Resorts Inc. while re-marrying his wife quoting, “The divorce just didn’t work out.” A positive frame of mind can help you stay on task while realizing your potential. By focusing on the negative of any given situation, it’s more difficult to realize the end result. This is one of the reasons why people take a moment to collect their thoughts during high-intensity situations. A bit of “you” time can do wonders for coming back to the problem with a more relaxed mind.

Find A Positive Support Structure

Many people are influenced by those around them. When one person is miserable, others may begin to feel the same way. This doesn’t mean you should abandon your friends, but finding someone that can offer a positive support structure can help you stay on task. It’s the same reason why alcoholics visit AA meetings or why people visit church every Sunday. It’s the positive interaction with those that offer a supportive role. It could be your children, wife, girlfriend, mother or anyone and anything that you feel comfortable around that offers a way to keep your mind stable.

Your level of success is determined by your own effort into any project. By taking care of yourself first, you’re in a far better position to help others or help yourself. Do what you can to build your confidence and witness how it will impact your ultimate goals.

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2 thoughts on “Building Your Confidence Plays A Role In Success”

  1. I’ve always been a fan of breaking down larger goals into smaller ones. I agree that it does more for confidence. When you consistently reach small things, it makes you feel like you’re making progress and winning. I don’t know how to describe it well, but I feel like I’m getting ahead each time I reach a small goal. it gives me a reason to celebrate. You don’t get to celebrate your victories too often if it’s just one big goal you’re trying to get. That attitude keeps me going.

    1. That was a great way of putting it Steve and what I hope others get out of it. When you make goals smaller, you celebrate more and this builds up more and more confidence, which snowballs into you stepping out of your comfort zone and growing.

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