5 Things That You Shouldn’t Be Rushing In Life


instant gratificationIt seems to me as if January of this year just zoomed by and now we are in the fourth quarter of the year.

We live in a fast-paced society, where everything moves at lightning speed and everyone wants instant gratification. We require information as soon as it happens, we rush to the gadgets store when the newest smartphone launches, and we order ahead, so we don’t have to wait in line. We have become an impatient bunch and wonder like fools why we experience burnout so early in life.

Maybe it’s because we haven’t taken time to sit back, relax and look at the sun while it rests on the horizon. What’s the rush? What’s the hurry? Slow down and take your time when it comes to these financial moments:

1. Education

So many students are rushing to get their degree and experience the real world. It’s very common to finish your degree within 4 years nowadays, but still some are trying to complete it in 3 years. Accelerating your learning is not always the right choice as it could lessen the chances of you retaining information and ultimately utilizing it later in life. No need to rush, just remember to do it right the first time.

2. Career Goals

Why are you rushing to be the manager when you just got the job? There’s learning and much joy in the back seat if you’re willing to grit your teeth through it. Without you realizing it, you’re the one barking orders and checking up on everyone if they’re doing their tasks or just wasting their time away on Facebook. You’ll get a lot more recognition that is positive if you remain helpful and humble while gradually climbing the corporate ladder.

3. Your Own Home

I see a lot of people arguing over where to invest their hard-earned money. Heck, why rush on something that you won’t probably need in the long run. Buying a property isn’t always the best choice, especially when you’re young and full of choices. You don’t want to be tethered in one place when you could be in another dream location, do you? It’s better to rent a home when you’re starting rather than blindly rushing for your own house. You may start with rental property on McGrath to see tons of options. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Your Retirement

I’m seeing many 20 somethings seeking to retire under the age of 50. Why wouldn’t you like to work past 50 years old? If you truly relish your job, you won’t feel quite whole not being able to work there anymore. Love your days as an employee and you’ll appreciate your days once you step down.

5. Building A Business

Everybody wants to be the next Mark Zuckerberg and build a million dollar entrepreneurship idea. Well, you have to understand the effort and time it took to get there. Success doesn’t come overnight as the elders say. Not for anything meaningful, it doesn’t. Take time to learn the business, connect with people, and work at creating exceptional product or service. Whistling through a business venture will surely cause you to miss important steps in the course, and can cause your business to lose.

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