Girl Truth: Here’s What We Actually Think When Dudes Call Themselves Alpha Males

Are you an alpha male who has the swagger of a king, but just can’t seem to understand why women aren’t swooning over you? 

Do ambition and success come as second nature, yet it seems like everyone else already knows what moves to make that are attractive, except for you? 

Well, get ready to dive deep into exactly what women think about so-called alpha males. 

As it turns out, being macho isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

Here, we’ll crack open the code on what actually draws women in, beyond physical traits and money (hint: developing emotional intelligence matters). 

So sit tight, and let’s begin decoding “the Alpha Male” today!

#1. They Act Like Know-It-Alls

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Alpha males, in their quest to demonstrate dominance, often come off as too arrogant.

They think they have all the answers and will never accept when wrong.

Not only does this attitude fail to impress women, but it can actually push them away.

Women prefer men who are open-minded and willing to learn from others.

#2. They Often Come Off as Cocky

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Women don’t want men who are constantly trying to outdo others or themselves.

They don’t like it when guys try too hard to show off and brag about their accomplishments.

On the other hand, they are attracted to confidence and humility.

It’s not about being cocky but rather having self-belief and a relaxed attitude.

#3. They Laugh at It

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Many women will laugh when a man calls himself an alpha. 

It’s laughable because many of these men take these systems very seriously, and they take themselves very seriously. 

It comes across as ridiculous in any grown-up conversation. 

It also reveals that they’re not as great as they think, and whatever comes out of their mouths next will likely be quite comical. 

Of course, laughing out loud can be dangerous, which is something that we’ll take a look at later in this piece. 

#4. They See Him as Inflexible

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Alpha males tend to be less open to change.

As a result, many women are turned off because in life you have to be flexible and adapt to what life throws at you.

It can’t always be ‘my way or the highway’.

#5. They Feel Embarrassed for Them

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Many alpha males don’t realize what they act like in public. 

They can be loud and obnoxious and try to attract attention to them or steer the conversation throughout an entire interaction. 

While it might seem like they’re doing something right in their eyes, everyone around them is rolling theirs. 

Women feel embarrassed for men who announce that they’re alpha males because of how they act and how others perceive them. 

No one wants to be around a man who has to try to command everyone’s attention and state that they’re better than everyone in the room.

#6. It Throws Up Major Red Flags for Them

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Red flags are big these days. Everyone is looking out for small or big things that indicate they can’t be in a relationship with another person. 

For women, saying that you’re an alpha throws up all the red flags, and it’s for all the reasons we’ve already covered above. 

At the most basic level, they know that these types of men will be focused on themselves, treat them like they’re an accessory, and continue to be annoying around their family and friends. 

Even worse, they don’t know whether or not an alpha male is unstable or will hurt them at any point in the future. 

The term “alpha” is a giant red flag that tells women to stay away. 

#7. They Know That a Man Is Not an Alpha Male

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Many women make a good point about the term “alpha male” and the terms they give others, such as sigma or beta. 

As many women point out, a king doesn’t need to tell others they’re a king. 

A lion doesn’t need to tell others that it’s a lion. 

Those who have admirable traits and lead a life that inspires others don’t need to actively point out these things. 

Alpha males are often the exact opposite of the men they’re looking to mirror, and it becomes apparent almost immediately after a man points out that they’re an alpha. 

If you want to impress a woman, saying you’re an alpha is one way to avoid doing it correctly!

#8. They’re Immature, Not a Man

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Many women consider alpha males to be extremely immature, almost childish. 

But why is that? The one big thing is a lack of emotional regulation. 

Alpha males tend to have a major aggression issue that shows they can’t tolerate things like being turned down, being outdone by other men, or anything they can’t control. 

Worse yet, they try to adhere to this system that doesn’t exist, but that makes them feel superior to others. 

Women see this and know that alphas are not mature enough to be around or maintain a real relationship. 

#9. They Don’t Feel Safe

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Alpha males are associated with misogyny and aggression, two character traits that pose a major danger to women. 

True, some men will get angry and annoyed and move on to trying to find a woman who is impressed that he calls himself an alpha. 

But, as we’ve already established, alpha males feel as though they’re owed something. 

As such, they have a reputation for treating women poorly and even becoming aggressive and violent in certain situations. 

This is why women often don’t know what to do when confronted by these types of men besides trying to skirt around things and figure out a way to get away from the alpha as fast as possible. 

Women don’t feel safe when men try to be dominating and don’t understand that they’re not interested in them.

#10. They Cringe

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Men who call themselves alphas engage in numerous behaviors that make women cringe. 

This is why just the name itself will cause numerous women to scrunch up their faces in disgust. 

Women often cite that hearing a man refer to himself as an alpha male signals that they’re neckbeards and have an inferiority complex.

Women think these men believe they are high-value because they make a ton of money (or try to) and do other things they think women want. 

Rarely is the term “alpha” going to make women think positively about a man.

#11. They Immediately Think About Insecurity and Misogyny

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Women think of two major things when they spot an alpha male in the wild: insecurity and misogyny. 

Men who are secure about themselves don’t need to try to get the validation of others nor make sure that people notice them and know what they are. 

They give off a “give me attention vibe” that makes it much easier to know how to avoid them and their attention-seeking ways. 

However, another prominent trait of an alpha male is being a misogynist. 

Alpha males rarely see women as autonomous human beings but as property. 

By following all the steps that alpha males should follow, these men believe they’re owed something in return. 

Many alpha males do everything they do to attract women but have a natural tendency to hate women because women have never been interested in them. 

#12. They Have Absolutely No Interest in Them

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Being an alpha male is a major deterrent to women. 

Whereas other men will attempt to learn more about women, try to relate to them, understand what they like to do, and build a rapport, Alpha males immediately try to dominate, stating everything they do that makes them worthy of attention. 

This never works, and women state that they’re immediately disinterested when the word alpha is brought up in conversation. 

A lot of the things that alpha males think women value are rarely things women look for in a relationship with a man. 

If you want women to like you, don’t mention that you’re an alpha male at any point during the conversation. 

#13. They Avoid That Person As Much As Possible

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If you’ve ever met an alpha yourself, you know how insufferable that person can be. 

It’s not enough for them to adopt and internalize this philosophy about how a man should act, look, and what their goals should be. 

They have to peacock everywhere and ensure everyone knows who they are and what they do with their lives. 

If women are avoiding you and you’re an alpha male, your personality and actions are likely why no one interacts with you. 

#14. Over Competitiveness

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Most men are competitive by nature.

But alpha males take this one step further and make everything a competition.

While this might come off as cute early in a relationship, it quickly becomes unbearable and something that most women want no part of.

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