The Ultimate Guy Code Violations: 16 Infuriating Habits that Drive Men Bonkers

Men often pride themselves on being tough, able to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Yet even the strong and rugged face a foe they cannot defeat, other men with infuriating habits that drive them bonkers!

From manspreading to posting unsolicited opinions online, these “Guy Code Violations” are sure to enrage guys of all walks of life.

Ahead we explore 16 ultimate dude offenses according to the Guy Code- see which ones you recognize in action, and why you should strive not to commit them yourself!

#1. Inability to Apologize

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It’s not easy to admit when you’re wrong, but the ability to apologize is an important facet of maturity and respect.

While this sentiment is often preached to children, it seems that some men struggle to take it to heart as adults.

In fact, many men find themselves annoyed with other men who are unable to apologize.

Whether it’s stubborn pride or a lack of confidence, refusing to apologize can create unnecessary tension and strife in both personal and professional relationships.

After all, a simple “I’m sorry” can go a long way towards healing hurt feelings and repairing damaged trust.

#2. Non-Stop Bragging

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Nothing is more annoying to men than others who can’t seem to keep their mouths shut about their accomplishments.

Despite being accomplished themselves, they cringe at the thought of a fellow male constantly bragging about everything from the cars they own to the women they’ve pursued.

Even worse, bragging about something which seems trivial can warrant eye-rolls and dismissive glances from those who have no patience for the perpetual show-off.

It’s not that men are envious; it’s simply that they prefer to let their own accomplishments speak for themselves, rather than pontificate to anyone who will listen about them.

#3. Being Creeps Online

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Men being creepy in real life is something other men see frequently.

However, some men prefer to be creeps online, where they can be anonymous without having to deal with repercussions.

What do other men have to say about this? It’s not cool.

Being a creep online makes others uncomfortable and prevents people from creating safe spaces to do whatever they want.

Certain types of creepy behavior can get you banned from certain spaces or even open you up to legal trouble.

The lesson? Just be normal in all online spaces and never engage in behavior that’s not appropriate for the situation or space in question.

#4. Shaming Other Men for Anything

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This ties in with the above, although it might be its own distinct practice.

Many men hate when other men shame and put each other down.

Sometimes, it’s about shaming other men for things that aren’t societally accepted, like growing bald or not having enough muscles.

Sometimes, men will shame other men because they’re doing something they don’t think is okay or manly.

Regardless of the situation, men shouldn’t shame other men for anything. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. 

#5. Always Put Yourself First

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Many guys will look out for themselves first and not think about the impact their decision has on others in their lives, particularly their partners.

How many guys decide that they are completely unavailable for 17 plus Sundays a year so they can watch football all day?

#6. Being an “Alpha Male”

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Alpha male culture has thrived in recent years. 

Even though some men get sucked in by it, many other men are actively protesting both the movement and those involved in it.

Alpha males embody all of the negative stereotypes and behaviors of men.

From aggression to treating women as property, there’s a reason why it’s garnered such a negative reputation.

If you’re an alpha male, chances are that some other men in your life will speak up about it and why adopting such beliefs and behaviors is problematic.

There are plenty of ways to act like a man that are not detrimental to others around you. 

#7. Abusing Others in the Workplace

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There are a lot of industries where workplace abuse is the standard.

Sometimes, this is because it’s simply a toxic hierarchal structure, and there’s very little you can do to change it.

In other instances, the toxicity is due to a long-standing tradition of making the lives of new male hires miserable once they enter the workplace.

Not only does this not result in a happy employee that will be productive and provide amazing output, but it gives you and your organization a reputation for being terrible. 

Of course, it can go beyond just terrible management.

Some places have a hazing culture that takes things one step too far.

Don’t haze others or abuse others in the workplace because it’s standard, and try to be a better man than some of your superiors. 

#8. Not Aiming When They Use the Bathroom

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There are a lot of bathroom issues and for good reason.

If you’ve ever used a public restroom, you know how disgusting they can be.

One issue that men have with other men, both in public and at home, is men who can’t seem to aim when they use the restroom.

Not aiming creates a disgusting mess that prevents others from going to the bathroom and makes a massive mess for some poor janitor or homeowner to clean up later.

Accidents do happen, but when they do, make sure to clean up after yourself.

#9. Not Washing Their Hands After Going to the Bathroom

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This is very common and also quite gross. 

There are a lot of men who will use the bathroom and refuse to wash their hands once they’re done. 

One person recounted how they witnessed a man and his son use the bathroom. 

Afterward, the son asked whether or not they were supposed to wash their hands, and the father said no. 

Others talked about the many times they worked in fast food and saw no one wash their hands even though it was protocol. 

Always wash your hands no matter how much of a rush you are in. 

#10. Judging the Masculinity of Other Men

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Many men go about their lives without giving a second thought as to how other men might be living theirs.

Others will instead focus obsessively on everything about other men, judging them because the actions, looks, and beliefs of other men don’t align with their own.

Even worse, they’ll try to guide them to believe in these same things.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that this judgment makes you any more masculine.

All it does is point to a deep-seated insecurity that you’re not secure enough in your own masculinity to leave others alone.

You have to judge them and try to make them fall in line with what you believe makes a man feel better about himself.

No singular thing defines a man, and manhood looks different for everyone. Leave it at that!

#11. Thinking That Everyone Wants Them

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There are a lot of men who misinterpret interactions. 

If they don’t act on it and let it slip, it’s not a big issue. However, many men will brag to their friends or act creepy to the woman involved in the situation. 

This happens quite frequently in dining situations where waitresses must act friendly and ensure the customer has a pleasant experience. 

Men often think that because they’re smiling and being nice to them, they want them.

Men want all of these situations to stop. It makes others look bad, especially when they act on these impressions.

#12. Being Insecure or Attention-Seeking at the Gym

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The gym is a prime location for men to engage in behaviors that annoy other men. 

One type of behavior frequently noted by others is when men bring their girlfriends to the gym, only to be insecure that other men are looking at her and ready to start an altercation with any man who dares look even in her direction. 

Of course, this isn’t the only type of man you can spot at the gym that bothers others. 

Another typical behavior is men actively looking for attention, lifting their weights and dropping them loudly, taking on more than they can lift to showboat, or even filming themselves and taking up a lot of space. 

Basically, do what you came to the gym to do and then leave. 

#13. Being Too Aggressive

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It’s in a man’s nature to be aggressive.

But sometimes the situation calls for a man to be calm and collected.

When you are ultra-aggressive all the time, it is a sign something is wrong.

#14. Neglecting Your Personal Health and Well-Being

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Some men out there believe taking care of yourself is not manly.

Not only does this make it so that others don’t want to be around you, but it also makes it challenging to lead a better quality of life moving forward.

Men want other men to stop neglecting their health and well-being.

This means observing good personal hygiene habits, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, eating right, drinking plenty of water, and so on.

Nothing’s more manly and grown up than taking care of yourself.

#15. Not Caring About How You Smell

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Nothing removes a man’s credibility faster than body odor. 

If you want to be taken seriously, make sure to approach people with fresh breath and clean clothes.

#16. Interrupting People

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This is a classic trait that’s especially common among men. Whether it’s in a conversation or during a presentation, don’t interrupt people mid-sentence. 

Not only is this rude, but it also makes you look inconsiderate and impatient. Show the people around you that you actually care about what they have to say!

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