296 Affirmations For Decluttering And Getting Organized

Life can catch up with us very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, we have so much going on, both in terms of physical possessions or what’s going on in our minds. 

Living a clutter free life can have positive effects for everyone.

You might be motivated to make changes, but how do you get started with so many obstacles in your way? 

A useful step to take is to practice positive decluttering and organization affirmations.

They breed a positive mindset to deal with the mess in your mind and lead you in the right direction to clear them up. 

This is a big part in self improvement too.

If you want to manifest a clutter free and organized life, make use of this list of affirmations to guide you along. 

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7 Benefits Of A Clutter Free Life

The problem with having to deal with too many things in life is that they cause stress and anxiety.

You become trapped in your possessions and thoughts.

To declutter is to free yourself from these chains, to detach yourself, and you need to understand the benefits that come along:

The less you have, the less your stress

Save money by not buying things you do not need

Save time by knowing exactly what you have and not having to find them

Keeps you focused on the things you actually need

Build confidence by being able to live freely and not tied to your possessions

Make better and more deliberate life choices

Cleaner home and lifestyle

Depending on what you wish to declutter, the powerful affirmations listed below can have a big impact on you.

Make sure to read the graphic below on how to use affirmations and begin practicing them daily.

List Of Decluttering And Organization Affirmations

I have the discipline and stamina to tackle this decluttering project, one step at a time.

I put things where they belong and I know where to find them.

I am at peace with cleaning.

I keep my desk and files organized so I can complete tasks in a timely manner.

I trust my ability to make the best decisions regarding my belongings, purchases, and commitments.

I enjoy a clean home.

I enjoy living an organized, clutter-free life.

My life is completely organized.

Thank you for my energy.

My workload is well organized and fun to complete.

Thank you for my ability to make the most out of what I have.

I am allowing.

I am organized and efficient.

I know where i am going and how to get there

I will fill my free time with experiences rather than “things” or “stuff.”

I am at peace with organising and tidying.

I am organized in every area of my life.

I can appreciate things without possessing them.

I always know where my things are because my home is always neat and clutter-free.

My best life flows effortlessly for me.

I am well-organized in every part of my life.

I enjoy being organized, it comes easily to me.

I am worthy of my own nurturing.

I accept my progress as proceeding in my Higher Power’s time.

I am totally organized, in control and free from worry.

My life flows effortlessly because I am organized.

I choose to show gratitude for the memories each object represents and then to release them to welcome a new chapter in my life.

I am naturally proactive.

I am allowing myself to find it easy to clean.

I easily clear out all I do not need.

I am desiring to clean and organise my home because it makes me feel good.

I create at least one clutter-free zone or room in which I keep only items I use and love.

I am seeing cleaning as a celebration of the simple things in life.

I am finding myself to be more organized each day.

I organize my life so that I can relax, knowing everything is in order.

Life is becoming so much easier now that I’m organized.

I am worthy of harmony.

As I clean, I am attracting more positivity to me.

I am naturally motivated.

Others see me as a reliable and organized person.

My life and home are organized and clean.

Staying organized and on top of things makes my life run smoothly.

I organize my things.

My ability to organize improves my productivity.

Neatness is important to me.

I do not need to own a lot of stuff.

I enjoy living a simple life.

I pick up after myself.

My environment is in harmony with nature and everything flows effortlessly.

I am motivated to let go of things that no longer serve me.

I live in a clutter-free environment: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

I will create an effective plan to remain in organization with tasks!

I enjoy organizing where everything goes.

As I clean, I am aligned with the energy of appreciation and abundance.

Being organized is easy.

I enjoy keeping an organized home office.

Everything to do with cleaning and organising my home flows effortlessly.

I see that everything is in its correct place.

I am enjoying cleaning before things get too messy.

I find it easy to keep my life organized.

I will make each moment count, today.

I can learn the skills necessary to develop an organizational system that works for me.

As I clean, I am expressing gratitude for all that I have.

Thank you for my abundance.

I will honor my budget when shopping and acquiring.

I am worthy.

My inner world is an uncluttered, peaceful sanctuary – and so is my home.

I am naturally motivated to clean my home.

I am being balanced in my approach to cleaning and being organised.

Thank you for my gratitude.

Cleaning my home just comes naturally to me.

I always remember my plans and appointments.

I always show up on time.

When I clean, I start with small steps and then move on to bigger steps.

I am being accountable to myself in a positive way.

I enjoy being clean.

I am creating a joyful experience for myself while I clean.

I enjoy cleaning before things get too messy.

Cleanliness is important.

I am calm.

I am allowing the desire to clean my home to flow naturally to me.

I organize my mind and my life.

My material things I’ve accumulated have good homes.

I am relaxing in my clean home.

I am living from a place of calm clarity.

I am taking care of my wellbeing by creating a clean, tidy space to live in.

With every item I release, I create space in my life for more joy and energy, as well as new insights and experiences, to come in.

I am prepared for success.

I straighten the clutter.

I’ll be okay. Everything will be okay, no matter what I do.

I always finish what I start.

Others know they can always count on me to be on time.

I allocate space and time for each item that I have or bring into my home and life.

Organizing comes naturally to me.

My job search is fun in an organized home office.

I plan ahead so I can avoid stress.

I schedule quiet time for communing with my Higher Power.

I am demonstrating love to myself by cleaning and tidying my home.

I am efficient and attentive.

My space is my temple, I keep it clear and free of items that no longer serve me.

Thank you for my self love.

decluttering quotes francine jay

I am a good team leader.

My department is organized and operates efficiently.

I know that I will not have time in my life to use this, and that is okay.

One lifetime is a gift from the universe and it is enough.

I am worthy of my energy.

I make progress every day by getting rid of at least three pieces of clutter.

Everything has a place.

My thoughts are calm and my surroundings are organized

Thank you for my space.

I am enjoying being in a calm, clear space.

I enjoy the feeling of having a tidy house.

Owning too many things weighs me down.

I am at peace.

I welcome abundance rather than fear and scarcity into my life.

I am entitled to surroundings of beauty, harmony, order, and serenity.

I am allowing myself to find it easy to declutter.

As I clean, I am in a powerful state of gratitude.

As I clean, I am expressing gratitude for the items I have in my home.

I pick up the trash.

I am loving investing time and energy into what is good for me.

My home is an extension of my life which is clean and organized.

Cleaning my home is easy and fun for me.

I am strong enough not to need to buy this.

The whole process of cleaning is positive for me – right from when I first think of doing it, to the moment I complete it.

I find security in myself and through my Higher Power rather than in the things I own.

I release those thoughts and things that no longer serve my Highest Good.

I am allowing myself to find it easy to organise.

I am organized and efficient and I get more done in less time

I am getting my entire life in order and on track.

I am worthy of my wellbeing.

I straighten the house.

I am safe.

Organizational skills are changing my life for the better.

I easily let go of things that no longer serve me.

I am worthy of peace.

I keep my desk tidy and files organized so I can get my work done on time.

My bedroom is neat and tidy and I look forward to sleeping in my made bed.

I trust myself to know what is important vs. unimportant, sufficient vs. excessive, or necessary vs. inconsequential.

I am cleaning my home with love and happiness in my heart.

I am okay. My possessions do not define me.

Thank you for my ability to create a beautiful space for me and my loved ones to be in.

Thank you.

Organization is constant in my life.

I am worthy of my time.

I am living in the present moment.

I am worth it.

I like being tidy.

I am showing myself love now.

I am a highly efficient and disciplined person.

Planning ahead reduces the effect of later crises.

I attract abundance in my life through being organized.

I no longer feel the stress that comes from dealing with unwanted junk all over my home.

I am clearing out that which I no longer need.

My mind is calm when my office is organized.

I am naturally organised.

I enjoy cleaning.

Cleanliness is important to me.

If it’s not meaningful, I don’t need it.

I am viewing the time I spend cleaning as a worthy investment of my time and energy.

If I end up needing something, I can always buy it later.

Clutter is distracting.

I choose to find meaning through relationships and experiences rather than just through objects.

As I declutter my life, I open up space to receive the support and comfort that I need.

I am resting when I need to.

Thank you for my sanctuary.

I am keeping a beautifully clean, tidy home.

I will live a clutter free life.

With the help of my Higher Power, I take responsibility for manifesting my desires, wants, and dreams.

I get more done in less time when I am organized.

I am listening to my favourite music while I clean.

Hoarding objects comes out of valid fears, but I let them go as they no longer serve me.

I close one chapter in my life and release the objects associated with it so I can open new ones.

I am feeling a wonderful sense of achievement as I complete my cleaning.

Consistent planning and organizing helps me to succeed.

I am at peace because I see cleaning as an investment into myself and my happiness.

I have enough. I am blessed with all I have.

Thank you for the happiness I feel when I clean and tidy.

I am worthy of calm.

As I clean, I am expressing gratitude for my home.

My home is a reflection of my peaceful, well-nurtured inner world.

I am loving investing time and energy into my wellbeing.

I am recharging my batteries when I need to.

I am grateful.

I am grateful for what I have. I choose to want what I have.

Thank you for my ability to clean and tidy.

I am in control of my life and surroundings.

I enjoy keeping my house clean and organized.

I feel responsible as I keep my belongings neat and organized.

I am ready, willing, and able to change my relationship with clutter.

I don’t live for things, I live for a bigger purpose.

Thank you for my positivity.

Time is infinite therefore I have time to create the life I want.

I affirm abundance and prosperity, thus releasing my need to hoard and control things.

I acknowledge and celebrate all my victories, small and large.

If I haven’t needed it in a year, I can survive without it.

Thank you for my home.

My home is a warm, peaceful, comfortable, beautiful haven.

I am celebrating the tidy oasis that is my home.

I am grounded.

I live a clutter free life.

I enjoy spending the time it takes to clean my house.

As I clean, I am creating a world of abundance and beauty for myself.

You'll never get organized if you don't have a vision for your life

I allot more time than I need for a task or trip, allowing a comfortable margin for the unexpected.

I am in the flow.

I am beginning to manage my time much more efficiently.

I am balanced.

If I make a mistake and cull something I regret, I’ll still be okay.

I set reasonable goals, remembering that my first priority is my well-being.

I will keep my house tidy.

I deserve to be in a space I love.

I enjoy clean rooms.

I am enjoying spending time cleaning.

I actively participate in my own life.

I love inviting people over to my clean house.

I love being organized.

I enjoy living in a clear and uncluttered space.

I possess great organizing skills.

I like cleanliness.

Thank you for my natural motivation to clean and tidy.

I am ready to be more organized now.

I am loving living in a clean, organised space.

I am loving cleaning my home.

Time is a precious gift, so I use it wisely.

Because I am calm, being clean and tidy comes naturally to me.

As I clean, I am expressing gratitude for the space I exist in.

I am a tidy person.

I am being kind to myself in my approach to cleaning and being organised.

I keep my work space tidy.

Every day and in every way I am becoming more organized.

As I clean, I am creating a world that reflects my self love back to me.

I always know where my shoes are, because my home is neat and tidy.

I don’t waste time looking for lost papers and keys because everything in my office has a place and I put things where they belong.

Being organized comes easily to me.

I am at peace with decluttering.

I am worthy of my happiness.

I maintain a clean environment.

I am starting to see the benefits of being an organized person.

I like to be clean.

As I clean, I am creating a world that supports my self love.

I lived without this object for years, and I can live without it again.

I am worthy of my own nourishment.

I am organising and tidying.

It is becoming easier to organize my life.

I help with the cleaning.

I am a great organizer.

As I clean, I am attracting huge abundance to me.

My house is clean and highly organized.

Before I accept any new commitments, I release one that demands equivalent time and energy.

I am having fun while I clean.

I guard my integrity by principles, not yielding to external pressure.

I am allowing myself to find it easy to tidy.

Organizing my time and maintaining control over my life comes naturally to me.

Letting go of physical clutter also declutters mind and soul.

Being organized allows me to do more in life.

I am motivated to organise and tidy.

Thank you for my proactive attitude.

I participate with my clutter by putting my attention and action on it in the present moment.

My bathroom is beautiful and spotless.

I am worthy of my love.

I am praising myself as I clean.

I lovingly release those items that are no longer useful, trusting that whatever I need will be provided.

I am enough. I don’t need stuff to define me.

I am feeling so good about myself as I clean.

Being highly organized and efficient is just the way I am.

I am, and love, being neat and well-organized.

Every day, I enjoy my life more because I have a clean, clutter-free living space.

I will organize my desk and get more work done.

I am doing what I need to do to make my home my special sanctuary.

I am flourishing in my home.

I am finding it easy to be proactive about cleaning.

I am loving creating a beautiful, clean home for myself and for my loved-ones.

I am showing love to my home.

I am worthy of my effort.

I am worthy of my self care.

People who matter notice me, not my possessions.

Having space in my home, car, or office allows me to think clearly.

I gratefully accept the limited lifetime that I have and let go of things I will not live long enough to use again.

I don’t have to declutter my whole house in a day, just one area.

As I clean, I am honouring my home and I am feeling gratitude for it.

I am showing love to myself.

As I let go of what no longer serves me, I enjoy more things that are important to me.

Living in a clean house makes me feel good.

I am motivated to declutter.

Thank you for the love I demonstrate to myself when I clean and tidy.

Thank you for the peaceful sanctuary my cleaning and tidying gives me.

People and relationships are more important than my lifeless possessions.

Culling is not wasteful. Keeping things without using them is wasteful.

My mind is clear and focused.

I gratefully accept “what is,” rather than demanding that people, places, and things be my way.

People are more important than stuff.

I am naturally desiring to clean and be tidy.

I am loving investing time and energy into myself.

I enjoy living in a clean, neat, clutter free home.

I am motivated.

Thank you for my time.

I make positive choices in figuring out what I want in my life.

Thank you for all the things I have.

As I let go of what is insignificant to me, I am better able to enjoy those things that are important to me.

I am highly organized.

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